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  1. NeoJolt

    WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    Don't use it, only play WoWS so no need for it. Also have heard of many people having problems with it, so would rather not use it.
  2. NeoJolt

    Server problems?

    Server back up for me now.
  3. NeoJolt

    Server problems?

    Yes same, game froze then lost connection.
  4. NeoJolt

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Why were they designed with this play style? A lot of people may want to play their particular nations navy for fun, and instead after waiting over a year we get this. I would have thought introducing a new and a popular requested nation, to the game would have been a great selling point to increase the player base, but this is more likely to deter new players.
  5. NeoJolt

    RN Cruisers...

    Played last night on the NA server and reached tier 4, and have got to say i'm disappointed with them so far. Tier 2 Weymouth is easily the worst ship of its tier, but at this tier you shouldn't have to deal with it for to long. Tier 3 Caledon, out classed by all tier 3 cruisers and easy to citadel by just firing HE at it. Tier 4 Danae only played a couple of games in it and was the first ship in the line that seemed playable. Possibly not the worst ship of its tier, but defiantly not the best. Playing a battleship at these tiers your pretty much untouchable. Playing as a destroyer you're able to charge these ships down and torp them with low risk to yourself. Can't comment on their AA ability, as few CV's in the games I had. Hopefully the higher tiers will get better, just wish that WG would have put this line on the test server first so they could get more feed back on them before they went live.
  6. NeoJolt

    Epicenter Maps

    Initial impressions of this game mode aren't very positive, could be a fun game mode if perhaps limited to tiers 1 & 2 though.
  7. NeoJolt

    Co-op Battle Missions

    Strait map is too easy to win, the southern bot spawn takes far too long to get started. Have found that that if I go straight to the cap, I'm able to cap the game for the win without the bots making any effort to defend it. Perhaps have the southern group in spotting range of the cap, and have them triggered when a player starts capping?
  8. Getting this problem as well.
  9. NeoJolt

    Can I rectify this mistake re Commander

    There is no way to keep his skill points if you dismiss him unfortunately. I know you said you don't want to progress down the German cruiser line, but would he be worth keeping for when the rest of the German lines are released?
  10. NeoJolt

    Server off line ?

    Same problem, can't start battle.
  11. NeoJolt

    premium ships

    You keep it forever.
  12. NeoJolt

    The salem witch

    ​Does this mean we arn't getting this event on the EU server?
  13. NeoJolt

    tech tree furutaka

    I'm guessing that you have something on the Furutaka that you need to research before you get the Aoba. The 10000 XP difference would be the cost of this.
  14. NeoJolt

    Ghost Fighters in the Sky - Map Glitches

    Its not just you, I've noticed them in the top left corner as well.
  15. NeoJolt

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Down for me as well.