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  1. bushwacker001

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    um....I am pretty sure it wasn't because you killed stuff
  2. bushwacker001

    Regarding Co-op

    It comes to something when coop players don't want to slightly challenge themselves and want it even easier than it is already.
  3. bushwacker001

    gearing the climbing legend?

    You sure have aroused the precious ones with showing a sense of humour mate......that's the problem with this forum these days.....virtually every thread is negative and also where the 'glass half empty' crew hang out (or just empty!) I wouldn't bother replying to anything if I was you, it always ends up being a trap no matter how you answer.
  4. bushwacker001

    Best tier 8 battleship for a new player

    This is one of the problems with being convinced to buy a ship (Lenin) from recommendations........3 battles and one kill (by ramming) but already a font of knowledge.
  5. bushwacker001

    Abusive Chat ban

    Slightly ironic seeing as you were chat banned for being toxic
  6. bushwacker001

    Salty and sad

    bang on...my standard reply to this sort of thing is 'fancy a shag big boy?' then sit back and really watch the rage
  7. It's more a case of the bots sometimes in low tiers messing with reroll stats possibly.
  8. bushwacker001

    love to get chat banned all the time

    I bet they are running scared!
  9. bushwacker001

    [ROT8] - Seeking likeminded individuals for NSA fun

    you forgot to mention 'about not being a princess'
  10. bushwacker001

    The report and karma system is broken

    To be fair Nihilan, you WERE in a countdown clan who were, shall we say, very generous with handing out their comps to clan mates.
  11. what a load of crap
  12. bushwacker001

    Operations and CV

    2k was the base amount.....I too dump the signals on. And as you well know if you are playing it a lot, you are earning most of the stars for an inept team most of the time.
  13. bushwacker001

    Operations and CV

    I play cv's in killer whale and most of the time the teams are so bad, especially the ones that head straight for the finish zone before the target ships are killed, that if it wasn't for the CVs that know what they are doing you would not get many stars. Breaking 2k xp is a decent game.
  14. bushwacker001

    Chat window at score screen

    Already done
  15. bushwacker001

    Chat window at score screen

    He has since really gone off on one via pm.....even my mother gets a seeing too after he has raped me