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  1. mtm78

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    That's what you get when trying to leave that group edit*, you can't even leave. For the near future tho guys, I would like an invite. Having fun sounds like a distant memory in this game, maybe I just need some SCRUB action to get my mojo back edit: language please
  2. mtm78

    CV Rework Discussion

    Don't forget WG probably is running missions which require people playing skypiggies as well. It was 66% chance of dual tier 6 CV's in each game in it's tier bracket, well according to some guy's MM stats. Disgusting.
  3. Yes, I do blame them for that as well. edit: capping is rewarded pretty well, and if they increase rewarding dmg done to more important ( say, DD's ) targets it would also create more focus to them. The XP rewards for capping seem okish to me, I don't think I've played a 'decent' DD game and afterwards thought my XP was way out of line ( in a negative way.. ). EXP also takes into account what you damage ( percentage based rewards ), unlike PR. XP takes into account if you're damaging higher tier opponents, PR does not. So while XP isn't all that hot, mostly because WG adds premium bonus to trackable stats, PR is still worse.
  4. Do they now? Do you have any empirical proof of this claim? I can proof I can be of severe influence on a game without getting high PR, just because I cap / defend and focus my dmg on say enemy destroyers. PR does not track playing for objectives and hence is bad, it makes people think this game is about out damaging your own team instead of working with them to get a victory by securing tactical objectives ( where dmg is a means to an end, not a goal on it's own ).
  5. mtm78

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yeah but that's by design, WG could 'fix' this by giving lower tiers access to concealment module or removing it from the higher tiers as option and just build it into base cammo values giving all tiers a natural gradual progression.
  6. mtm78

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    @GarrusBrutus stop providing evidence average playerbase needs buffing, WG already told us straight up it's not possible for them.
  7. mtm78

    CV Rework Discussion

    Radar has limited range and a cooldown, radar is an issue when there are to many, but one or two radars on the enemy team isn't even troublesome, just something to keep in mind. So, you think playing 'dodge the cv' is fun? Meh, I rather would like to play World of Warships.
  8. mtm78

    How much have you captains spent on WoWs?

    I spend my soul even sold my firstborn to Serb. Sadly I lost the receipt, I want to return my invested time and get my valuables back.
  9. mtm78

    CV Rework Discussion

    Small steps young padawan, it's WG we're talking about.
  10. mtm78

    CV Rework Discussion

    Limit them to 1 would be a bit better as limiting them to 2 tho... but yeah it's a start :)
  11. mtm78

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    There is still A B A C A B B and they don't yet know how to unlock Goro and ShangTsung
  12. mtm78

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Don't forget, up up down down left right left right b a during loading screen unlocks the hidden klein field device which was added during the ARP colab, allows tracking off enemies in stealth as well as extended real time flight controls for all shells fired ( holding down mouse 3 also slows down time, to compensate all other players in the match will experience lag. This is also the reason only the first to enter the code gets everything working, better be quick during that loading screen guys ).
  13. mtm78

    CV Rework Discussion

    Those people would be wrong.
  14. Did not spend money, got the 250 gold still from a previous '500 gold' login bonus or something.... If I have to urge to spent money on World of Warships, the gains aren't going to WG but some Chinese company as I'll probably start an account on their server
  15. Next time when giving these containers, try to make sure it's rigged more as I been given the one thing I don't need at all ( 30k fxp ). Happy for the lucky one's ofc, just not that I'm not among them