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  1. TheDubiousDonut

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Huh? It seems the server went down just shortly after i've logged out...
  2. TheDubiousDonut


  3. TheDubiousDonut

    A bit worried about the population

    Something that you will encounter in every game out there. Balancing is a difficult task and i have yet to see a game where the community did not yelled "you messed it up!" afterwards. An adult should be able to say "This is the straw that broke the camels back" and just stop playing or at least to take a break from it, given that he is fed up with the changes or maybe the non-changes that were necessary in his opinion.
  4. TheDubiousDonut

    A bit worried about the population

    Despite that i haven't played since mid CBT and lost my first 3 battles today, saying that the game is having trouble in regards of population is just... meh. You see that in every online game, it's summer. If i would get a € for each thread of that kind that i saw in WT, WoT, D3 and any other online game i played, well...
  5. TheDubiousDonut

    A bit worried about the population

    Does it count as counter argument if i say that i just re-installed the game today...?
  6. TheDubiousDonut

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    How about no? Spectaters can be helpful. I certainly like to give advice or chat with people after i died. Especially if there is someone who outplayed and killed me and i like to congratulate him. Just because you encounter some black sheep doesn't mean that everyone else will act the same way.
  7. TheDubiousDonut

    XVM... for WoWs?

    Calling me an idealist. I'm sure that I am one to some degree. You do made some valid points in the thread and i give you that. Certainly i don't need to repeat that my opinion about xvm is contra it's establishment. Looking at the tool itself from a predestian point of view draws a positive image. By creating the bigger picture and confronting this idea with experience, my perspective, the balance leans towards negative. It's just not that easy for me to change my way of looking at it. The sheer thought makes me cringe. Just like someone who was burned by a fire and knows that it hurts but ignores that it's doing me good as a heating source. People will surely find other excuses even without xvm. I'm not that shortsighted to deny that you are right. If i think about it: The xvm-free WoWS in it's current state and the rather peacefull chat enviornment (post aim assist) isn't a good reference to WoT simply due to way less players. With a higher population it would certainly look different. Were I acting logical tho I admit that you are right? Of course not. I am a selfish human being. Re-evaluating is somewhere located on the bottom of my agenda.
  8. TheDubiousDonut

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    As much as i like to see what other people achieved it would be nice to consider using the spoiler function. So much scrolling. This kills lazy people like me.
  9. TheDubiousDonut

    XVM... for WoWs?

    We could continue but we both surely won't step down from our point of view. Let's stop here since this is not going to lead us anywhere.
  10. TheDubiousDonut

    XVM... for WoWs?

    No need to give them a catalyst tho.
  11. TheDubiousDonut

    XVM... for WoWs?

    I would like to have a source too. Just for the record. Not that it's going to change anything because it will probably happen anyway. My opinion on xvm was posted earlier in this thread and it won't change despite the many arguments trying to back it up. It can be an useful tool. I agree to that. What i am afraid of is the dozen of irrational and immature indiviuals for every rational player that will cry in agony once it's here. There is several ways to missuse xvm as an application and the most common one would be creating scapegoats for personal failure and individual mistakes. It doesn't matter how good you are. If these people want to blame you for something they will. The inevitable consequence of xvm will be the creation of a toxic enviornment as toll for giving us raw numbers that don't even the reflect the whole truth. In my opinion it does more harm than good. Tho stating this will ofc not change anything about it. Guess i just like to say how much i dislike xvm.
  12. Not a bad tip but whenever i join the wows cbt ts all i see is a group of 5+ people in one channel. For me it's difficult to play properly with so many voices at the same time and you get easily distracted. Nice people but this kind of gathering isn't ment for me. On the other hand there is the forumers ingame channel and we are getting more and more regular visitiors. Everyone is welcome, even supertesters *cough*.
  13. TheDubiousDonut

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    So, i have a little story to tell. Look at the first screenshot and then take a look at the clock. It's 00:04 left. On Domination. Intense Battle and no doubt exciting but always a downer when you see that the time runs out. We look at our Battle results and were like: "Whait, something is wrong. I mean we did carry this one but so much exp for a draw?", my division mate replied that he shot a last time before the game ended and it said that he managed to citadel hit his target but had no notification about the kill. All i heard was the sound that you have once the clock runs out of time. I seriously thought that it was a draw. It took me a minute to realize that the window was saying Victory! But we still had the sound of the time running out! A quick glance at the battle duration... just lol 20min! My division mate literally managed to score a last second kill!
  14. I met Silvercat18 in his Fuso who exposed his juicy side to my New Mexico. Too bad that one of my teammates took the trophy instead.
  15. TheDubiousDonut

    Dive Bombers Better Than You Think

    Definitly RNG. Also, Atlanta? it's not like cruisers are your primary target unless there is nothing else to attack. Let me show you what awaits one if he attacks BB's only: This is a battle with my Essex. I posted the screenshot allready in another thread. DB's are weak vs battleships and on this tier you usually have cruisers who spam their 'skill' as soon as they see your planes. TB's were and still are far superior to DB's. I tried out the assault deck instead and look at this: 12 direct torpedo hits for 77k, 3 bombs for a whooping 1.5k. As long as we don't have AP bombs for DB's they are ergo still not usefull. I use my 3 squadrons with 21 as support just like pre-patch to set BB's on fire and then finish them off with torpedo/flooding damage from 12 TB planes.