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  1. BrotherOrion

    Entwickler-Bulletin zum Update 0.10.7

    Und das Einkommen der Kampfmission kann nicht von Flaggen oder Camos beeinflusst werden. Das Einkommen wird also abgeschwächt. Zusätzlich wurde im polnischen Stream wohl erwähnt dass die Mission nur eine bestimmte Zeit zur Verfügung steht, aber das würde ich noch nicht für voll nehmen. Aber hey, die Missionen für die legendären Module sollten ja auch für immer sein, bis sie der Monetarisierung zum Opfer gefallen sind. Ich bin froh dass Update über nicht da zu sein.
  2. BrotherOrion

    LWM review of Yukon

    Another instance where WG treats their playerbase and their contributors like trash. Ohh read again.. especially the part from Chobi. "and that was goin' great... until USS Anchorage was released with almost exactly the sort of special camo that I'd been developing... like, straight up uncanny resemblance." Sounds more like they took his work and used it for a whole other ship.
  3. BrotherOrion

    Signal flags from achievements

    Most of the time i will get 8 flags out of 1 container. . Besides that Iam getting a lot of camos out of these containers.. you know these really good Type 5 and sometimes even a type 1 or 2. Good value! We all know why they did change it. And it was not for the good of the players.
  4. BrotherOrion

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    Oh we know, we know it all right. 1 plane has 2.200 HP. A flight of planes has 12 planes. He is able to call in 3 strikes at once. So 26.400 HP for each flight, a total of 79.200 HP with all three flights inbound. 1 plane has 4 bombs for 8500 HP dmg each bomb. So 1 plane has the max potential of 34.000 HP dmg, one flight of 408.000 and all three 1.224.000... yes.. 1.2 million potential dmg. He doesnt understand the difference between camping and using island cover for a push or to hold a flank (or play a ship that needs it). When a ship is not moving is camping for him.
  5. BrotherOrion

    Battle of the Beasts

    Excuse my english but that looks like a really s*** event to me.
  6. BrotherOrion

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Its not elitism, its greed on side of WG that they implement this "new and better" system. Cause why couldn’t they instead introduce daily missions? Lets say.. Do 200k DMG? Or Tank 4 Million Potential? Or earn 200k Spotting? Maybe double the amounts you needed for the achievements cause you could earn them over separate battles. That would be a system that would reward everyone. Good players would finish these missions faster, worse players would finish them slower. But still have chances to finish them. Keep the amount of flags you could earn the same while introducing ways to earn new flags. Maybe even rotate missions? The answer is simple, it wouldn’t drain resources from the game. You want elitism? I can give you elitism. The new format doesnt reward "playing the game". It rewards winning.
  7. BrotherOrion

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    No, it doesnt change anything "for the better". Its still a downgrade for any decent player. The Dragonflags? Icing on the cake. Dont really need that stuff. I need my India Delta for the heal, November foxtrot for better CDs. The Economic flags are nice. But the Combat flags are gamechanger. And lets not forgett the nice and engaging deotnation mechanic. Dont want that? Hey just run a flag! WG tightens the leash on the F2P aspect of the game and makes it more pay to win and bends over the playerbase again. And this change is not there to help "lower skilled players", this change is simply there to drain credits and other ressources out of the game cause you will need to buy flags in the armory now when you want to run a decent setup. Need flags for your clan wars? Well that easily another 200-300k for every match you run. P2W just in a little nefarious way you cant see every match at the endscreen.
  8. BrotherOrion

    TL;DR: Update 0.10.4

    Did one of your kids write these patchnotes?
  9. BrotherOrion

    Rankeds at t5-7?

    Bronze? Belfast ready to roll. Well maybe Sinop once in a while. Silver? Thunderer ready to move out. Gold? Not worth going there. Is that toxic?
  10. Please explain to me while this would stop you from completing that missions?
  11. BrotherOrion

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    That reward sheet is confusing.. so I cant buy the coporation tokens directly with my battle points? I have to hope to get a random bundle that contains the token? More gambling?
  12. BrotherOrion

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Went into the mode.. played some Massa.. some Kagero.. didnt try the Odin. Keept playing Kagero since matches are over fast. With the Kagero i take the reload booster and rush my target down 60-70% chance that I can kill him if it isnt a Radar ship. Radars maul me on the way in and I die (on most maps). Everything other eats torps and dies. I meet a CV? I write GG and stay in spawn, switch to my browser and read something interesting while waiting for the show to be over. Still wondering which idea it was to take two brothers with epicenter mode into that brawl. Thats.. nah I wont write what I think about that. Surely the same person who thought it would be a good idea to allow CVs in a 1vs1. Did it for the EXCP and the Coal.. not sure if I will play any other brawls. Game modes getting a bit crowded with ranked, brawls and upcoming keybattles..
  13. BrotherOrion


    Oh but we can hide it far better. We will use words like "equality" or "diversity" and something like that.
  14. BrotherOrion


    Well, gonna be interesting to see how long Flambass will last. That would be their two biggest streamers?
  15. BrotherOrion

    What is your extra tokens mission?

    Same here.. Sailing Georgia into ranked nets good results. But frigging hell that 6million credit mission to get the 600 bonus on top.. fells fubar.