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  1. Zathos

    [-MM] MadMen Recruitment Thread

    We do need a confirmed clicker scumbag CV player, since our main CV (read WoT clan Arta confirmed filthbot) decided to join PTS boats clan for a laugh. We wants a confirmed good t10 cv player, No problem playing other classes as well of course
  2. Zathos

    [-MM] MadMen Recruitment Thread

    Well I likes a challenge. T5 boat in T6 to T8 games. Seems fair to me
  3. Zathos

    [-MM] MadMen Recruitment Thread

    Only MojoMonkey plays T4 metta....and he joined PTS. We play T6 metta, cos obviously we are two steps higher ;)
  4. Zathos

    Can't press battle

    I'm running win7 so it ain't OS related I think.
  5. Zathos

    Can't press battle

    Same issue for me. In division, balked timer went to 6 min so force closed game and now battle button doesn't work for both of us.