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  1. Ghost1911

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Tier 10 cruseirs will still do crap load of aa dmg to tier 8 cv planes,mino,de moin,wister etc....
  2. It's stupid u can't save the rank from rank 11 till rank 1 add on that 5 star's in evry rank=Heart atack
  3. Ghost1911

    Alaska releses date?

    Who wanna bet at end they will cancel Alaska
  4. Alaska-----Near Future-----50 year's from now........ *edited*
  5. Ghost1911

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Did anyone got the 2 days premm u need just to log in right?
  6. Ghost1911

    Last Prinz directive

    The irony is i run out of all economy flag's + premm time i have the gold but i will not take the premm time,its easy with tier 7-9 premm ships let's say avrg income is 300k Sashi,Jean,Kron,Cosack,Graf,Indianapolis (BTW Graf and Indi is pure pain to play for credits) Cosack and other's pure fun and am playing like max 2h per day am on 70% with 6 nation each...
  7. Ghost1911

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    Hmm i say if WG WONT change anything then do not alow to be manuel drop,torps or bomber's coz they can make ridiculous dmg from just one run to BB i say disable the option for all cv manuel drops at least we will have some higher chance to survive.
  8. Ghost1911

    Alaska releses date?

    More i see it from tester's more i realize it's not rly worth so much free exp il just stick to my Sashi,Jean,and kron....
  9. Ghost1911

    Alaska and Azuma Fire duration ...WG fails again

    I think this is fail of fail's yes they are battlecruseir's but fact they are not BB's 60sec is just to long
  10. Ghost1911

    High ping and it's not my internet?

    Hello last 2 days am having this ''ping''trouble in one momment its 30-40 then in next it's like from 200 to 500 then i get -35 and game freeze then in 5 sec it's resume. I dont have problem with my net,i restarted my router for 10 min etc but still ping problem is there? Am on wi fi no home fhone if u understand me. My speed is good(Normal) but when i hit Speedtest i see my ping is like 20-30 it used to be max 10! Any advice? ( Solved)
  11. We dont have anything from your sry you need to give out some compensation to us it's Friday night ffs
  12. Ghost1911

    Server Problems

  13. lol so you wasted your money same as NA server....Gj ppl what was u thinking its WG ppl
  14. Ghost1911

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  15. Ghost1911

    December’s Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    lol but Wg this time say's ''special'' Very very poor mission's this thing we got them evry day so it's not special about Decembar anything here BUT it's should BE!!