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  1. bushwacker001

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    I play coop at lunchtimes most days at work due to a shite PC and to be fair I do that most battles.
  2. bushwacker001

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    ?????? How can you ruin it for the regulars? apart from the very few good players who only play coop, most are absolute crap.
  3. bushwacker001

    Sealclubbers ahoy

    Does a reroll count as a sealclubber aswell?
  4. bushwacker001

    The game is EDIT on so many levels

    I particularly love this bit in the page of whine
  5. bushwacker001

    What is this?

    I did
  6. bushwacker001

    What is this?

    Found a useful mod for OP and others with postage stamp sized mini maps No need to thank me.
  7. bushwacker001

    What is this?

    Or mini map? ah sorry, can just make it out in the corner.
  8. bushwacker001

    Shafting DD players - Clan vs Clan mission #4

    Same ere sometoimes with oi.....I get wiltshire and Devonshire mixed up my luvver.
  9. bushwacker001


    Reward? Kids today ffs
  10. bushwacker001

    Chat Ban System being abused Frequently.

    And how can GM's/real people seriously monitor over 1000 battles going on at the same time? daft idea
  11. bushwacker001

    does camo affect MM?

    IQ- the clan of intelligence
  12. bushwacker001

    does camo affect MM?

    No you haven't, you have lost 58% in the last 3 weeks. Nothing to do with camo, and tbh camo should improve your battle performance slightly over a longer period, especially in DD's. 76% is either beginners luck or normal for very low tiers as a bad reroll. Take your pick.
  13. bushwacker001


    good. forum ban soon to follow if you keep this up.
  14. bushwacker001


    At last, Fonfalks has started a thread that makes more sense than any he has done before.
  15. bushwacker001

    Thank you, Wargaming

    He rages because he feels entitled to have a guaranteed top prize as he has a big wallet.