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  1. dvdwildsau

    Night time in Port

    Hey defs is it possible to bring back night time in some ports, for ex. New York. or maybe add some setting. Most of the Ports are simply to bright for me. Would be nice cheers
  2. dvdwildsau

    Unterirdische Spielweise

    Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 1
  3. dvdwildsau

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    They will nerf them after the Money grab
  4. dvdwildsau

    MegaZao Has...

    Wait a year when the nerfs hit, the BBs are now here for cash grab nothing more just look at the Orion, it will never stay than way never The Cashgrab Trees are op at start, last year german BB now brits
  5. BTW World of Megazao incoming in next patch omg