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    No it is in higher tier and it is a big problem. Tier 8-10 it is the most OP Torpedo bombers.
  2. Ice___

    Other Changes

    I will say ; Torpedo bomber is 50-70% OP and unless WG brakes that people will play less and even go out of the games with Aircraft carrier in pure protest! Looks more and more like not accepted when 2-3 torpedo bomber squadrons easily attack and knock out a battleship and it's 150% cuts every time! so greatly exaggerated, and many ships AA does no good. This is totally unbalanced and not play on equal terms.
  3. PLS Turn off the chat for players who are killed and not participating in the game ... For it will be only condescending talk in chat about other players ... that do not add more than more fights and bad game mood! we got the same problem in WoT.... and it is so bad for the game... sry for my bad english but i think u now what i trying to say here...