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  1. And this exemplifies why the addition of subs in the game was poorly thought out. It's not about homing torpedoes or how much damage they do etc. It's how the meta shifts to negate their real or perceived threat - WG have proven consistently they have no understanding of how the meta in their games works - how overnight certain ships can become obsolete. eg - why bring a DD into a game that doesn't have ASW capabilities - looking at you Halland (supposedly general purpose ships with strong anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare armament). Even DD's with ASW can't actively hunt a sub because it's just as fast as the DD - so you have to play ambush because mostly your depth charges drop out the rear - which itself changes the flow of the game. WG need to address the ASW capabilities of all ships - give DD's 360 degree depth charges for example - and what's with this 6km cruiser ASW air strike? I could go on but I know WG don't listen 🙄
  2. Who are Over Penetration? Over Penetration is an international community. Our main objective is to give friendly players a solid group for gaming together. We like to take part in Clan Battles, competitive tournaments, Clan Brawls and all sorts of events, however we also like to take things easy every now and then. The one community is distributed over two clans "[OP] Over Penetration" and "[OP-X] ". While both clans participate in Clan Battles the [OP] clan is just a little more focussed on competitive play and [OP-X] a bit more on just participating. We count Super Testers and <shudder> even a CC amongst our members as well as active Twitch streamers for those of you anxious for 15 minutes of fame/infamy. We maintain links with other strong clans/players and are eager to expand our list of contacts - we are happy to provide mercenaries if you are short of a player or two (as long as you return the favour of course). So if you are interested or just want to say hi, please visit our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/477MGM3 where one of our Clan Members will make you feel welcome What are we looking for in [OP]? We are always looking for players who enjoy the game like we do and are active. People willing to play with good players while having fun. Players whom are willing to take part in competitive gameplay and want to improve the clan. Requirements: - Be able to communicate effectively in English - Be friendly - Have a sense of humour - Be on Discord regularly - At least 1500 games - 57%+ Solo winrate with 1650 PR (Recent improvement counts) - Have multiple tier 10 ships available for competitive use - Have a working microphone/headset Competitive experience isn't required, as we can introduce you to it. What if you don't meet the [OP] requirements? Try [OP-X] Obviously! Don't worry! We have a second clan. [OP-X] is for players that either fall just short of the requirements for [OP] or want to be a bit more relaxed in general. People that still want to play with our communities' members and improve their gaming experience. Beside that [OP-X] is also doing Clan Battles and is filled with generally nice people, at least when they feel like it. Feel Free to check us out at our discord. Requirements: - Be able to communicate effectively in English - Be friendly - Have a sense of humour - Be on Discord regularly - At least 1000 games - 54%+ Solo win-rate with 1450 PR (Recent improvement counts) - Have at least 1 tier 10 ship available for competitive use - Have a working microphone/headset Our testing procedure Once a recruiter has made an initial assessment, you will be put on a two-week trial period. During this period you will be able to get to know us, see if you really want to be one of us and vice versa. Our members will give advisory votes on your acceptance into either of the clans based on how well you play, communicate and how you fit in among the other clan members. This trial is both for you and for us, therefore you will not be required to leave your current clan during the trial. We are looking forward to meeting you!
  3. Khitan

    Pretty rare ship to have

    Whose dissing the Yudachi!? Very underrated ship
  4. First game you failed to spot their ships because you were island hugging - go wider on that flank. The 2 enemy dd's had already shown where they were so you knew you had free rein on that flank. Also early spotting gives your BB's some courage and encourages them to move off their camping spots. Ask for support and mark targets to get their attention. You messed about in the cap for no good result - you were lucky that they were bad players and didn't cream you. Your stealth is only 6km - you can't afford to be in tight spots as you have no safety margin. You have guns use them! There was a point in the third? replay where you had an enemy tier 4 DD with broken engine in gun range and you didn't shoot him even though the BB behind him had just fired and therefore he had no big gun support for at least 30 seconds. And I'll gloss over the 'shooting AP' moments. Stop being in torpedo view all the time. Your play was very static - you need to be more mobile, it also allows you to start dictating the flow of the game. Look for gaps in the enemy lines that you can exploit, DD's should probe the enemy whilst taking control of more squares. Plan ahead - ask yourself where you want to be in 60 or 120 seconds time, watch what the enemy ships are doing/going and play accordingly - but that's all about map awareness which is a learned skill. With 7km torps you should be looking for opportunities where the enemy is sailing towards you and spam away. Once a ship starts to sail away from you forget him and go find something else to annoy/another part of the map to control. If you force a BB to turn away you've done your job, he's out of position - hopefully his guns are now facing the wrong way - all of which takes him out of the game. With those dd's you should be putting torps in the water as often as possible - they can be great area denial/annoy the enemy weapons and cause the enemy to change course, bleed speed, show broadside.
  5. Khitan

    No DD battles and 4 DD per side ones

    says the player who has 7 cv's in his top ten most played ships
  6. Khitan

    VE Day premium store offers

    There was no WWII - only Great Patriotic War Comrade
  7. Khitan

    VE Day premium store offers

    Me too - I'm miffed that there is a special Lenin flag in the ship bundle as well - that would look oh so pretty and patriotic on my Lenin (but I'm not spending £56 just to get the flag)
  8. Khitan

    Planes get smokes now?

