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  1. 0.6.14

    playing weekly battle won and got 4 stars and game crashed after game ended. no after game reports etc crash report here
  2. because of poor time slots for clan battles im boycotting them until the times are improved to allow all to play, either by adding hours or having whole days for battles.
  3. time totally prevents me from playing, even left the clan as did not think it fair on rest of the team to take up a place without being able to battle. change times to later (8,9,10,11). or more hours (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,910,11) or have 1 whole day for clan so people can play when they can.
  4. 0.6.11

    Cruisers are op anyway, Smoke radar hydro torps fast guns accurate guns long range guns High speed fast rudder spotter planes Fighter planes poor BB players have to sneak inside cc smoke just to play.
  5. 0.6.11

    regarding the change to IFHE: now the % fire chance reduction is less, you do not need to have Demolition Expert DE to make IFHE work. This means that captains that have already used skill points for IFHE builds are going to be at a disadvantage to those choosing it now. This seems unfair. Can there be a skills reset for those captains already with IFHE build to allow them the have equal opportunity as new IFHE captains.
  6. I think, to balance the game, dd should get the same magic button that dissables a ship's best weapon, just as radar does. As above i cannot provide support / cover without being radar. I evade and by the time i turn around to try again its radar time again. So what do i do? dont take caps? dont spot for team? dont smoke allies and keep smoke for my self defence and do not support team? Play BB maybe? I think i want a magic button too.
  7. Ah the great dd hunter of tier 7 and below only! I have read that his ship was given only 1 set of torps, poor speed, turn, detection etc because of its so called op on HE guns, guns that cannot pen tier 8 hulls! Is there any other ship that cannot do HE hull damage to a sister ship from stock, I thought i was being hacked when i couldnt HE damage in tier 8/9/10 battles, untill i scoured of the forums and reveield my fate, wasting 7 valuable skill points for IFHE/DE in the vain hope of resurecting my dreams? but i do like a challange, though with all the other dd nerfs its is daunting and may have to drop it like the turd it is.
  8. 0.6.3

    1- Description container screen for take chance loads container then lowers into hull then loads another container 2 - Reproduction Steps happened 2 times in game different ships 3 - Result end result ok just 2 times longer 4 - Expected Result 1 container 5 - Technical Details 14:30 22/03/17 uk time
  9. 0.6.3

    1- Description game disconnected after battle finish, would not close, frozen 2 - Reproduction Steps unable to repeat 3 - Result unable to close program, had to use task manager. 4 - Expected Result not crash 5 - Technical Details 11:50 22/03/17 uk time closed game, restarted and loaded in ok (
  10. 0.6.3

    used to be able to select torpedoes and torpedo spread with same button, very useful for me, can this be made ok again
  11. 0.5.13

    ah so now WG tell us these ships at tier 7 and upwards are ok. well woop do do
  12. 0.5.13

    dont think it matters what they were like in real life, its how they perform in game. They don't. what was WG idea of in game role, destroyer killer? - you cant get close enough to make your guns count before ur dead. Cruiser killer - again ur dead Battle ship killer - ur dead AA support - ur dead.
  13. 0.5.13

    just so disappointing. no new starter is ever going to progress these ships through the tiers or is that the point? Buy Belfast and all is well. and it will be the only British cruiser left in the game