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  1. good idea. otherwise you´re just wasting your precious, precious time blocking caps +1
  2. i wonder how long it´s gonna take WG to fix this. unless someone wants to tell me that "it´s working as intended"
  3. i like that lol
  4. nope, u didn´t shoot down enough planes u bloody nub
  5. congrats to the 7 people who know that... nice fail as usual wg
  6. the cake 15 camos per day mission is a lie
  7. yea i chuckled at this one quite a bit. the only way you can achieve that is in a desmoins, with a braindead enemy cv. wg, at least remoce the cruiser class restriction, it´s perfectly doable playing as a cv
  8. 300k dmg an zerstörern ist doch extrem heftig, wenns denn stimmt.
  9. a physical version of it nonetheless lol.
  10. i really dont get the decision to freeze ranked until clanwars are over... one doesnt overlap with the other in any way.
  11. what in the actual **** ???
  12. yea it sucks that you have to use it. but what sucks even more is that i have to kill it each time after i start the game. if i dont, i get random disconnect every 10-15 minutes...