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  1. What I've noticed so far is that win/loss hinges on how well the cruisers perform. A good pair of cruisers, who know to stick with the BBs and kill enemy DDs, and then pour on long range fire while the enemy BBs/CAs are distracted seems to be worth way more than a 'good' BB player. I think that's because a good BB player is so dependent on his DD/CL escorts for anti-destroyer work & capping, as well as disrupting enemy cruiser fire. A bad DD/CA player is fast enough to derp without his BB being able to help out, no matter how awesome the BB player is.
  2. So, just lost a battle on Ocean, where a surviving DD forced me to search for him in the WAY TO LARGE cap circle for 5 minutes with my crap spotting ship. It's bad mechanics where simply by existing you can completely force a draw, and there is *nothing* the other team can do to stop you. It is exactly what people worried about with elimination-type gameplay - you've made a cap circle so large, that it is effectively elimination....
  3. Uh. I've got a whopping 13 draws out of 350 games played. If *you* are getting that many draws, while you are still alive, maybe *you* are the problem?
  4. docmorningstar

    BB captains too passive?

    That is completely wrong. If a BB isn't tanking as well as doing damage, they aren't fullfilling their role. Because if the BB isn't close enough to be 'worth shooting at' your screen is who is going to take all the enemy fire, and CA/CL and DDs don't have the armor nor hitpoint pool to do that job....
  5. docmorningstar

    American CV Airgroup changes - TB reduction why?

    Yeah. My lex ran a game with 100 air-to-air kills (a record for me) and a nice sum of torp and DB hits. XP: 1300 (loss). Means a plane kill is worth <10 xp. Which is 'nothing'.
  6. docmorningstar

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Today, I achieved 100 air-to-air kills in a single battle (without the fighter-centric loadout...) We still lost, but it was fun
  7. docmorningstar

    How to encourage spearheading?

    Bascially, yes. the problem in WoWs is that if each link in the chain is dependent on the other, and well, we have alot of people who don't have any idea how to play.... this even goes for other BBs - don't fall off if one of your division mates starts taking fire; if anything you should angle towards the enemy, and try and convince them you are the better target. Just played a lovely game with me and a fubuki player holding the entire south half of ice islands. I'd poke the enemy BBs in the nose with my Nagato, and generally force them to pay attention to me, by closing hard - pretty much pointing my ship right at them - and he'd get a pretty easy torp run. He sank 2 Nagatos, and put 4 torps into an Amagi. If I had fallen off, and not been so pushy, he'd have gotten sunk easy. And then the 3 BBs would have teamed up and eaten me.
  8. docmorningstar

    How to encourage spearheading?

    I disagree, completely. BBs should be the first line of combat, (behind a light screen of DDs for detection). CAs should be generally intermixed or just in front of the BBs. Because if the CA is an 'easy' target (ie 3-4 km closer) it is a much better option to sink, since CAs have good DPS, but poor armor/HP. Once the BBs start to mix it up, then the CAs can shine. But nothing chaps my rear end more than seeing the cruisers closing, and the BBs falling off. That is an instant failteam, since the cruisers all die unsupported, and the BBs blame the 'stupid reckless cruisers'. No idea on how to fix this sort of play. The big issue is that the ships with the best range, and best guns, and poor manouverability, are also those with the best HP pool. So they don't fit the 'normal' gaming types where the 'sniper' hangs back, and avoids damage (mostly because noone is shooting/hitting him). That is a huge waste of one of a BBs biggest advantages - it's huge HP pool. BBs are supposed to be your tanks not your snipers. (hint, look at their special ability - regen - a tank skill if there ever was one). I think that with more BBs like warspite (nasty in close, not so long range) we'll see a better 'mix' of combat styles, and teams will shake out a little better. I mean, I play my Nagato as a tank, and average 2k+ xp.
  9. docmorningstar

    Rules of the Sea (or how to not sail like an idiot)

