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  1. rancidpunk

    Commander, Captain and Admiral Presents...[merged threads]

    Nearly fell off my chair, got an Arizona and 10pt Captain from the Admiral box
  2. rancidpunk

    John Moffat dies.

    Here's the Royal Navy article http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2016/december/12/161212-naval-pilot-who-crippled-the-bismarck-dies-aged-97
  3. rancidpunk

    Arizona vs Warspite

    I love the Warspite but it took me a while to figure out the best config for me was rudder shift module and dodge as much as possible. The speedboat turn rate makes the slow [edited]turrets bearable and lets me take incoming shells angled while I reload. Cycle between HE and AP, keep repairing and I find most other BB's will at least back off once they are burning for the second time, flags and captain skill gives me nearly 40% chance of starting fires which helps I find the Gniesenau is a great T7 to go one on one with in the Old Lady.
  4. rancidpunk

    Am I the oldest captain?

    I'm feeling quite a young 48 now Been gaming since Pong - my first home "PC" was a C64(paper round and pocket money too!) The joy of typing all that code in to play Donkey Kong, saving it to cassette then hoping nobody slammed a door while it was loading next time - happy days!
  5. rancidpunk

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    Had my first battle against the Mo in my Bismark earlier, nice looking ship but still an Iowa (not really a ship to take on an angled Bismark at 10km, bless him, he burned a lot )
  6. rancidpunk

    Switching To Torpedoes and back to guns

    Always fun going through a whole reload cycle when you've got HE loaded but switch back to AP by accident
  7. Had an amazing 20% ish winrate for the last week or so, truly awful but still a bit fun as long as my average damage goes up and I make credits I can live with the streak (12 in a row lost followed by 1 win in 5 for 5 days). My only complaint is the number of idiots hiding behind islands "playing clever" but that's the human factor
  8. I suppose the Missouri would be worth 80 Euros but only if you won gold in it every game instead of credits
  9. rancidpunk

    Smoke is a bit unreal and skilless atm, need a bit of wind?

    Could always just set the wind to blow across both teams sides giving neither the advantage of a fore or aft breaze?
  10. rancidpunk

    Smoke is a bit unreal and skilless atm, need a bit of wind?

    I said already, I love smoke, been using it since day 1 in cruisers(Iwaki Alpha helped me get ready for crusiers with smoke ) but I've always found it wierd that you pop smoke at a slow speed then stop moving to hide in it to fire at the enemy, just like no ship ever did irl, there's always a breeze at sea near land! I get that there are restrictions in a game but just having wind didn't seem to be pushing the boundaries of technology or realism too much in a game set at sea. Hydro/Sonar/Radar would realistically be adversely affected by different weather conditions. None would work in a cyclone, hydro would be useless with a lot of other ships around making massive amounts of noise, radar is truly crap at picking things up at close range in cloudy/rainy weather and sonar is a bizarre choice from WG in a title without subs. I left the RN in 1993 after 7 years on minehunters that didn't have sonar that could see anything less than 5-6m below the surface and I haven't noticed any towed array sonar (the only sonar that has a small chance of spotting as surface ship) in the game so far. I suppose I'm just edging towards the suggestion that all of the above should be affected by wind/weather conditions but in a way that can be used to the advantage of one side or another through skill and judgement. Trouble is, as a few others have said, introducing new factors into the game like this would just make good players better and it harder than ever for bad players. Raising the bar a bit higher has never been WG's attitude as they know the majority are obviously average and the majority pay the bills.
  11. rancidpunk

    Smoke is a bit unreal and skilless atm, need a bit of wind?

    True - saw torp warning and I thought I had got flanked yesterday in my Colorado but it was just our Ognevoi 4k behind me sat in smoke firing everything he had at the same Amagi I was firing at 13km away. He must have fired 50 main battery shots at it too but didn't seem to notice how short they were falling but he probably shoots a lot of islands too - a real special snowflake that one was
  12. rancidpunk

    Smoke rework suggestion

    Didn't see this thread, started a new one to suggest a "wind effect" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/65873-smoke-is-a-bit-unreal-and-skilless-atm-need-a-bit-of-wind/page__p__1409660#entry1409660 Get a mod to merge the threads if you want.
  13. rancidpunk

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I didn't say because I'm 90% sure I asked for credits after the first 2 fails(I need 14 million for Izumo) but not certain. I've had 3 red crates this week but I rarely try my luck, usually ask for credits or flags. Didn't know they were so rare, I'll screenshot them all from now on.
  14. rancidpunk

    Smoke is a bit unreal and skilless atm, need a bit of wind?

    No idea, I suppose that for 20 minutes it's reasonable to have the wind coming from the same direction, be a bit odd in a cyclone but can't have everything I thought that about 1/2 of the slowest ships speed would be the fairest way to do it.