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  1. yea i need a break
  2. radar 3x speed dmg control (lol) deff AA 100 - 20% repair flag 100 - AA flag 25 - hydra 100 - zulu 25 - red dragon 50 - wyvern (50% credits) 50 haloween camo 30 days premium 2x50k free xp very much "meh" aber einem geschenkten gaul schaut man nicht ins maul :D edit: 2 of them where tyl SCs
  3. same here
  4. one thing is certain, we need MOAR achievements!!! lol
  5. why today? you have until next monday to grind and buy henri. i think
  6. for Christmas this year, i wish that battleships would have citadels again. seriously, BBs are clownishly hard to kill in this game. the usual course of action was to slowly burn them down. good luck with that on the lion/conqueror. you cant burn them, you cant do any meaningful AP damage, CVs (on the rare occasion there is one) can´t do jack sh1t. no joke, when i see a lion/ conq i just go the other way lol so the only effective way to kill them is DD torps. i´m expecting (hoping ffs) that those ships will get nerfed
  7. THIS SPECIAL IS COMPLETLY ... IT´S TOTALLY ... IT´S JUST... very nice actually. what am i going to do with that bucket of salt sitting on my desk now? good to see that wg rewards the more, let´s say, dedicated players of the game lol 60 of each special flag + 14 SC? yes please!
  8. 1000 tobleronen. sagt man auch nicht nein zu...
  9. clear sky in midway? ez
  10. 0.6.10

    i still have the black screen freeze bug since .9 with the dx11 introduction. happens usually in port can i expect a fix for that anytime soon?
  11. 100% agree with fara. not too strong, not too weak but very powerful in skillful hands (wouldn´t buy it however, cause 50€+ is just too much)
  12. no clear sky for you scrub, because reasons
  13. that should be enough to carry, right? ....
  14. 4 for the game 1 for the company
  15. let loose the bots of war