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  1. markynocarpy

    Starting up a clan ‘ why do you have to pay for it

    I have 3 clans in world of tanks one man? Only me in them all on different E mails’ But I have been on for 12 years I just started on here am 73 years old , Am not going to pay just to set a clan up’ I just keep getting asked to join others , I must be bad 🤦‍♂️
  2. On world of tanks it costs nothing. Only silver 1 million, you can earn it in the game
  3. markynocarpy

    War ships for the japanese navy made in the uk

    Thanks for the information
  4. markynocarpy

    Main gun size

    Just remember back in the old days ships cannons were in lbs weight . not metric / = like tank shells in lbs 10 lb / 20 lb / 32lb on the war ship victory in plymouth England you can walk round it and on it
  5. Am sure the brits built or sold war ships to japan before world war 2 . Any one know any thing about this ? try looking on google you will see them
  6. markynocarpy

    Main gun size

    I collect shell cases I have quite a few some with heads in them/ great job cleaning them
  7. markynocarpy

    Main gun size

    My dad would turn is his grave just thinking about it he was in the British navy so was both uncles ! But in one way you are right
  8. markynocarpy

    Main gun size

    Back in time all British and American war ships were sized in inches/. 4 /. 6. /. 8. / 12. /. 16. / 18. Inch yet you show them up in metric on here ?
  9. markynocarpy

    Ships horn

    Thanks 🙏 am new to the game
  10. markynocarpy

    Ships horn

    What key activities it