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  1. the "random mission in containers" idea is really, really bad. making them available for progressively harder mission would be fine. this is not.
  2. i honestly think players are getting more EDIT each day EDIT
  3. i´ve played a few coop battles last days because i had to sort out some pc issues, lags, crashes etc. i can honestly say that the bots in coop are generally better than random players. now if that´s not sad, i quite frankly dont know what is...
  4. missouri hit the shelves on december 2016. stop your fake news! so it would be reasonable to assume that the muschimuschi will approx be available for 1 year until they release a new freexp premium. or maybe it will be there longer because afaik wg wasn´t too happy with the way they implemented missouri. who knows i´d say you have at least 1 year to grind 750k xp ps: for a guy with 360 battles you are very ambitious :D
  5. what´s so special about meeting me? :)
  6. PSA: Yamato HSF camo

    thanks for the info. considering that a X prem camo costs 5k doubloons (which is insane), this free camo is quite great. gj wg (unironically for once^^)
  7. tired of abysmal players and MM

    why should skill based MM impact queue times? i just want MM to put equal amount of potatoes in each team. can´t be that hard... but honestly,i´m afraid that´s too much to ask from wg. so how about just showing the top player(s) in the losing team some love?
  8. tired of abysmal players and MM

    the average player skill level is in free fall. it used to be mostly weekends and events but the last few weeks have been just painful. i dont expect mid tier noobs with 1000ish games to be any good, but these days, high tier gameplay is pure torture when you´re playing solo. now let´s be realistic. there´s abolutely nothing we can do to improve the average player´s skill. 90% of players are potatoes, nothing´s gonna change that. the real problem lies entirely with wargaming for their completely random MM. i´ve lost 90% of games today, always being the top XP retard, sometimes with 50% more base XP than the 2nd one. what the &"$!& is this? how hard can it be to introduce some sort of skill based MM system? if that´s too much effort (for whatever made up reason), how about rewarding the top 3 players on the losing team same as if they´d won? i honestly think that would alleviate much of the frustration somewhat decent players have to deal with.
  9. Any news about upcomming french battleships?

    pls tell me you aren´t actually, seriously triggered by french surrender jokes. jebus H crysler, grow a thicker skin
  10. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    i think this ranked was the best, most balanced season yet. VIII is the sweet spot (maybe try IX next time, just to see how it goes) and with the smoke changes gameplay´s gotten alot less passive than in previous seasons. all in all. 8th season is very good imo
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    what in the actual EDIT EDIT
  12. https://replayswows.com/replay/13484#stats
  13. Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    useless flags and utterly useless flags
  14. New Campaigns: till January 17th

    nice campaign. probably won´t play the york one single time but whatever. other goodies are nice