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  1. Dirty_Diapers

    Connection Problem

    i have the same exat issue. started 2 days agow and now i cant barely get 2 games going just to get on end resault with no battlereport and a blank bagground and have to use alt+f4 and recnnect like 10 times before the game let me in and then have chat issues and have to relog again a few times to let back in and cross fingers my chat is back -.- really really annoying
  2. Dirty_Diapers

    Connection issues

    im haveing the same issue. started 2 days agow and have been a major pain ever since. reinstalled the game. reset my router yada yada. even talking with my net provider to do a full reset on evrything. yet same stupid issue. if im lucky i can get about 2 games before at the very end i dont get the battlereport just a blank bagground and have to alt+f4 and relog -.-
  3. Dirty_Diapers

    Looking for a clan!

    i am looking for a clan that does clan battles. here is my stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/501015660,Zipet/ i have played the past few days but for some reason it wont show. anywho im danish and my english speaking is a bit limited so i usely stick to typeing.
  4. Dirty_Diapers

    Server problems during Clan Battles after

    happens alot lately. even small micro freeze. tryid to redownload/reinstall the game didnt change a thing.. my net is just fine since many other games dont give me this issues.
  5. Dirty_Diapers

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    most annoying div in the game is a game where 6 div in the same battle is from the same clan. and worse that some does it to let the other one win on purpose or trying to atleast.
  6. i wasnt able to get my JB refunded at all and get the steel and coal back it converted that auto system bias. i only wanted to see how much i was short and how much it would convert but due to double click / lag it bought it on the spot. even when i tryid ticket wg about it 5min after it happened. but as usely they give the middle finger. my luck with wg nothing new. first asnwer was no we cant do that as it will be an unfair thingy and i was like wtf is this.. next reply came with i alrdy played the ship. after the first answer that they said no ofc i did 1.. and i mean.. 1 battle and still no.. lovely.
  7. Dirty_Diapers


    this kind of he spamming ship is getting out of hand. with this trend going on. soon we will have a he spamming yamato with a 10sek reload. tought he had many he spamming ships but adding 2 more that is a bit on the op side is a bit to much. cant wait to see 1 ide of the team to have nothing but fsat spamming he ships just to see how many rainbows it can handle before crashing xD
  8. Dirty_Diapers

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    rentals for ranked. dummest thing you have done in this year beside that cv reworke.. players that have never unlocked a regular t10 should not get a rental t10.
  9. Dirty_Diapers

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    its all good. nothing i can do about it :P but being throwed into 10 cv games in a row. it gets old xD
  10. Dirty_Diapers

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    LTP it has nothing to do with that. smokeing up trying to avoid 24/7 and still getting dropped.. i have had a few games now that getting dropped by a midway clearing you from 12k hp for the first dive bombs. on a good hit ofc. but happens way to often. usely 5-6k per drop is commen and hurts a bit to much if you ask me since gearing and shima cant heal it back up... screenshot added. it is very fun to play this game in a dd with that can of game.. sadly to often..
  11. Dirty_Diapers

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    getting dropped for the first time 2 min into the game getting hit by a stupid unblanced midways dive bombers 1 single time for 12k. on a gearing. yea thats very balanced. took him 2 hits to kill me as no one els have even shot at me. stupid. just stupid...
  12. Dirty_Diapers

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    getting 2 shotted by a midway rocket planes seems balanced on a dd. they should lower the time a plane can take off so you dont have to hug a aa specced ca evry 30 or so sek.
  13. Dirty_Diapers

    Map boarder

    i think they should do so that if you are abusing the map border you should have lower range by 85% to force people off the map border. cause its easy this days to abuse the hell out of it. seen it so many times lately.
  14. Dirty_Diapers

    Posible ban or punishment?

    Ranked game can be annoying from time to time. something needs to be done about this teamkilling behaving. some sort of pusniment that can be felt. lost count on how many times that trolls are ruining the game for some people. was in a ranked game when a DD crap at me a few times. i gave him a warning shot. and then he launched 4 torps and killed me. guessing he was mad that i didnt go that way he was going. (im in a cruiser tier 6 was about to cover the BS with some AA support) but.. NOPE. that low skilled DD decided to teamkill me and 10 sek after he died him self chagring in the entire enemy fleet that i alrdy knew was there in the first place -.- some sort of a time out from ranked games would be great with that kind of behaving. like 24hours or so. after the 24hours the account is on a watch list. doing more then 3 team damages would give him a week timeout from the ranked game. after that. perma ban. trolling is annoying as hell..
  15. seriously wg. where is the balance in this game vs carriers? litterly 2 min in game and alrdy at 10% hp due to lame torp planes launched across the map. carriers need a nerf. limit the range where the can launch planes and give them some reload time before they can launch planes before launch. playing with a battleship in tier 4 is just pointless due to torp spamming carriers 2 min in fight and get you evry single time as you are to big and slow.. fix...