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  1. bushwacker001

    The report and karma system is broken

    To be fair Nihilan, you WERE in a countdown clan who were, shall we say, very generous with handing out their comps to clan mates.
  2. bushwacker001

    Getting frustrated after about a week and a half playing

    what a load of crap
  3. bushwacker001

    Operations and CV

    2k was the base amount.....I too dump the signals on. And as you well know if you are playing it a lot, you are earning most of the stars for an inept team most of the time.
  4. bushwacker001

    Operations and CV

    I play cv's in killer whale and most of the time the teams are so bad, especially the ones that head straight for the finish zone before the target ships are killed, that if it wasn't for the CVs that know what they are doing you would not get many stars. Breaking 2k xp is a decent game.
  5. bushwacker001

    Chat window at score screen

    Already done
  6. bushwacker001

    Chat window at score screen

    He has since really gone off on one via pm.....even my mother gets a seeing too after he has raped me
  7. bushwacker001

    Chat window at score screen

    if you are going to pm me with insults (i presume they were insults) , at least make them readable No wonder you keep getting chat banned.
  8. bushwacker001

    Chat window at score screen

    ... just tell your teacher or go straight to the headmaster if nothing comes of it.
  9. bushwacker001

    Done with WOW

    So why is it that out of your 7 T7 bb's, your Sinop is 5th on WR, 7th on PR and only 4th on Average damage? Massive attention seeker
  10. adding to that, there are so many sinops that they are nearly always on both sides so the actual win figure is going to be around 50% by the end
  11. It's the fear factor that helps with the Belfast...in the battle I played, smoked up and targeted 3 bb's in turn. 2 turned and ran away , both a bout 44% wr players, the third one, a falf decent player, came for and fired into my smoke taking half my health, then it was my turn to bugger off. It turned out a win eventually but countless times a lone Belfast can turn a fleet through fear. Just go for them, it works more often than not.
  12. a post full of exaggeration Only seen one Belfast and that was mine in a battle. (cough) ..... Sinops on both teams and mostly bad players in them broadsiding to everyone and eating torps. 1 or 2 battles thrown away by idiots but generally pretty good. Battles are mostly influenced by good DD play whatever the enemy brings so try a bit harder and think about how to counter these so called play to win ships not whine about them and give up.
  13. there is no mocking of battle count......just pointing out that he has hardly any experience of playing against a Musashi etc.
  14. In your 4 years as a player you average about a game a month and even less above T7 (and not many in coop). Maybe get some random battle experience above T6 before demanding this and that about ships you could have hardly seen.