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  1. I recived the info: the Content is set when they opened! This happened around when they nerfed the lucky box flag-value from 5 to 4. Recived the box in the 5 era, opened in the 4 era...
  2. I am defenetly agree -i had an idea, when each clan could set up roles for itself (recruiter, builder, official fun maker, oil digger, etc, whatever the clan wants), then some option to add (can build clanbase object, can invite OR kick OR recive applications OR start clan battlses, etc... That would be so open.... Anyways any gold-star member can do it (just agreed with some clan-mates with them about they getting the RECRUITER As a minimum now to start clanbattles, but thes will not kick or enroll anyone. And its working!
  3. I had it in the PTS but just finnished 2-3 times today normally.. So IDK...
  4. All above, or -i am not checking now, but i give a chance to it- You have a service record, where you can play operations but not recive even the daily container. Just a bet, chack it!
  5. The best option for you, and WG for WG too: Use the Wargaming.net game center. In it you have option to dowload the content of a game, while upgrading an other... JUST If you have slow internet, you have the bottleneck there, so if you want to play while downloading you will reach the ping/lag/etc territory... even if you play the same game wich updating... So the previous answer's options are the best as i see..
  6. That is a bit strange, because of the the system know it before it was revaled.. So as this is a container-category it leads a bunch of questions about other containers and chances...
  7. Ok thx i mismatched the assing and retrain..
  8. Why to topic of greedynes is this? It like the EU goverment would like to encurage you to change your diesel to a petrol one, when you in the long term thinking about buying an electric, and asking: if i now make the change because kinda forced, and based on this the p. to e. change will be kinda forced, am i get a same help?
  9. Dear @Tuccy What if i have a 19 point captain in a tech-tree ship but i want to assing to one rental ship.... Where will be assigned after the rental ship gone? Am i will be able to reassign for free?
  10. As you see i burn it with 0 damge at 1 hp, and the portal closing killed it, felt good...
  11. 0.6.12

    I would like to see a costume slider, related to a costume circle. + By playing .11 i realized how hard to judge now "if i am out of the current smoke am i will be spotted or not" situations...
  12. 0.6.12

    Not impossible... just hard without visibility... Did some times so i know... My feedback about the new port: Please keep it, after the event these are so fun and increase variety! And i also in love its music! If the Dunkirk event"s can stay let it stay too!
  13. .eu -eu .com -na .asia -asia .ru -ru and there is a korean one with .kr.. lol :)
  14. Just tried the new halowen thing, this will be funny so spoiler alert !
  15. Now i asked about Oil, and container, and i recived a random player's foum post, where that mentions the 30 oil cap as a well know thing... Not an official member"s forum post, or a chagelog note... Are we even nedd the support guys or just a bigger searchbar?