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  1. Don't get used to it I don't want to become Mr. Fingers number two so this brief visit was mostly because I accidentally hit the bookmark I had not removed from my tablet. This thread is exemplary for why I am not paying this game atm or will ever again spend money on Wargaming... I wanted to use a different 'name' but I have to stay'tactfull' right 😇
  2. Quick and support in one sentence, on a WG forum? You must be new here... Support is only there to keep you spending money, you will get a nice copy pasta reply that's for sure
  3. Lol people still hoping WG will give a damn? Get over yourselfs WG only wants your money and wants to give as little back as possible for it. Collectors thingies is only when you're Rashian comrade.
  4. Another one who has seen the light. Time gated highly impact full content, crates, BB infestation, no vc rework still, dev's talking bs, cm repeating said bs. The few minor qol improvements aren't even close to enough to keep me investing in this absurd company.
  5. With all the complaints though, I should add that the auto formating is normally the only feature of the new theme which I really appreciate..... as long as it works. It's much quicker with posting images, resizes them when needed automatically and normally even image heavy threads load quicker since all images are cached on a WG server.
  6. I quoted enough posts already, don't want to repeat them here but yes this is EXACTLY what happened. And yeah, I'm very curious as to that mods explanation for not editing those, but we'll get to that when we get there right :) You don't need to say: person A is a cheater, in order to break the rules. Saying you don't install mods from the official modpack because you don't like 'cheating' is exactly the same. *disclaimer: I don't know if you know many Aspie' but 'rules are rules' seems to be quite a thing for us, so is communication ( black and white ). Not 100% sure as I don't want to go through 5 pages right now but I'm pretty sure I also have a quote from you claiming you don't want to install something because you don't want to cheat ( or asking someone if they wanted a bigger advantage by installing a cheat ). This for me also equates to directly claiming that those who DO, are cheaters. Well it is standard, but it's a standard feature which is not publicly advertised enough ( and yes, it should be 100% accesible through the game launcher / updater ). I said that on page 2 iirc ( or if you really want to be specific, I said the same things BEFORE this thread was started ) but then we got people making statements about others being 'cheaters' for installing mods from the official modpack, or accusing others of wanting a bigger advantage through installing 'cheats'. I'm not the one who made this personal, I didn't start with the accusations, and I would like to continue this discussion based on this last quote because guess what -> it's the same thing I been saying for a long time. Even more, even if in the client, I don't think the X should be there ( even if available to everyone, I think it's just not needed. But that wouldn't be 'cheating' or something, just giving to much information on screen for most players to use anyway ).
  7. Thank you... now if WG will go back and edit all those posts with 'inappropriate remarks' I'm fine......
  8. Did I quote you? My response was to people equating modpack users to cheaters, everything else in your post was already covered in my earlier responses. No one has the right to accuse me of cheating for using the official modpack, and I will tell them to shut up if they do ( and yes, I just asked a moderator to come here and explain the forum rules to everyone... and yes that probably includes me getting sanctioned for telling people to shut up but I can live with that ). If you want to discuss this without accusing people, like you just did, then you won't get me to tell you to shut up now would you? Also my contributions to this thread far outweigh anything you have added so far, maybe start looking in the mirror. edit: I even had to sent a PM to a community manager because I noticed some overeager moderator had already edited content of MINE ( and leaving others intact ) which is breaking their own rules.... to be continued I'm sure :)
  9. Official modpack is OFFICIAL and thus standard. That people don't know about it can be true and is something WG should address. That doesn't mean people using those mods are cheaters. See we actually agree for a change... maybe I don't need to respond in kind if people don't falsely accuse others of cheating That's what I been saying the whole time btw, but hey I guess it's easier to claim otherwise if it fits one's agenda better. Yeah we should perhaps have a mod take a look at some posts here, it's against the rules to make false accusations
  10. ( -> ) My own signature works though ( wows-numbers sig image you mean right? ) but I can't see anyone else's ( guess my own is locally cached... ). edit: just for clarity to WG btw, this isn't a 'new' issue it's been happening intermittently since you switched to new theme. Just as all the nginx timeouts.
  11. I just saw a screenshot of a 39% wr Mongerror being posted in another thread..... How can 'players' get those results, are they on purpose trying to be shitters? Are they TRYING to throw as many games as possible? Just shows, even if you make something so low skill requirement as a babyboat let alone a Mongerror, there will always be those who're still not up to the task. edit: just to show I'm not biased, I'm also one of those 'players' but only in my Shimakaze
  12. Sub 40% wr Mongerror? Must be reverse stetpedding with a troll account just to try and prevent a nerf... right? Right? RIGHT?
  13. Using a CHEAT = saying you're a CHEATER. You can stop pretending you didn't make that claim now How about you stop trying to derail this thread just because you're not getting your 'waaa waaaa mods = cheats waaaa waaaa' echo chamber? Also, I'm telling you to STFU with your false accusations and insults, I don't care about your personal believes on the matter I just want you to follow forum rules and not insult and falsely accuse people of cheating for using the official modpack That you don't agree it's not cheating is IRRELEVANT as your morals don't decide on the RULES. Can't really make it any clearer as that my 'friend'. So if you just want to share with community your own 'higher moral code', feel free to do so WITHOUT accusing others of CHEATING because they install mods from the official modpack. and you might not get told to take a damn hike
  14. I told him to stop sealclubbing in clan chat, he laughed and pointed to my Imperator and Gremmy Also, it's hard to say you're clubbin on tier 7... but heck some people even club at tier X. Anyway, yes Saipan is overperforming but why do I also sometimes see people with <50% wr on their Saipan? I mean, is is a skill floor issue? CV's and balancing is something WG has issues with overall so I don't think it's much use to focus just on Saipan. Only 'fix' is waiting for a carrier rework which would also balance them out overall.
  15. Community is 'big', I can understand WG not doing everything I want them to do as I am sure I have ideas which aren't part of any consensus. And WG needs to develop not for me but for a wide audience. Still tough, there are things which I think are really hurting the game but WG doesn't see it that way. Guess only way to 'vote' is with the wallet :) No my quote was pretty clear, you think it's 'stupid' but that only applies to some 'people' here. Interesting. Yeah, training room support would be nice, but I don't see how WG would benefit from allowing tweaking of game rules within these rooms. To much work for not much return. The 'banning' of ships / limiting off consumables can be done by the players per agreement, you don't need to force this in the game files ( I've adjudicated for KoTS, so I do have some experience with this btw ). Your intention seems to be to call modpack users 'cheaters' and for that I will tell you again to shut the hell up Otherwise, I'm here for the discussion, with those capable of doing so without insulting / falsely accusing people.