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    Another one who shoots without knowing the whole story I can't be bothered to explain, let him fester in his own sulk.
  2. Can anyone help me on my BB tactics?

    IP: PW: cherry his details btw
  3. Can anyone help me on my BB tactics?

    He is on Teamspeak.....a quick download and you will be ready
  4. Can anyone help me on my BB tactics?

    take up Cherry's invite, you will learn more in 1 battle with him than buggering about in coop.
  5. Can it be refunded ?

    your stats say that you are as good in the Musashi as your Missouri and better than your other 3 T9 BB's
  6. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    I hope they do something about this POS as he has been doing it for months and openly bragging about it.
  7. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    We already know you are an attention seeking griefer from your numerous posts saying this...what a sad little life you must have to sit there battle after battle just watching ... you have an illness pal. (his last weeks 138 battles and bugger all damage etc backs this up).
  8. How many French BBs did you get?

    2 so far (5 & 6)
  9. Suggestions thread

    Surely for new players, not so new and not very good players in Co-op getting practice at avoiding torps when it doesn't really matter is a good thing?
  10. Loyalty?

    If you get them while playing as you normally play (which is the case with most gift missions) then it's free.
  11. Genuine Clan hack or chance?

    I dc'd last night just after entering a cap in a shimi.....my division mate smoked me up and buggered off somewhere else while I sorted it. On returning I was still sat in his free smoke and had captured a cap apparently....the only real drawback on my return was that I was marooned in the centre of cap, in smoke, with five or six enemy cruisers/bbs bearing down on my smoke, had me with radar and were licking their lips It didn't end well and the 5 torps I managed to quickly launch before I got mashed missed aswell.
  12. Loyalty?

    My NA account also got the absence gift....very nice of them but I still haven't returned to play it. Personally I couldn't care less about the bribes to play as it really doesn't affect me. If it works and gets a few ex players back then fairplay to WG. I have earned more ships, flags and credits just by playing regularly.
  13. Flaws in logic continued: The gamification of WoWs

    Play a battle or read your drivel? only one winner there....off to the battle button.
  14. What will happen if enemy ship HP bars were hidden?

    The low health BB would be well on his way to the back with hidden low health so no chance of getting closer for a crafty look.