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  1. ledgeri

    0.8.3 - PTS General Feedback

    Wich level of clanmembers can modify the Treasury?
  2. ledgeri

    0.8.3 - PTS General Feedback

    @MrConway When can we try the new, Dev-bulletin mentioned, Clan building? (Sligthy related: is there plans to have more, individually adressable roles (like signals) instead of the current tier like solution? A bit frustrating to have combined roles like recruit, what is needed to be able to create clanbattles, but also providing the role to kick people... [the "give everyone recruit so they can not kick each other" is not a solution, because we the loose a role that way + the Deputy -again- includes so much benefits, what is again too much in one pack... I really would like to be able seperate all of these) (forgot to mention: on the clan screen the werserver is unavaible that is tha main reason why i am asked this!)
  3. ledgeri

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    To treasury: We need more ranks in the clans, since the recruits can start clan battles what is really two seperated roles... All function should be seperated, and individually adressable to individual clan members!
  4. (use the forum's uploader , because that page triggered my NOD32 for 3 webpage by clicking onto it...)
  5. ledgeri

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Just realized when i re-read the thing: when it was in beta form, there was an activity meter about each player, who played one battle...
  6. ledgeri

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    As a Clan leader i wold like to see on a seperate tab my clan members activity! e.g. to tell someone to use the option, or to tell someone he do poorly in weeks, or in bad times, so he should not bother... Also This picture tells me this will count as a personal progression.. ok, but the oil added to the clan-member's "account" (next to his name) or just to the clan's account? What is the /1000000 at the bottom?
  7. Oh, sure, because being spotted by a stray plane is more important than being spotted by an invisible DD, right? But, the stupid order is less of a problem, the main thing is... NO MATTER WHAT ORDER YOU PICK, EVEN IF YOU MAKE IT CUSTOMIZABLE BY PLAYER, IT WILL BE BS. What we need is a system that shows you in what ways your ship is detected, NOT just one option picked based on an arbitrary order. I am here to copy past it :) AT LEASTthey shoul put it as survey, to find out what the population wants, as the order... Also ask any player, give them the size of the actual icon and you will get a good icon what shows all at once if needed! Bu no...
  8. ledgeri

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    The old style system already removed, this quoute only in the aspect within the team, within your side... As a e.g. BB you do not need to kmow about where are the returning cv planes who can not spot, but can not be spotted.... so this info is useless to you! (unless you are that much of a meta player, who calculates with those variables too.. in this case respect dude )
  9. ledgeri

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    .. i am looking at you "thingy in the options menu to show the torpedo reload countdown in gun view"
  10. ledgeri

    Naval Battle: A Clash Between Clans

    When will it go online?
  11. ledgeri

    [PSA][0.8.0] Visibility (gun bloom) fix commentary

    "they are very minor and do not affect game balance in any way" Straight out LOL @Sub_OctavianWhat if target shoots one barrel from smoke, blooms in smoke, and within that period 20 second: -Observer enters the in smoke bloom area; -Observer static and in the mentioned distance, but the smoke disappears? (I feel a massive nerf from it...) Could't you fix it with an e.g 5 sec penatly, in the mainly mentioned situations? Are you really had to put it in now? Why not earlier? Why not later?
  12. ledgeri

    Supertest - Test Ship Changes

    So an other holding pattern requested in my airspace...
  13. No.. those line exactly about that is moved out from there, and went into the preferences... but you still right, there is no setting for 0 but you can have 1..
  14. 20 sec rule change... Pure progress... upside down... Nicely Hidden behind the GENERATED CV hype!
  15. I know, that is why i ""-ed it! I meant basicly the fact, they will not continue, but starting from 0... Imagine like this: you have now 2 progress bar from t8 to t10: t8-t9, t9-t10. By 0.8.0 you get a long progress bar, all progress from the previous progress bar is dumped into it, and the empty bars a going away, and you get a progress bar from t8 to t10... But on that @MrConway I know recommended to research the next even tier before the launch, bit what if someone sitting on an account where the t10 CV 1000 ,100 ,10 ,1 XP-in other words: less than the XP difference compensation away? Will he loose it? Probably... (Ok basicly become doubling... damn my editing time :) )