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  1. Thats what i am doing for 2 weeks:) farming Credits on JB and unlocking ships.
  2. I think the ships you have in port when the patch kicks in.
  3. because some of us are adults who dont have time to do what we want to do and we need shortcuts ?
  4. Oh FFS. It was this: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/109706-collectors-club-reward-changes/
  5. i just cant get this out of my mind....the fact that i saw a post with @MrConwaysaying that they know it will be hard to play 50-100+ ships so they are changing the event to YOU must Own the ships right when the patck kicks in...
  6. Because i recall @MrConway said you only need ships in port right when patch is deployed. That means if you buy ships after those are no longer Snowflakes. I have no idea if i am inventing this or he posted this ?!?!
  7. Any ship, any tier, NO premiums (since some are off) but COAL/Steel ships are ok.
  8. imElitez

    PSA: Black Friday 2,500 doubloon mission

    If there is a chance to revert the changes and give the doubloons mission to ALL black ships regardless of owning the normal version ill instantly buy the Black Ships package. :)
  9. imElitez

    PSA: Black Friday 2,500 doubloon mission

    You can ALSO USER HER....for me it means you can USE A AND B to repeat the missions. Thanks for the heads up. Ill think if i want those black ships since im not that into anything beside Massa. As the picture says the mission comes with the Bundle.
  10. imElitez

    Grinding Yamato. Amagi or Izumo?

    Hey guys. Thanks for the reply. Since ive returned to the game after 2y of break ive decided not to get Izumo now and save the exp until i get more experience with BB. :) I fully equipped Amagi so it becomes Elite and will spend 1 week on it :)
  11. I can get any of them. Which is better/faster exp dpm wise ?