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    Decisive Battle Pacific using WOWS screenshot in advertisement. Trademark?

    Sweet. Remember me if WG reward you for it. :p On a more serious note, how did the company of that game think that people wouldn't notice? WG is a huge company now.
  2. OutcastSpartan7

    Decisive Battle Pacific using WOWS screenshot in advertisement. Trademark?

    Thanks. Wasn't sure how to report it to them besides opening a ticket.
  3. There is this game called Decisive Battle Pacific and it uses a low grade screenshot of a carrier in port as it's click advertisement. I took a screenshot. https://postimg.org/image/8fmmbl4tj/
  4. OutcastSpartan7

    Intercom sound in "The Last Ship" Season 3 Episode 10

    Well that's better than nothing, not clear enough for what I wanted it for but was still interesting. I wanted it for my ringtone.
  5. OutcastSpartan7

    Secondary skills.

    I was thinking this morning that beside the Commander you could have the XO (Executive Officer) as a secondary skill tree. But unlike the Commander skill tree, these ones are based on team benefits. I came up with a couple to give you an idea of what I am thinking about. Allied repair 1 Assists in team mate repair within the defined distance. -10% to time of repair, firefighting, and recovery from flooding for any teammates within 8km. Fighter support 1 Improves fighter pilot firing accuracy within the defined distance. 20% accuracy to allied fighter pilots within 5km. Rearmament 5 Faster rearmament of all guns at torpedos to all ships if all have the skill within the defined distance. 20% faster reloading of Main, Secondary and Torpedos all ships with this skill within 8km, number of ships with skill must be two or more. Just some stuff I came up with. The Commander and XO would always be linked so you wouldn't have to move them separately. I don't know just throwing ideas out there.
  6. SPOILERS MAY BE PRESENT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! ----------------------------------------- In "The Last Ship" season 3 episode 10, when a certain ranking officer picks up the intercom phone on the bridge, a sound is heard from, the ships speakers, sounding almost like a Bosun whistle, I am wondering if anyone can confirm this and could tell me what the specific sound is called. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Also as a side subject if anyone can find an audio file containing the Royal Navy equivalent of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:General_quarters.ogg it would be much appreciated.
  7. OutcastSpartan7

    New port music!?

    I love accordion music but this clip is 15 seconds long then repeats with no other sound tracks in between, the track so so bad I could play my accordion better by sitting on it, it's like an early, bad, April fools joke.
  8. OutcastSpartan7

    Secondary focused line of battleships?

    I'm very glad people liked my idea and didn't spam stuff like; "Boo! Noob! Just learn to aim..." I think it'd be fun, especially to balance awful primaries.
  9. OutcastSpartan7

    Secondary focused line of battleships?

    I would love to see a battleship line (possibly the British Battleships) be more secondary focused, possibly to balance their extremely slow turret traverse, since the IRL Warsite's secondaries could hit 21km in range, but they could cap them at 10 before AFT. They could make a skill that increases secondary accuracy on a target if it has been previously hit by the primaries. I don't know, just thinking out loud.
  10. Is anyone here educated enough to guess what today's ships would look like if the guided missile was never invented? I'm guessing artillery might still be a major weapon on ships, if so, what calibre would we be using, what would our ships look like?
  11. OutcastSpartan7

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Atlanta's range (which was already terrible), has been nerfed, no idea why they would do that, but apparently the new skills apply better for AA, so I'll have to do some more testing to see if I can get a viable pure AA build going on the Atlanta. Seriously when they nerfed the AFT, I thought the Atlanta would have a range about the same as the Cleveland, but they nerfed the Atlanta so it's even worse, even with AFT. You seriously can't win, the Atlanta is mistiered and gets nerfed every patch when it clearly needs a buff.
  12. OutcastSpartan7

    Matching ally's speed.

    What's the enemy's aim got to do with anything? I was saying that manually controlling your speed to match someone else's who you aren't even looking at because you are aiming and shooting is quite difficult and taxing. Unless someone did a mod that made your normal view appear in the bottom corner when zoomed in...
  13. OutcastSpartan7

    Manual AA/Manual secondary

    Sorry this might have been asked before, but do both of these stack? Or is one for AA only and other for ships? Manual Fire Control for AA Armament Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament Thanks.
  14. OutcastSpartan7

    Matching ally's speed.

    Not sure I understand your argument, but controlling a ship's speed manually to match something which you spend 99.9% of the game not even looking at is extremely difficult, IRL the helmsman doesn't control the guns, and the gunner wont be looking at where the rest of the fleet are. I@m not asking for a lot, just a better throttle control. I don't see how this could possibly be over powered.
  15. OutcastSpartan7

    Matching ally's speed.

    Yeah, that's why this feature will help people like me, having a match speed or follow target feature will help me stay with the BBs... On the flipside I'd been supporting a couple BBs in the past and their actions have made me question why I bother. The Majority of the BBs I "shadow" seem to think that because they can shoot things 20+ km away, they should stay at 20+ km... Instead of using that armour they were given, and then they rage at me... Go scout noob Atlanta, your guns are useless this far from the front line. Me: Sorry Mr. BB, but I just shot down 34 planes protecting your [behind] and killed a DD, what more support do you want? I'm not your personal lemming scout. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Actual conversation that happened, except with all the expletives removed.