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  1. Ranked season

    There are CV's in ranked? Not seen one in 110 battles, I already thought they were banned.
  2. spotted by plane bug?

    No smoke then?
  3. Buccaneer-Invader

    Edit - removed
  4. This is for KINGS clan

    I have one of those following me about with negs aswell Hades......not as prolific as your 'admirer' but hardly ever posts, just hits the 'neg bush button'
  5. Belfast

    You seem to more have a problem with players that pay for ships by your 'payfast' comments in your posts, you know, the ones that keep the game going so free players have something to do in the evenings. I also find it hard to believe that you could actually hit a ship not in smoke let alone one in smoke.
  6. "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    And still you find something to complain about it's never ending with you!
  7. WTF is with game ??

  8. WTF is with game ??

    Be careful you don't lose the forum war, you may have to start a new account because of a defeat.
  9. WTF is with game ??

    Your idiot spotting meter must have failed....especially on your posts
  10. WTF is with game ??

    Getting touchy Mr reroll?
  11. WTF is with game ??

    He is also 10% and a fruit out
  12. WTF is with game ??

  13. WTF is with game ??

    Usual whine thread model full of the usual types.....an OP who thinks he should win all the time, a couple of rerolls crying because they can't win all the time and their precious stats will take a bashing, a bad player blaming other bad players for his bad win rate, all the usual doom and gloom stuff because players think they should win all the time but are never to blame for their losses....boring!
  14. How is your ranked progression going?

    Up to R8...play solely for Captain XP so flag and camo up my ships for max XP win or lose so I am not obsessed with winning at all cost's.....pretty enjoyable so far and 2 more 19 from 10 captains through playing Ranked.
  15. Really! Very bad player refuses to watch tutorial video ... what a surprise. Glad you chose to uninstall.