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  1. crownjules

    [WTF?NO!] "We Truly Follow No Orders" recruits!

    I joined these guys last night after an interview with fennek152 the clan leader and i must say they are a great bunch of guys with a great attitude , competitive and fun ! As long as fennek does not try and sink the hood with the bismark i am sure we will get on fine ;) I would recommend joining there discord channel, biting the bullet and getting to know them! Hopefully i will be there. Its just me a 40 ish english guy saying his bit Thanks for reading
  2. crownjules

    0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    Hey guys I am an active player playing most if not every day i play mainly dd's but after getting the missiori recently i have started spreading my wings and leveling bb's and cl's I am english and 44 years young i have discord or teamspeak and have played games that need team work for a few years now altho i have only played warships for 6 months i have reached rank 10 in ranked battle and still playing I have yet to experience clan battles and hope to do so with you guys so if you could please consider me i am sure we could have a whale of a time :) Cheers