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  1. 90%+ win rates in random? Really?

    The chances of coming up against a division like this is rare and just as much chance as them being on your team. Also balanced out by the fact that there are far more 40-45% divisions.
  2. Mockery

    Not again!!!!! I propose that you get massacrated from the forum with your Italian Navy is great threads every month.
  3. This is getting out of hand

    It wasn't my fault m'lord, he drove into my shells
  4. This is getting out of hand

    Agree....the last time i got shot at was by a french bloke who took offence at my tirpitz (probably 18 months ago) called me a wallet warrior right at the start of the battle and hit me with a salvo.....I returned fire meaning to miss him and one shotted him by accident.....lesson learnt after a pink spell
  5. This is getting out of hand

    You must be playing a different game from me then.....I haven't seen a purposeful team kill for a good year (the odd accidental potato torp kill now and again) and a bit of comical death rage every 3 games or so. WOT is obviously a different story.
  6. Ramming mechanics

    There is.....a ramming flag.
  7. Ramming mechanics

    Pardon me for asking the obvious but why didn't you just shoot him? It was an Indianapolis on 3k health....a couple of well aimed spuds would have killed it
  8. Awful in world of warships!

    his other account - @777_zamani also spams forum with crap.
  9. This is a pretty ironic statement for someone who has spent a mad amount of money on buying your way up to T9 and foregoing learning any skill via experience........Terrible player .....begone you pathetic whiner.
  10. Awful in world of warships!

    Na, he is a reroll and still incapable of understanding game mechanics.
  11. Stalingrad, Coal and steel, but only if your in a clan

    OR.................make a clan just for yourself...simples. OK you have to pay a small amount to do this but eventually getting a ship or ships for a few of quid of outlay? Myself and a couple of friends did this for this very reason all those months ago. No intention of being in a 'proper' clan but made ourselves a private one.
  12. Premium shells in WOWS

    Your suggestion is as good as your WOT stats
  13. To be fair to the OP, after watching the replay the Yamato did have a 15s reload....timed it for a few salvos. but....as someone else pointed out, this was a battle lost......for instance - Your Gearing division mate got greedy after a good start and sailed into an area with a spotted DM ready to radar him in front of the enemy fleet....gets radar'd and tries to hide in his smoke....stupid death. although the Testing division did carry in the end, they were allowed to. And as for spamming the division the whole battle with whine?
  14. Protected Random Battle MM

    It might but that wasn't your question.