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  1. If MM was exactly the same for both teams it would not make much of a difference as then players would gripe (even more) about the skill level difference of the players and the effect on the result.
  2. True Nih, but he is in one himself so partly at fault for his gripe. Edit - to add to that, he is a very good player and chances are at least half of the other teams dd's will have an idiot captain.
  3. OK, I will fall for it.....2DD's ?
  4. Nice job guys Prize #1: Alabama Prize #2: Dunkerque Prize #3 premium
  5. Of course it's not, it's one players stats on a server where most of the time the MM struggles to find players for teams of the same tier due to numbers playing.
  6. Not in game though brains
  7. I wonder what the average amount of re-rolls is per player.
  8. Team game anyone? You kept the enemy CV from going for weaker ships and he got so stubborn and determined about killing your ship he messed up. 45 plane kills and you are crying? I was playing my Amagi (AA spec) a while back and also got all the attention from a CV. I shot down 28 of his planes because he was so determined to kill me. I even baited him in chat after about 12 or so as I realized that he was not bombing anyone else and doing no damage to my ship.
  9. Another thing....your main battery hit ratio is quite high (35%) for a guy that dies in 9 out of 10 battles. This tells me that you are way too close and does look like you get yourself into no win situations.
  10. Your stats aren't horrific by the way, maybe a bit below average. There are a lot of really horrific ones about that make yours look decent.
  11. Straight away I see your survival rate is only 12%. You are dying too quick in battles from probably pushing forward too soon (in all classes) Support rather than spearhead an attack. It all seemed to start going wrong at T5, maybe go back there and concentrate on not dying first.
  12. Ah, you want attention for your purple stats after not many games and being new and pretty good???? A new account doesn't always mean you are a new player.
  13. Most of the honking will be on the A line and J line borders anyway so well out of range of players actually involved in a fight.
  14. Must do list - First 10 seconds on playing of new patch, turn off the fkn horn
  15. If you reroll enough times you will eventually start winning games I suppose.