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  1. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    Exactly my problem: I have seen WG doing crap like this countless times, so the assumption that there won't be a free respec was valid. If they would have chosen pretty much any other date for the 60% discount, that would have been a clear message, that relax we will give you the free respec this season too. Instead they chose to intentionally setup this timing, using people's insecurity to create more revenue.
  2. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    The fact you got free stuff in the past doesn't means it will happen again in the future. I know it by experience, especially true for WG products. Skill reset discount for non CW people is very rare (maybe once-twice per year), yet WG somehow managed to put it exactly to the date that can be mixed up with the CW reset. Coincidence, right?
  3. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    They don't, but giving intentionally -60% on something, that they already plan to give for free is still a cheap trick. Imagine the outcry, if a company like Apple would do something like this.
  4. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    Who can read the future has a clear advantage! Since WG made it sure, that these patch-notes are not released sooner than the -60% discount ends. Also this.
  5. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    Exactly, these patch-notes where published today, just after the -60% discount was over.
  6. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    And before...
  7. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    Clan Battles.
  8. terios

    WG and unfair market behavior

    Step 1: So we have Clan Battles upcoming, but there is absolutely no information about free skill reset. Step 2: Give people -60% discount on skill reset with doublons just few days before CB season. Step 3: $$$ PROFIT $$$ Step 4: Now, that everyone spent his doublons on skill reset, act like the man of people and give it for them for free. WE want OUR doublons back, that WE spent this weekend on skill resets!
  9. The next WG title should be: World of WarTrains, since WASD proven too complicated for the average player to understand. Nerf the damn keyboard!
  10. terios

    Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    Dear WG! Just remove every maps from the game, except for Ocean. That's the only realistic map anyways and you don't have to spend time coping with those pesky little islands and radar interaction... For variety you could add blue and red sky too for ocean!
  11. terios

    From Reddit: Statistics on the EU server population

    Just wait until you get suicide ganked at Jita with few billion ISK worth of cargo onboard, then let's check those frustration levels again...
  12. terios

    hakuryu vs midways

    First of all: stop blaming game balance for the lack of your skills. Practice more, stop making tons of mistakes (being strafed down, fighting with 1 squad while rest is idle, fail drops) and Haku will get better. This performance even with a Midway would have resulted the same outcome.
  13. I wonder if NWP will bring Gearing/Shima/Z52 or Grozovoi/YueYang for next season of CB? I think we all know the answer...
  14. They should add a B-hull at least, where Grozo have radar + smoke, but no DFAA and also worse AA capability. With A-hull it should have DFAA and stuff but no radar, same as now. If not, it's going to be a jack of all trades, the only DD you ever see in any competitive play, especially where CVs are allowed. It should have somekind of drawback.
  15. terios

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    With my Mino, the average number of destroyed planes per battle is 23,44. On better battles I easily managed to kill more than 50 planes on my own. If there is 1-2 AA cruisers in your team, who actually have any clue how to play this game, the CV is pretty much rekt, regardless of skill. I've survived quite a lot of battles against CVs even with my Musashi. The secret is: always stay with AA strong allies. If you can't avoid being nuked by CVs, it's your fault. L2P.