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  1. brija

    Bring back arp to wows

    Better make so we can sell that ARP shi*s, wtf is this ww2 game or cartoon manga sh**
  2. Did u replace names, its still same ...
  3. brija

    Bringing Kitakami back - with deepwater torpedos

    I hope they never get it back again ... btw like they whine on Conqueror now ... :D
  4. You can install that zoom out mod from Aslain mod pack, and it is allowed http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0702-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview/
  5. brija

    Fix your Servers

    Tryed now, and EU is up ...
  6. Hi all, Before few days I started to stream WOWS on English and balkan language so if u want support and watch another not pro plays .... u can come on Twitch or Youtube channel to watch or listen to music ... Ty all and see u on stream, brija. PS. Im new in all that so dont expect too much :) https://www.twitch.tv/brija1 https://gaming.youtube.com/user/brijalec1/live
  7. So ... after reaching rank 15, after battle finish and we won, some msg popup that this server is going under maintenance and my acc will be transfered to another server ... but cant login anymore ...
  8. So, yesterday playing wows and in port msg popup saying that ill get 1 day free premium acc and expires in 10min. Clicked on it and really get 1 day premium, so anybody else got this msg or???
  9. brija

    Aiming aids

    He probably ask about shell flight time and distance to other ship he aiming, just go to settings, controls and just enable "Alternative battle interface mode", and no worry ... its legal ... And from there u can choose another crosshair ..
  10. brija

    Project R is up on EU

    "Once the community has reached 10 million Pearls, the Admiralty will be able to restore Kamikaze ....."
  11. brija

    Project R

    Weekly missions reset every week ......
  12. brija

    Project R progress wiped?

    Same here, but just missions for ca and bb's were wiped ...
  13. brija

    Tier IX and X....shimakaze and CO torpedo sam...

    Btw about Shima and torps, 15 torps are little baby for Kitakami in alpha test, then what would u tell about 40 torps coming to u , .... lucky they nerfed him ....
  14. brija

    Project R Missions

    Did u register on this page or: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/project_r/milestones