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  1. That is no problem at all, changing the name of the commander has been done before (the Steven Segal one). It would all be perfectly easy, when changing the Friesland for Groningen the captain on Friesland at the moment of the change gets a new name.
  2. Should be transferred with the ship though
  3. Europe isn´t a nation, I know those in favor of a federalist Europe think otherwise but no, just no.
  4. So let me get this straight, I can change my Friesland for Groningen but my (Dutch) Captain will be made to betray his country and stay European? So if someone has a Friesland with a 21pnt captain, and he/she wants the Groningen with the same 21pnt captain then that would cost 26437 doubloons (in order to fully convert the captain xp from the friesland captain to elite commander xp) For me this looks like you offer something good on paper but in practice it is even worse then the original idea.
  5. Sorry but this sounds as a complete moneygrab to me. "Oh you want a Dutch destroyer in the Dutch tech tree with a Dutch captain? Even though you already have one, the only way you can get it now is by spending a million fxp or pay almost 20k gold, and offcourse you will have to grind a new captain for it to"
  6. Castigador

    Update 0.10.4. Balance changes (DB 150)

    How about no, giving them shorter reloads or more range would make them the same like any other cruiser.
  7. Castigador

    Update Survey

    I would like to add another question for @Sehales which is a bit in line with the post above: What needs to happen for Wargaming to say "ok, we have done/made something the players don't like, we remove the new [insert angry making thing] and go back to the old one"?
  8. Castigador

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Don't worry, wargaming is totally going to ignore all concerns about the reintroduced ntc and awnser on all other things pretty quick Or are you going to prove us wrong @YabbaCoe ?
  9. Castigador

    1:42 Scale: Yamato – Trailer

    real Yamato was 263 meters long which means 26300 centimeters 263000/42 = 626.19 = 6.26 meters
  10. Castigador

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    @Crysantos You do realize that this is the worst thing to say right now don't you? WG just lost a massive if not virtual all trust and then you say "we're keeping a very close eye on the situation". Do you really think we trust that you do that? What is there to keep an eye on? Is all the anger and hate WG received over it's incompetence not enough? Also for me personally: I don't care if the PR is available later on in a non-dockyard form. For me the whole dockyard was the cool thing I looked forward to, it was something new and cool looking. You (WG) lied to us players and even used your cc's to spread those lies.
  11. @Sehales I know you write what your bosses want you to write so don't take the following personal: Apology NOT accepted What a shipload of crap. Even with your "math" it is clear that even for the most dedicated (but crazy is a better word) it is impossible to get PR for free. You LIED to us!
  12. I would love to go, but I will be in Japan on that date :(
  13. Castigador


    Hakuryu is going into port, will only play it if there is a direct need for it. It is already the weakest tier 10 carrier and removing the torpedo bombers mentioned only makes it worse
  14. Castigador

    French Destroyers

    But the drop rate is so damn low (see the comment above of someone above of getting 1 quest in 25 premium containers) that you are already lucky if you get 1 quest in the entire event, and even then you will not have enough tokens. So I stay with my comment, unless you have all 88 tier 7, 8, 9 and 10 ships + a good amount of premium/special ships it is impossible to get the 4th reward.
  15. Castigador

    French Destroyers

    This is one of the worst events in the history of wargaming. I would love to get a comment on the following: I just did the calculations for earning republic tokens (via tech tree ships, 88 ships): If you have EVERY tier 7 ship you can earn 100 tokens if you have EVERY tier 8 ship you can earn 230 (330 total) tokens if you have EVERY tier 9 ship you can earn 315 (645 total) tokens if you have EVERY tier 10 ship you can earn 480 (1125 total) tokens To get the 4th bundle you will need a total of 1400 tokens (200+300+400+500) So for a normal player (even with a few premiums) it is impossible to EARN the 4th reward for free, I would even say it is virtual impossible, for the great majority of players, to even get to nr 2 very dissapointed... (again)