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  1. Orlunu

    Furutaka historical final hull

    Eh, I'd rather the game be balanced for skilled players. With nubs you're just balancing it around what mistakes are most obvious.
  2. Orlunu

    Furutaka historical final hull

    All good points. On the other hand, vodka. I think that I can call 'case closed' now. This error has been known since the Furutaka came in, if not before. This error has been deliberately left in since the Furutaka came in, if not before. This error is going to stay in.
  3. Did the Weimar build any ships? I would be very surprised.
  4. Orlunu

    The Dutch Navy options

    The Campbeltown is probably narrowly the most famous, but I reckon that the first one we're likely to see as a premium British destroyer for the Dutch will be HMS Garland, as she's fairly famous in her own right and they'd be able to release her three times for the Brits, the Poles, and the Dutch. Only 2 billion? Russiya probably bigger xaxaxa))))
  5. The second question should also have an option to state that I am "offended" that the Imperial German ensign and the Imperial Japanese ensigns are not in. How on earth WG think it's fine to insult those countries like that so hideously is beyond me and always has been.
  6. Orlunu

    The Dutch Navy options

    MAC ships cannot be considered carriers, because all they could do was launch warplanes off their flight decks to fly CAP or bombing duties? Oh, yeah, I get it. The cruiser comparison is completely irrelevant, as it's part of a classification system based on scale and armament, not on how the ship fights, which is what the carrier classification is based on. That's like taking the I-401 and going "That's not a submarine, it's far too big for that class!"
  7. Orlunu

    The Dutch Navy options

    To be fair, they operated carriers during the war as well, they just weren't big enough to get in game.
  8. Orlunu

    The look of the new Soviet cruisers

    Yeah, there are a lot of stats in this game that are considered balanceable 'soft' stats, up to and including top speeds.
  9. Orlunu

    Who are you people?

    >no 0 kids option
  10. Orlunu

    The Dutch Navy options

    All very valid concerns, I don't think I've really looked at what's where on there since CAT, I just pulled it up as an example to show that there's more than enough stuff there to work with if they're willing to be as ... ... inventive ... as they're going with for the Soviet tree. There's also room to put in a few of the captured Dutch ships as some really interesting premiums for the Axis nations, if they went with that route.
  11. Orlunu

    British ships

    Nope. Union flag on the tree and royal ensign on the ship for me.
  12. Orlunu

    Warspite.. yes again.

    It doesn't really need to be either/or, though. They could perfectly easily have gone with a slew of US-built copypasta premiums for the British tree like they did for the Russians, and given the Russians one of their British-built ships as one of their premiums. No extra effort or delay would have been needed at all. That's the thing I find most concerning when thinking about when we'll see the first British line come: it looks like WG just aren't interested in the slightest in seeing the RN in game.
  13. Orlunu

    The Dutch Navy options

    Sure they can. I put this together during Alpha when I was arguing that even they would make more sense to come in early than the Soviet navy. Only the tiniest bit of fluffing around it would let you make full trees for everything other than carriers (and by "the tiniest bit", I mean two ships which would be no more made up than some stuff we have in already). DD DD CL BC CV I van Kinsbergen II Z3 Marten Harpertzoon Tromp Soerabaja III Bouclier Holland Project 743 IV Campbelltown De Ruyter Project 753 V Marnix Java Project 753 quad turret VI Garland Admiralen Tromp Project 806 Karel Doorman (QH1) VII Van Galen Gerard Callenburgh 16,000 ton proposal BC preliminary '39 VIII Kortenaer Holland (D808) Kijkduin Holland-Schlachtschiff IX Friesland I.v.S. Project 232 Design 1047 X De Zeven Provincien (C802) Karel Doorman (R81)
  14. Orlunu

    The so-called "Karlsruhe" is actually a Pillau

    The final setup was identical in every way to that on the Aoba. They could've literally just copy-pasta'd it. The laziness that would be required... nah
  15. Orlunu

    The so-called "Karlsruhe" is actually a Pillau

    I don't know much about German ships, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. The Furutaka has twice the number of gun turrets and half as many guns in each turret as she should.