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  1. skotish

    [12.4.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    quoted post removed Totally un called for WG!!!!! unban this modder please been using his mods for 2 years no cheat mods what so ever
  2. skotish

    Other Changes

    WG here is my feedback.................Why are you constantly leaving the colorblind mode to modders to fix and update color changes must be a easy fix plz look into this
  3. skotish

    [12.4.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    The colormode has issues with the updated map i can join games with just the hud_lib but with the minimap aswell you cant join and all you hear is background sounds
  4. skotish

    HMS Campbeltown

    going by the last few posts the ship is a stinker going to pass on it now
  5. Time to hard cap the destroyers
  6. skotish

    Dockyard Storage! (Depot)

    I support this
  7. Ran into trigger happy dad we both were running DD classes mahan=me trigger happy dad=udaloi Both of us scored early kills only to be let down by a clueless derpitz platoon attacking one by one And dying in that order
  8. Saying in chet @ start in my new premium "My first game in this" is awesome the fallout is funny
  9. skotish

    X chat

    His mod pack has been verified by WG as its still being allowed in the mod forum
  10. might buy myself......... tempting
  11. skotish


    Cause he is 12yr old ? lol
  12. skotish

    Matchmaking gone mad

    sorry but the op is right MM sucks and more attention is needed and endless threads
  13. The buff is a pure marketing ploy by WG to get more player to buy the Mikhail Kutuzov nothing more nothing less
  14. skotish

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    6 months ago the moaning began about CV,s @ that time i played only DD,s -_- forward those months now its DD,s turn you players are getting what you deserve for asking for CV,s to be Nerfed when will it bloody stop!!
  15. He didn't make a death thread so stop dressing it up as that "should" Not I am going too...... stupid forum