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  1. _Ezio_

    CV Diskussionen

    diese 4-5k crit jäger die 5s angreifen, 2-10 flugzeuge töten (mit und ohne heal9 und dann weg sind? Ja ne
  2. _Ezio_

    Good aa change on pts

    good point, the heal would be next to useless because it would in theorie, and depending how extrem the dmg is stacked on one plane, never heal more than 10% of one or two planes mening it would heal around 200-400hp instead of now the common 4000-5000hp. AR would be even worse off as the speed is buffed by looking at how much hp is left in the formation, and if only one or two planes take the dmg and die fast you would never get any buffs from it. Kaga you mean? Saipan already got a huge nerf as did GZ and with that both would be nerfed even more. I really dislike WG's new "loved" general changes... I mean in this case it is totaly fine but the speed nerf? Why didn't they adjust each Ship according to its need? Now after they nerfed overlaping AA they reduced speed at T8 and 10 so much that the nerf to AA is not only negated but the AA is even stronger than before. Well not that my Midway or Haku really care but sill
  3. Yay weiter bleibt die Panzerung [edited]!
  4. Das ist die sogenannte "Blackhole-Armor" die viele Franzosen ahben. die henry hat die ja auch. Stelle sie dir einfach wie die ultimative Form der "Turtleback" panzerung der deutschen vor. Was ich mich Frage ist ob diese auch von der kommenden änderung der module usw betroffen ist oder ob diese unter die selbe kategorie wie "Torpedobulge" treffer fällt.
  5. _Ezio_

    Haku Ap Damage

    I can start marking the new ones where it happens and compile them (that might take a while though as i am currently strugeling to even keep my "1rank per day" target), but i do not have any older replays, as I reinstalled the game while trying to fix the mess that the 64bit version was for me. So a comparison will be hard. Is there a way to make a replay from a training room? that would make it by fare easier to gather replays as I could provide acurrate time stamps with expected outcome and actual outcome in a situation where I am the only variable. For now I seem to have found a way to make them work as I want them to work (atleast most of the time) even though it is different from how it was before.
  6. _Ezio_

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    and what does that have to do with what I said? Nothing. You just want to cry about what happened to you which is fine...I guess. but that does not include me or anything I have said any good DD against every BB except for maybe Missouri. Basically every Torpedo DD against a Radarcruiser like Woster or DM or Moskva, where the DD is probably not even in gun or Torpedorange, not that it matters though. A BB that gets on the side of a DM or similar cruiser. There are countless situations where you have no chnace to do anything once they happen. 90% of the game is about not getting into certain death situations. So you asking for just one excample where the victim has bno chance what so ever? Easy millions of Idots sail the seas of WoWs each day and thousands of them die in certain death positions doing 0 dmg and dieing without doing anything. And thousands of other people just happen to get fucked by WG's spawns. I once spawned on land of fire in my Nelson in a T9 match at the A flank and my next ally was 16km away from me. This was pre CV rework and not a single Cv was in the game. I died doing 1500 dmg because i was hunted by two Yugumos who killed me when i was about 5km from my next ally after about 6-8 minutes of constand full speed driving with the occasional evasion of comming Torpedos. I only knwo why I was hunted by two Yugumos because of a mod called "detailed dmg meter" which tells you which ship did what dmg to you and it listed two times yugumo on there instead of just one. on of the two was never spotted in the entire game. crap happens. Idiots get into death situations and sometimes WG puts you there. crap happens.
  7. _Ezio_

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    I know it well, but you are still spiting out [edited] with everything you write. You are right, in such a situation a Nelson has no chance, just as if it spawned across 5 enemies or a DD. But taht is not the CV's faul, it is WG's retarded spawning system. Nelson in this case has little chance, but everything else you say is simply wrong. Simple matter of fact is that Nelson hase no chance because it is alone and can not reach friendly support in time to be safe. It does not matter if the Cv needs 1 or 4 attackruns, nelson is to slow. But a nelson can do evasive manouvers against DB and is nowhere near as sluggish as you describe. If it was you would never ever dodge even a single Torpedos fired at it because the longest time you have to react and dodge against a torpedo, when you are alone in a Nelson, is around 11s the average is 7s. So every torpedo fired at a nelson is impossible to evade? Because that is what you are saying. if a nelson can not initiate substatial evasive manouvers against planes that need 20-30s for an attack than it stands no chance to do any kind of manouver against those 7s torpedos. Which is simply wrong on every level. So while you are right that the Nelson in this case is doomed, you are wrong on every point of "why" it is doomed simply by lack of understanding and missconceptions. Nelson in this case would be doomed in many circumstances. E.g. spawning across a DD which rushes forward, Spawning across a fast BB like Missouri spawning across a Cruiser like Roon, Charls Martel, or any other longrange HE spammer.
  8. _Ezio_

