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  1. You're better in your cruisers then your battleships, which is odd. You seem to know how to play cruisers in support of battleships, but you're not playing your battleships in a way where others in cruisers support you in the way you expect them to. Maybe you should look at your own stats and see if they indicate if you're sniping to much or rushing in to much, or maybe the problem is a general lack of wasd.exe or
  2. You being a bad player doesn't invalidate your opinion. you being a terrible battleship player does invalidate your opinion about how they play and how in game situations you have with them unfold. There is nothing irrelevant about the correlation between your ability to play the game, your ability to understand the game mechanics, and aforementioned opinion. If you feel bad about that, I can't really help you but I do feel sorry for you.
  3. Well they say the issue is with smoked up BB's so fix smoked up BB's. Let the 15xmm and smaller gun's use smoke as they do now, or be prepared to either compensate them greatly or see 80% BB numbers on tier 8 as well as anywhere else soon™.
  4. If you talk about open warfare then yes, but don't forget the economic aid GB received already before the US entered the war officially. Anyway let's not get to political, every nation when facing overwhelming odds asks others for help.
  5. That only displays lack of skill ( among playerbase ). A smoked up battleship is the most dangerous thing in the game for anything in it's range as you don't know if he's aiming for you ( PT only says how many, you're never 100% sure who unless it's only a few and you have direct line of sight ). The damage potential of a smoked up BB is quite high. So unless you have something to counter it ( torps, lots of torps, perhaps a radar to make it burn after it get's torped and has to blow his repair ) you're in a lot of trouble. A good competitive division with a USN DD for smoking his BB / CA when needed is worth more than double their numbers on the team at least.
  6. You might ask yourself, why do others don't have my glorious 46% win rate? Would it be because they hax, hags, RigRanked or otherwise cheat or with the help of tiny alien spiders which crawl in your brain take over the entire world so everyone else is just worse then them? No one knows for sure, to this date the question remains unanswered! On a serious note, cruisers HAVE to disengage when focused, they aren't BB's which can tank BB AP for more then a few 'lucky' salvo's. Cruisers are supposed to SUPPORT you, not tank for you. Supporting you they can do when YOU'RE getting focused, how hard as this concept might seem that is what tanking is about. You get shot so others don't.
  7. He was actually saying the Brits are bastards for shooting up French ships Ok, it's a lose interpretation but it stands doesn't it
  8. Unplayable I tell you, totally unplayable!!oneoneelevenone
  9. It's a new one, we could replace some of the others but then again BBaby still cries salty tears about even CV's and torpedoes so on second thought we can't really replace much can we... edit: even stealth firing can't be replaced, as BBAby is asking to remove islands in other topic, aka removing the only remaining way to deal damage from stealth still existing in the game...
  10. Omg ofc it's not a leak but a 'funny' thread about BBabies and 'smoke' due to recent discussions about the smoke test WG did previously :P If not... nah ofc it is..
  11. ........ Cruisers don't barbeque. guess Dunning Kruger is causing you to say that to. Typical potato which doesn't understand game design and balance and prouds himself on only using a cruiser line which spams SAP instead of HE.... remember when it got introduced and BBabies actually complained it did to much damage.... I just seen a BBaby two days ago on forum crying about a Edinburg ( yes... and Edin ffs ) being able to take half his Bismarck hitpoints..... If a cruisers uses HE on a BBaby, BBaby should stop crying about it and realize HE is the only thing the cruisers has to hurt him when angled like he is. BBaby should also realize his crying is pathetic because WG actually once released numbers detailing damage sources, and fire+he wasn't even nowhere close to being really significant ( and this was BEFORE DE nerf and FP addition to skill tree ). The problem isn't HE spam, the problem is cruisers are DESIGNED around HE spam. If you don't like that, go play another game ( or play RN CL's ). But don't come whine about it, not unless you want to cause serious laughter, finger pointing and wondering how homo sapiens actually evolved. In CBT we could play AP cruisers... you know why? Because cruiser could ANGLE and not get lolpen citadelled anyway. And we had 3 BB's or so at most per team, perfect for a dynamic balance. WG screwed up, and this is what we got now.
  12. My dear Sir, You're assuming he actually is a badie BBaby which occupies the lower brackets, and not just a troll thread creator. They go alongside so well though, and they surely aren't mutually exclusive so you're probably right in your assumption there. With kind regards, A snub
  13. It's so easy to judge intentions rights, like how to judge the intentions of salty people who want to blame someone else because they are in a (famous) clan?
  14. On a serious note, you're so funny you're making me laugh every time you write down a sentence. You mean you will now increase the play count on your Hindenburg to 375 like your 'Queen of the seas' Zao before?