    They did think about combining tanks/ships/planes many years ago - but Warthunder got there first and with the awesome crash and burn that was World of Planes it's never going to happen. Also their servers can't handle more than 15/20 ships per side if I recall a recent Q&A correctly. If you go dig through the WoT Forums about (5? years ago) there's lots of threads along the lines of great idea/bad idea. WG design their entire game around lowest common denominator - whether that be speed of your PC or in game thingybobs. So having your division mate in a plane with voice comms may seem like a great idea the reality will be a swarm of kamikaze blue bottles on speed all screaming 'noobest team ever'
  9. -MM are Recruiting again! We are re-building the clan and looking for new active players to join us in randoms, co-op divisions and those battle things what earn you steel. About -MM As our Lord and Saviour, founder of -MM, the Great Mungo put it - Evil_Mungo, on 11 August 2014 - 12:50 PM, said: [-MM] MadMen is a popular clan of very capable players that is founded on the principle that skilled players can compete with low drama. It is possible to play4funtm and still be good at winning games, carrying randoms, and winning tanks. We have built up a solid group of players very quickly that are active and able to win games. We would like to continue doing so. Evil_Mungo, on 06 December 2016 - 02:49 PM, said: [-MM]Madmen is a unique clan that goes beyond the extrajudicial closing down of our threads by vigilante moderators. It goes beyond the narrow clan loyalties that can be prevalent within some tryhard communities which merely call on clans to have gudfites with other clans and then post memes about it. It centres those that have been marginalised by 'The Man' across the entire gender spectrum, from the white cisgendered -MM to the strangely sexually charged clanwars clans, it centres on those that have been marginalised by previous endgame liberation movements. Also, we play tanks boats and this is an on-topic recruitment thread. We want to continue those traditions and build a new community of -MM players, this is a social clan who also want to have some fun and banter with mates whilst beating some other peeps in team based game modes. The clan has been around since 2014, it regularly competed with top clans on an almost equal footing when we were all paying attention (but that was in tanks, but this is sort of like tanks but on water so it still counts) All this has been shamelessly copy pasted from the tanks recruitment thread but as I was a founding member of the original MM (yes I'm that old!) I'm allowed to. We are a pan-European clan. Which these days means we have some Brits and everyone else is European. We've shed some of our less skilled players into clans of a lower historical pedigree (MUMMY, CR33D, WGP2W, etc.) so would like to find some new ones. Try Hard Criteria: Have some of them OP Tier X ships. Be a team player Know what that little map in bottom right hand corner is for. We are probably looking at least 54 - 55% WR overall, as long as they are in the right tanks boats and the right tiers, not clubbing the living hell out of people on tier 5 with your Gremyashchy. If you don't quite meet the requirements you might still get in if you can convince us that you are a stand up chap Ultimately as well you'll need to integrate with the community, be active, be on the discord and be able to take a ribbing because as Mungo (first of his name, lord of the seven forums, purveyor of all things pink and fluffy) put it - 'You need to be impossible to offend because we will try, regularly and vociferously.' As stated, the aim is to get a good core of players who know what they are doing and who we can progress with towards the goal of entering Clan Battles again, so at the very least you have to be willing to get shouted at obscenely for doing exactly what the FC told you to do, even if it ends badly Discord Address: https://discord.gg/MDRyV4d Or talk in game to: Zathos Khitan _Dunc_ Top notch recruitment video stolen from tanku klan:
  10. Ahoy you scurvy dogs - glad to see that those tier 5 divisions are helping to keep your clans wr up! ?
  11. Khitan

    [-MM] Mad Men is recruiting

    New clan logo coming soon as well. What more can you ask for?
  12. Khitan

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    Yeh we'd heard you lot were struggling to seal club anything above Tier 4, more than happy to train you in the Zen stronk carry chop suey skills wot we have refined at Tier 6
  13. Khitan

    Clans versus Clans?

    We do countdown in my clan. You want to know how competitive it gets? We won't even tell the other division what our ship composition is - and if we do get on opposing sides we switch ts channels so the foul enemy can't hear our devious plans. And as there are major bragging rights to be had killing your opposite clan member (and much salty chat in game) then no, there is no 'fixing' of games - we all want to win, not lose.