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  1. As I have allready acknowledged I made a mistake. Sorry about that. The easy solution would be to adopt the flag of the Weimar Republic Reichmarine. I don't think anyone would think that controversial. (Who am I trying to kid, of course somebody would complain....)
  2. Really ? This is the current ensign of the German Navy. Do you think it looks much like the Nazi flag ? Where is the iron cross ? Anyway the iron cross is not a nazi sign, it was used long before the nazi's came to power.
  3. I'm not going to defend Stalin, he was a bastard, but The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was never really more than a way to delay the inevitable clash between Nazi Germany and the USSR. Hitler was going to invade Poland even if the treaty wasn't signed. No one forced Hitler to invade Poland, it was his decision alone, and thus Hitler started the war in Europe. Its rather simple really.
  4. It's not just for co-op. I got one in a random game in my Fiji.
  5. SirPounce

    Rate of Fire

    ........and the AK130 is a dual purpose twin mount (90 rpm) with 27 km range.
  6. SirPounce

    Rate of Fire

    The French 100 mm Modele 68 can fire 78 rounds per minute in its original version and 90 in the updated version. The italian 127 mm OTObreda 127/54 does 40 rounds per minute. The Soviet 130 mm AK-130 does 45 rounds per minute. The most widespread naval gun today is the Italian 76 mm OTO Melara Super Rapid which does 120 rounds per minute (2 pers second) As you can see the US 127 mm Mark 45, which you refer to, is by no means state of the art in naval guns. The reason why the US gun have lower rate of fire is because they are primarily intended for fire support, while other countries still use medium calibre gun as air defence weapons. The Super Rapid even comes with a guided anti-air round.
  7. SirPounce

    DDU is recruiting (Dansk clan søger medlemmer)

    Hej. Søger en ny klan, meget gerne Dansk. Håber I vil overveje mig. SirPounce
  8. SirPounce

    Looking for danish clan

    Jeg er også interesseret I en ny klan. Har en bred vifte a skibe, blandt andet nogle tier 10. Grundet aften arbejde spiller jeg mest sent om aftenen/natten og i weekenden.
  9. SirPounce

    Fire prevention or High Alert/Jack of all Trade

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  10. MY US BB captain have 4 points left, so is it better to get Fire Prevention or High Alert/Jack of All Trade ? I'm leaning towards the second option, but any input would be appreciated. My French and Japanese BB captains are both getting close too, so would they need a different setup. The first 15 points are all a fairly standard PT/EM/AR/SI/BoS/CE setup.
  11. SirPounce

    Crash Tester Achievement

    I think you are right, it fits well with the condition in which I got it.
  12. SirPounce

    Crash Tester Achievement

    Just got it in my Scharnhorst. I had 3 DD's spawning very near me and I quickly killed them with guns and torpedoes. Maybe it is something about killing the ships quickly after they appear ? Edit: It was on "Ultimate Frontier"
  13. SirPounce

    The game has become totally unrealistic

    Do you mean "Lord of the Rings" ? Which war ? Being in the army naturally makes you an expert on naval matters. I think you will find that a lot of ships have been lost due to fires. It a game. If things happened in real time it would be incredibly boring to play. Its a game, not a historical simulation. The real life range on the Tirpitz secondaries were about 23 km for the 150 mm guns, so is that better ? So only successfull ships should be in the game. Bye bye Yamato ! Its a game. No idea what this means ? Why ? The keyword here is the last one. Actually quite a lot of the premium ship did exist in real life. I've been onboard HMS Belfast for example. Like others have pointed out 20 rounds per minute is not a big deal these days. Most naval guns shoot quite a lot faster than that. I love when people have very strong opinions on things thay clearly knows very little about. It is often comedy gold !