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  1. GuderianDK

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    I spend 24K on 3 boosters like an idiot, now I find out i still have to grind 3 directives or all 24K are lost down the drain. WTF!?! I would very much like a refund please!!!!!
  2. The get the Mogador you have to collect an insane amount. Alle my tier XI and X ships went to unlock the first batch and now what? Where are all the other about 900 tokens supposed to come from? Im just asking?
  3. After the carrierrework I tend to stop playing after one or two games. Its simply not any fun anymore. I have done nothing but avoiding airattacks after the update - carriers are too dominant and staying all together is not fun - most games I have played now are two big clumps of ships, hesitant of going anywhere. If this continues I think I'll look for another game...
  4. GuderianDK

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    Oh yeah and please dont make a 1 hour long video with such a lazy and time consuming banter time without any real information ½ the time - that is waisting our time.
  5. GuderianDK

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    If you dont want players to be able to control carriers why have them on the map at all? Jest let the players launch off map.
  6. GuderianDK

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    Not being able to control my own carrier directly and automatic consumables is a dealbreaker for me. Other classes are able to control both their ship and their guns at the same time - why oh why does this have to be so hard? Just make the automatic functions be optional and not mandatory. It seems like WG has got this rework mantra of no control of more than one thing for the player to a point where they cant see how limiting it is for the player. I certainly will not play carriers I cant control.
  7. GuderianDK

    National Flags?

    Well I might be a sentimental fool but I'd like to fight under my own flag some day - like in WOT, where national flags are optional to specific lines national markings.
  8. GuderianDK

    National Flags?

    I mean national flags like my own Danish flag to hang instead of all those useless flags we usually get all the time?
  9. GuderianDK

    National Flags?

    Will we ever get national flags for WOW?
  10. GuderianDK

    Frozen water

    Is it just on my client or has the Water stopped moving?
  11. GuderianDK

    Impossible to win Supercontainers !

    I get 3 containers every day of the week. Very seldom do I get a super container, maybe once a month or so. What really annoys me is not that I dont get super prizes every day but that they lowered the regular number in the chance option from 5 to 4. Why? Was 5 signals too good?
  12. Hey there WG! Like the title said, maybe cool it a bit with the flags. They already take up more Space on the screen than the signals and camo's. If they continue to get issued at this rate they will soon overflow the screen - and then what? I currently have upwards of 40 flags or more (didnt Count them before writing this) Nobody uses more than 1 or 2 flags on any ship, so why all the flags anyway? So either stop issuing so many flags or make it so that we have the option to store flags we never use in at storage box or something. Thank you
  13. GuderianDK

    Doing the maths on the Bismarck "Collection" system

    Finished the Collection a few hours ago. Its not that hard, most containers yealded at least one new collectable. So getting 20 Unique and 16 duplicates was enough. You can Exchange 4 duplicates for a new Unique. So not that hard, the skins however... not that great, doesnt look that good and worse benefits than the Bismarcks own camo, so not that usefull anyway. I like the signal flags though. There should only be more of them.
  14. Why does ther have to be squadron builds? That seems arbitrary to me. Just so people has to use experience and credits unlocking them. What would be so terrible by letting people choose if they want 3 torpedo squads or 5, or whatever they fancy. They will still find a balance so they dont get shot out of the sky if they run into a fighter carrier. Again, it seems so arbitrary to me.