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  1. still looking for a couple guys if your interested https://discord.gg/xZqqHTS
  2. strong showing in ship storm yesterday beating RAIN, 2 TTT teams, AAO, SHEN and more, currently tracking 60% win ratio in CB about to breach Typhoon if you wanna join the MUMMY team, PM me here or on discord or ingame https://discord.gg/xZqqHTS
  3. bumepty bump! after quality not quantity boys! we have a 60% win rate so far in CB4 playing with all the best clans in the game.... if you wanna jump on board gimme a shout!
  4. We use discord and or TeamSpeak, cast clan battles to YouTube along with members replays, and a twitch channel. not gonna bang on about requirements, a good player will know if they have what it takes for us to consider them. only 1 place at the minute.
  5. R3V0

    Clan off topic section

    Hi any chance we can get a clan off topic section where clans can discuss clan battles etc? We had it in tanks and it helped build a great clan community cheers R3V0
  6. Also... will be posting vids of clan battles complete with voice comms uncensored! And upcoming ranked ;)
  7. As title says, we have just started a new clan for clan battles, anyone from tanks may well have heard of me, the clan.... it’s MUMMY, we got hurricane in PTS but decided to try something new so went back to my roots of competitive play under the banner of MUMMY, Fyi I rebranded MUMMY to omni in tanks back in the day ;) anyhoo i I literally just started doing some vids, would love you guys to take a look and any wise words of advice to improve are welcome :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIbgN-1yd_8z7yucYFBt_dA cheers R3V0
  8. Mummy has its roots in ESL competitive play, had invites to WCG amongst many others, it’s made up from a core group of guys that were PTS. We are looking for 1 guy that can add something to a small and close crew in time for cb3. hit me up if you feel you have what we want ;) R3V0