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    My Nelson can turn in that time. and 10-11s??? more like 20-25s... I mean in a Midway, which has faster planes than the T8 CV you met I need 20-25s for an ttack, So closing in, aiming in, waiting for the bombs to hit the target. You know why I know that? because I exploit the hell out of it. I set you ablaze with the first drop and you repair? great, just wiglle my planes for another 5s and your dmgcon will be on colldown and i get permafires. AP bombs have an even higher turnaround because they can not slow down as much and they need far longer to aim in. And just to correct you even more. a nelson can tunr by 30° in löess than 10s because the Ship starts turning the moment you press the A or D key, and not once the rudder is fully turned! Also Nelson is probably the slowest turning T7BB in the game and even one of the slowest turning BB in the entire game due to the rather stationary playstyle
  9. _Ezio_

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    Which is why WG just buffed AA to a level far above pre 8.2( the patch that nerfed overlapping AA). As now all T8+ CV are capped at the T6 speed boost you end up being inside the AA for far longer than previously. But T4 CV just got a massive buff out of it I guess. So jay for WG's global changes! which totaly do not [edited]up everything all the time! I mean ship X is op? better nerf the entire class/line/mechanic and not the specific ship that is causing the problem.
  10. _Ezio_

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    Ranger is absulutely fine. Actually she is the best T6 CV. The reload on the HE bombers is insane, you basically never run out of them AA is the same, the speed nerf is just a massive buff to AA. WG nerfed overlappig AA in 8.2 and now they nerf the speed of the planes so that in the end AA of lone ships and of groups of ships is far stronger than pre 8.2.
  11. _Ezio_

    Haku Ap Damage

    @MrConway After some more testing and talking to a few people with similar concerns as me I might have an idea what happened. Could it be that some of the changes done to the HE Bombs have affacted the AP bombs as well? more specifically the change to the dispersion e.g that the bombs have a higher chance of hitting the egdge of the elipse rather than the center. If so it would explain both the strange appearance of the previously uncommon "normal penetrations" and the lower number of citadelhits on targets where previously it was basically impossible to not get multiple citadels. Could you look into that and keep us updated?
  12. _Ezio_

    Änderungen an Flugzeugträgern

    Ich persönlich nicht, aber ein Clanmate von mir meinte etwas Ähnliches festgestellt zu haben. Um mich mal auf meien Aussage von #28 zu beziehen: Vielleicht hat sich ein fehler eingeschlichen sodas die Bomben jetzt anderen Regeln als vorher folgen, was aber nicht gewollt ist. In diesem Fall wäre das wohl die Änderung der HE Bomben und ihre erhöhte Chance am Rand der Elipse zu landen? Vermutung: Die Änderung der HE Bomber Elipse (spezifischer der Trefferzone/wahrscheinlichkeit ihrer Bereiche) wurde mit auf die AP Bomber gespielt somit trifft man nun häufiger die Ränder der Schiffe wenn man gut zielt.
  13. _Ezio_


    Danke, ja die izmael ist ne qual gewesen nach dem t5er. Aber die Sinop ist bisher auch nicht so meines, aber mal sehen was wird. Hoffe du hattest besseres Glück mit deinen weiteren Teams
  14. _Ezio_

    Haku Ap Damage

    Q: Can you give us a penetration value of AP bombs? It's really interesting to know. Thanks. A: Hosho (Type 99 25 Mod1): 174 Ruyjo (Type 3 25 Mod1 Mk4): 228 Shokaku (Type 2 50 Mark1): 262 Hakuryu (Type 2 80 Mk5 Mod1): 351 Enterprise (M62): 244 GZ (PD 500): 334 (pre buff) These should be the base values. Please take this into account: Penetration capability is always the same, it's not affected by anything. However, bombs interact with effective armor, so angle matters and they even can bounce. They have normalization. It's base value is bigger than AP shells, but it's applied non-linearly; if the angle is bad, even great normalization won't help. Aircraft angle and speed affect bomb speed and trajectory (but bombs do not loose penetration from speed!). Which means that for maximum penetration capabilities we must make the drop as close to 90 degrees as possible -> dropping early. For soft targets it may make sense to drop lately because, as with AP shells, for soft targets you don't want overpens and increasing effective armor turns into a benefit. taken out of: And if they did not change anything i should get regular 2-3 citadels with 3 bombhits on a Yamato no matter when i drop, as I did pre Patch. 8Also i usually drop between 4s and 6 s because the bombs tend to fly in nonesense directions if you drop below 3s
  15. _Ezio_

    Haku Ap Damage

    Wg jsut recently stated that velocity and hight of the bombs have no influence on the penetration capabilities of said bombs. Hight and planespeed only have an influence on impact angle which in turn ofcourse has an impact on penetration. But I played nearly a hundred games in my Haku pre patch and spend nearly 10 hours in the trainingroom learning every single thing about the AP Bombs. And jsut now i spend another hour testing it and I can only confirm what I said, something is off. I believe there to be an issue with the penetration after the changes to GZ. It would not be the first time that a change to a specific ship affacted other ships with similar mechanics because someone forgot to switch from "general change" to "ship specific change" in their minds. And as WG seems to preffer the "general change" over specific changes to a ship those mistakes keep happening more and more.