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  1. Your current selection of T10 ships puts you at a disadvantage in this scenario. Get more ships of the same class (Cruisers as it seems to be your preferred class) and reapply. Or link us your 13k battle account. Z
  2. CWs are here Apply if you have what it takes to join.
  3. We are looking of skilled and motivated play clan wars with other highly skilled and experienced members.
  4. (1/2/2018) We are currently looking for CV captains and people willing to learn to lead clan battles. Please contact one of our recruiters if interested.
  5. [OMNI] wishes a Happy New Year to all the players. Our recruitment is still open for new players who have a competitive mindset. Please check the original post to see if you meet requirements.
  6. Hi Yurra. Thanks for your application. A recruiter will contact you shortly.
  7. Hi, sorry. We are indeed off-season at the moment and are currently enjoying the last days of summer. Unfortunately you not meet our requirements. I would suggest getting more experience in higher tier ships and get some more useful/competitive ships. Please join our Discord using our link in the original post so we can discuss further.
  8. Please. Its always exciting in OMNIville. Bump
  9. Please join our Discord (Link is in the original thread), tag an @recruiter and we can talk.
  10. Hi, Feel free to join our Discord/contact any one of our recruiters whenever you're comfortable/available.