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  1. 3 nights of bad sleep do that to you... Also, it sound strange saying you gave a lecture at the age of eleven ( probably me associating lectures with actual professors and not with a 'spreekbeurt' )
  2. that's even worse, removing 75% at least doesn't say: we think CV and BB have same roles in game so we both remove same amount of rewards from specific gameplay situations flamuWG
  3. I actually did a spreekbeurt about this once, 27 years ago.... me mentioning our sun not having enough mass to go supernova should have already hinted towards at least knowing some of the basics you pleb
  4. (all chat) => Pantsu nugeru mon -> -5 karma ( nothing else happened that match which could cause this, I played a cruiser helped the babies around me when CV tried to drop them and I ended 3rd in my team on xp so I didn't annoy enemy that much really ). Heck I even had the occasional " Hey look it's that mtm guy from the forum " -> -3 karma ( they were in division ). Maybe I get more reports because I'm popular... or was that impopular edit: and btw I am fine with that, the bigger issue is that when I have a good session getting near unicum ratings and generally seem to be doing quite well I still only ever get a compliment when I actually do something for someone like go out of my way and smoke them. My point is, I can play at high level and not get compliments, because potato's don't even seem to understand what I'm doing and only give compliments when I would do something if it helped them ( even at the expense of the actual goal of the game, winning the match, since they would most likely not even see this ). If WG wants karma to mean something and to have options to give compliments for good play, this could better be automated imo. An automated system might seem harsh for the guy detonating trying to be useful and getting a plays poorly attached to his performance, if he's not detonating frequently this should be offset by the times he tires to be useful and succeeds. Giving bad players the options to compliment people for good play is like giving a toddler the keys to your Lambo and telling the mom it's fine since you're insured.
  5. It's not only alpha, if I eat a full 5 torp drop because I'm railroading I also suffer from the same alpha. The difference is that I could have done something ( or maybe not, but usually you can ) to minimize that alpha damage, which then get's another skill factor in how you indeed deal with possible flooding and if you can be set on fire afterwards ( don't even need DB's for that just needs to be in range of someone with a brain ). With drops which are not affected by ship orientation or anything, you always feel like 'the game is stacked against you'. I wouldn't mind AP bombs to possibly cause floodings, it would be more skill based when you could even just lower the alpha and add DoT ability. But most importantly the drop pattern should be elliptical and defo not round I think.
  6. There is still player action you can take which has an impact on the damage you take. You need this to give players a feeling they aren't helpless. That's why babies made torpedoes what they are now, they made them feel to helpless. It will happen with no counterplay bombs to, and in that case I think their right. Even if DoT isn't possible with AP, you can't have no counterplay immense alpha strikes it's just bad gamedesign.
  7. Test 1 sounds like a concept they should drop asap, having no counter other as RNG / AAA is bad.
  8. Bump and imaginary like ( I'm out )....
  9. Afaik this PN mentioned a 75% reduction in awards for potential damage... hence everyone being salty about it as it sounds very very very wrong to remove incentive to tank no?
  10. Like current KoTS flags which give a huge captain XP bonus iirc, I like it. Good incentives, but not exclusive content like ships.
  11. I'm afraid to look at your profile after this statement edit: but if WG is upsetting the babies, I think their on the right track! The only I want to be sure off is that there is a counterplay like you have with torpedo bomber squads.
  12. This would perhaps work with ship locking which should make sure each clan has to cycle through it's roster as ships which were destroyed in battle get locked for X amount of time.
  13. Post takes 10 seconds, a game 20. Well, kinda :) But yeah I know, I should post more so I am prepared for the next birthday event where rewards will be given out based on forum content ( amount btw, not quality, just to be sure ). I think it's more like they have a reserved allocation of resources to spend on QoL improvements and this allocation isn't that big when they are still working on core content. So basically, the sun might have burned out, turned supernova ( imagine.. don't come she is to small not enough mass and all that science bs ok ) and became part of a new gas cloud in which lots of NEW stars are born, spawn planets by collecting matter in their gravity wells, these planets could have been the home of intelligent beings even, and their sun might die out. Or. if you translate it -> when the game left beta, it was apparently nothing but a glorified alpha
  14. Qol improvements comes after milking operations are completed.
  15. I could reply, but insulting people is against the rules so there is no point