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  1. K9PT


    WG never change!...Remember "FochGate" in World of Tanks!
  2. K9PT

    0.9.10 - General Feedback

    This is not Hallowen event!..And cant play with my clan teamates?!
  3. K9PT

    Naval Battles dont working!

    I stop playing for now....Lets see the time WG adress this problem.
  4. K9PT

    Naval Battles dont working!

    Wait around 20minuts...
  5. K9PT

    Naval Battles dont working!

    Starting counting, but with 20minuts delay, and you dont see what battles your teamates are ...this is a retard problem!!..WG only put to work Premiuns,skins of Transformers etc...the rest off the game is in crap mode!
  6. K9PT

    Naval Battles dont working!

    So must be a bug!...Nice
  7. K9PT

    Naval Battles dont working!

    Naval Battles dont working!..So i start mine naval Battles but they dont count!!..Make 2 and nothing hapen, the system let me slide the bar to Start but dont count my battles.
  8. "Captain, there are no available bonuses at the moment. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, which will be announced on the Portal! " So you release a compensation for a "bug" with bug?!...Works us intend, i see!
  9. So people are hungry to WG and them come where hungry about "gambling" with contaneirs?!..People try use your "weapons" to talk...and stop "gambling" with contaneirs.
  10. K9PT

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    So another moron move...so one event with no time to end now they put a date...are you WG whant to end this game?!
  11. My advice...dont make streams soon...you going to be roosted...This event is for good cause but players are furious with WG, so be aware!
  12. K9PT

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    So you people are new in Wargaming tactics?!...You think they make a mistake in this event?!...NOOO, they have the "spreedshets"...Guys just play a few battles enjoy your family and friends and others games....Like the two in WG stream yesterday, they said that they are not going to grind the PR because they have a job...so all you guys dont have a job,familys etc and can grind 24h a day...patetic event.
  13. K9PT

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    Guys WG whant make money, big money!!...First ours off the day already see PR in battle....people go rush buy conteiners,flags,doublons etc for this event!!...WG see the money flow so no need to change!...
  14. K9PT

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    So you really think WG are going to put a T10 for "free"...You are new on Wargaming games...I try stream this game every day...for "free"...but tonight i´m going to set this on my stream with the reality of this event! One icon event that WG try to ruining...i hope some guy in WG stop this nosense directives or extend the missions...you dont imagine the storm you are getting...
  15. K9PT

    PTS 0.8.11 - General Feedback

    This test is open to the public?...I cant enter!