    That's why I posted the basic rules of seamanship, to you know, familiarize them. The guy was flipping out in chat, *after* he put a broadside into me... after he had come up from behind. Because he had a 'bigger ship'. The rules were developed so that collisions could be avoided, without need to additional communications, so that you always know the way to navigate to avoid collisions.
  10. So I just had a blue-on-blue fire incident with an unnamed Fuso driver, where he came up behind me, came alongside, and opened fire. And flipped out because I was 'in his way' and 'he had a bigger ship' (I was in a Warspite). Basic rules of encounter can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Regulations_for_Preventing_Collisions_at_Sea To make a short list. When approaching head-on, both ships should attempt to pass each other to port (left) When overtaking, the vessel that is overtaking must give way When crossing, the vessel which has the other ship to starboard (that is, to your right) should give way. The only time a 'large vessel' has right of way is if they are in a restricted channel. Or in a marked shipping lane. In fact, if you in your lowly 10 meter cabin cruiser happen to encounter the QE II on the open seas, on the correct bearing, it is her job to give way. Of course, small consolation to you if there is a collision. And both ships are at fault. But in general, the ship overtaking is the 'most responsible' party, and it is always your responsibility to clear your gun lines. Sail on, brothers...
  11. docmorningstar

    Do you "take charge"?

    I've had pretty good responses, I usually wait a second to see what people's 'natural' inclination is. IE, if 2 DDs are going C, and everyone else is going A, I ask the DDs to cap C, and run for B, since we can't hold C. It *seems* to work. The only people who I can't get to listen are BB drivers. I've also bumped into a couple of people who took charge, and as long as they do it 'pleasantly' - ie, 'hey DDs, can you cover XXX' it seems to work pretty ok.
  12. docmorningstar

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    Play your Nagato fairly agressively and you will be happy. I like to find a cruiser-buddy or two and play damn the torpedos. I have ~2k avg experience in mine, and I'm not exactly a supastar.
  13. docmorningstar

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    Most BB players are cabbage heads. A fleet of 2-3 BBs with 2-3 cruisers who sticks together as a pack and closes the range will wreckingball almost any fleet. The problem is that virtually every single BB player's reaction to taking fire is 'turn away! turn away!' - that means their support cruisers are left in the lurch, either they end up much closer (and much easier) targets, OR they hang back and do nothing. Much of the bad balance at the moment is people playing ships in a manner other than which is actually useful. 3 BBs have an enourmous HP pool, and should use it early on. BBs should be soaking the first shots of an engagement, not the last....
  14. docmorningstar

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    Lordy. Far too many people think exactly like you do, and it loses matches and makes for boring games. The dispersion rate on a BBs guns is huge if you plink away at long range, all that awesome firepower, armor, and health pool aren't being used. People play BBs like some sort of long range uber-sniper, when really most of them are more of a 'tank' class with a big hammer.
  15. docmorningstar

    Progress in this game doesn't make any sense.

    Cruisers (CA) are generally considered capital ships in and of themselves. One (major) issue with WoWs vs IRL is that IRL naval combat was very often determined by first, worst crit. A 'lucky' hit on a turret, or magazine was far more common than the constant DPS model that we have here. And that is why, even though they had lower ROF than a BB, CAs were still very dangerous to enemy BBs. Because their 8" guns, with rapid fire, had the ability to penetrate and destroy even 'armored' locations. They couldn't pen the citadel usually, but they could destroy turrets, gun directors, etc. If anything, the RNG needs to be *worse* - and damage be modeled on a 'per crit' type basis. I think the more common turret loss we are seeing these days is a step in the right direction. I would *like* to see it be perfectly possible for a CA to be able to completely shred a BB (destroy all it's main turrets) without being able to actually sink it. I have been playing my cleveland and mogami as 'turret hunters' lately, trying to gimp enemy turrets, and it (seems) to be working OK. If *everyone* had a reduced hit rate, it might work better, since statistics would heavily favor a higher ROF.