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  1. bushwacker001

    [ALL] ModStation

    Just checked, trails were ticked......thanks very much for your time Matrose :)
  2. bushwacker001

    [ALL] ModStation

    thanks....If I have trails ticked then I didn't know it....will check tonight
  3. bushwacker001

    [ALL] ModStation

    Does anyone have an idea why my ships have turned into ice machines? Started happening yesterday so assuming a mod or two are clashing. Just putting this up for hopefully a quick answer before going through a time consuming one by one. Cheers.
  4. Ironic post seeing as a couple of days ago you bragged about leaving a game at the start cause you saw a big bad CV on the other team .
  5. bushwacker001

    cv aiming thing

    well if you are happy with losing 2 thirds of your T10 CV battles and doing not a lot for your team then carry on....I am betting you are getting tons of abuse and reports through playing that way.
  6. bushwacker001

    cv aiming thing

    So you play to handicap your own team? great tactics
  7. bushwacker001

    cv aiming thing

    stop playing CV at high tiers would be my advice to give them hard times....they have more chance of losing the battle then
  8. bushwacker001

    Thunderer and Conqueror always in the back.

    So what ships have you played to be in the same battle as them? You are only up to T7.
  9. bushwacker001

    Please pick one and have a good watch.

    TBH, you are not in a position to start giving BB instruction to anyone yet.
  10. bushwacker001


    Not easy when in a ranked playing a Sinop, which so totally offended one spotty little oik that he filled the chat with a load of abuse about me playing a Russian ship and got really p'd off and turned it into wanting to perform on my sisters after I pointed out he was playing a Nazi battleship
  11. bushwacker001


    These 'political' type threads are really getting annoying now.....IT's A BLOODY GAME.
  12. bushwacker001

    Ranked - nothing but AFK'ers

  13. bushwacker001

    Critical error

    go and read a few posts up
  14. bushwacker001

    Critical error

    which is why I copied in only those with the same problem I was having.
  15. bushwacker001

    Critical error

    fixed mine....took off reload timer from modstation after seeing aslains latest update notes. tested now and all good