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    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    5x mega gifts Monaghan T-61 3 x 20 new year streamer camo's No point in buying more crates now, there's no way i can get this much value for my money again.

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    The video only shows a list of ships that were commissioned since the involvement of the US. The list is therefore not counting ships that were already in service prior to December 7th 1941.
  3. Why are we stars? The name gives us the ability to act like we finally accomplished something. Which none of us did. unfortunately. *It actually refers to our veteran battlefield community, just like the esports tag. We're semi-competitve in terms of clan battles, but not KOTS competitive What kind of exclusive stuff do we offer? Our group consists of beta veterans, experienced players and some new guys. One of our goals is to keep improving both individually and as a team. We are a casual/semi competitive clan overall and we are eager to dash it out in clan battles on a regular basis and progress through the leagues. A friendly and welcoming and mature environment ingame and on discord. With some banter and jokes between games, but focus during battles. Our community plays a variety of other games, mainly battlefield V besides wows. Altough most captains prefer to stay on the seas, some of us casually pick up a gun now and then. Bragging rights when stealing a clanmates kill. Our requirements Our main requirement is that you enjoy to actively play together with fellow members. We're a small group, so it's important that you fit in, have fun, are able to endure banter and occasionally rage when you get hit by random torps. Stats don't matter that much to us, but we would prefer that you have atleast 50% WR and one or more tier VIII - X ships. You are 18+. You are fluent in English. You are willing to participate in divisions/operations/clan battles. You want to use discord when playing together with other clan members. And finally there is no pressure to play randoms or clan battles on certain days/times. Just jump in a game with clanmates whenever you want. Actively participating in clan battles is highly appreciated. Interested in becoming a star? Please leave a message below, PM me on the forum or contact one of deputy commanders/recuiters ingame. You're also welcome to join our discord to contact a warships player there!

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    None so far after obtaining all the crates from the past 2 weeks. Im not going to buy crates either, not worth it. I simply don't need anymore souvereigns and the chances are slim that these premium crates will contain missions - especially with my luck so far. Instead im going to use my free xp stockpile to skip the lower tiers at launch...

    Humble Bundle Free Flag

    "FREE Humble exclusive for World of Warships! World of Warships lets you experience epic naval combat like never before. Get these Humble exclusives for new players: Exclusive Flag and Camo 250 Doubloons 3 days of Premium Account time (Camo and flag options are available at levels 11 and 14 respectively; existing players will receive flag only. Please note that if you redeem your content for this game, Humble Bundle may receive a commission or fee.)"


    Some similar incidents happened in the past when i was playing cruisers. The most absurd occasion happened when i was lobbing shells over an island while suddenly an allied Kurfurst sailed in front of me (he could have easily went around me instead). Only 1 shell hit him. Set him on fire. Did 17k fire damage. Kurfurst sank. Teamkiller status for 10+ games... Sometimes these accidents are the fault of the one who's firing, but that's not always the case. Sometimes you're just unlucky and you get a penalty for it. Not to mention that friendly fire damage doesn't add anything to the gameplay to begin with. Secondary team damage was removed a while ago, why can't they remove this too?

    Hydro range stats in game gone.

    It's an annoying and strange change indeed. Now im forced to turn on the radar/hydro ranges on the minimap instead, which isn't always useful when you have 5 more circles displayed on the minimap.

    Mikasa Only Brawl!

    Count me in aswell, great initiative btw.

    Clash of the Elements Event

    The event started 5 hours ago and you already know that water is losing the first round? There are 7 more days before the next round starts...

    USA player looking for English speaking Clan

    Hi NineSixer, a few days ago i made a small clan with 3 other players. We have been playing together since the CBT and we're looking for people who would like to regulary play in divisions. We are mostly playing high tiers (8-10), but we also like to derp around in our premium ships sometimes (3x Scharnhorst or Tirpitz for example). We are usually online between 6 - 11 CET (Basically the evening hours in Europe. You're welcome to message me in game or through the forum if you're interested, or you can check out our TS server (starsesports.com) or our website starsesports.com. Kind regards, Rumi

    Event Calendar for January

    When are we finally going to get the January wallpaper? How hard is it to add it to the media section in multiple resolutions, only 11 days of this month left and it still isn't up

    Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    This makes me wonder why there is still a public test to begin with. In it's current form it's a patch preview instead of a test...

    Happy Newyear :>

    Happy new year to all of you!

    Happy Shipmas Flag

    Well im not counting on it since this is the EU server

    Commander, Captain and Admiral Presents...[merged threads]

    Received 2 Admiral crates from friends. The first one cointained 40 halloween camo's, but i received the Prinz Eugen with 10skillpoint commander in the second one