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  1. Valkyrina

    Torpedoes and the missuse "Overpowered"

    Yes, thats the damage you dont deserve. Also this is Diamonds. Just for a little perspective.
  2. Valkyrina

    Torpedoes and the missuse "Overpowered"

    You dont seem to be grasping the issue. DDs would not be nerfed at all because only stupid ppl would launch torpedoes at a ship that is head on to them in the first place. By keeping the mechanic like they are and making torps not bounce off a steap angle you reward DD players with damage they dont deserve. The biggest problem with any captian (me included) is that when we have torpedoes we want to use them and that makes us impacient. It has happened so often that i myself or i have seen other ppl with DDs or torp CA/CLs dropping their torps our of panic rather than waiting for a better opportunity. The use of torpedoes has pretty much come down to "im gonna launch them altho i know not all of them will hit but hes gonna take the damage anyway". That anyway is my problem and torpedoes should not be used like this. Not as emergiency damage dealers because no matter how if it touches the ship it will detonate anyway. You realize that cruisers and DDs benefit from bouncing torps as well? No wait... you dont.
  3. Hey there, one simply doesnt make a Fred about Torps and come unprepared. I even made a Video to back up my case! But before you give your "auto-and-infinite-minus" because i dare to insult your precious ship killers, please hear me out. At the moment in World of Warships there is no real way of making sure you dont get nuked by a Torpedo that so much as strokes you. Well i say the Game would only benefit from bouncing torpedoes. Give it a thought before you try to kill me PS: if this is the wrong location for this type of topic feel free to move it whereever it belongs im never sure...
  4. Valkyrina

    [DIIN] Divine Intervention Recruiting

    MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY... oh wait this isnt my old drinking game :O
  5. Valkyrina

    [DIIN] Divine Intervention Recruiting

    Yes, self expression is abundant
  6. I know this whole unified accounts topic has been talked to death already but there is one thing about it that i could not find anywhere in the interwebz. When exactly does wargaming plan on implementing that world of tanks and warships share gold and free exp as they do for tanks and warplanes at the moment; like, after the Kriegsmarine is introduced, or before? Just saying if WG did it at the same time at least they maybe would earn a little bit more money so ppl can convert stuffz^^ *hint hint* Would be winwin...