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  1. Dude, Where's My Spaceship?

    Not the T6 limit, not the Win one, what i meant -but i know that was not cleared...- but the "hidden-ness" of all the criteria....
  2. Dude, Where's My Spaceship?

    Ok, but what is the reason for implementing this way?
  3. Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I am joining to the group of those who hate the introduction of the French BBs. I should be lucky previously to get some ship. (Unequal playerbase....) If i was not, but i am a maximalist or one who want get some extra uniqe bonuses, i have to get 4-1 ship (from free XP, because grinding them long or soul-killingly-bornig) to be able to get bonuses, wich includes boxes wich from i could get the ships what are needed to get them... Logic? The DD part is OK, but for the BBs You should had change the way: for any ship, or any French ship you should had to give boxes, DD on the edge, but acceptable, but for the 4th, BB restricted tasks only goodies.
  4. Suggestions thread

    Combat missions, challanges ordering possibility Just saw the actual Combat missions tab and it is a litle mess if you check the dates: Or no info avaible about the ending dates Would be good to have a little drop down menu, or just an extended one to be able to select an order to put it in order of the days left, because the Olypic one has the same expire date like the Marathon, but yet they are not next to each other.... + IDK now how are they represented if progress made in them.... But i think the order is fix... (if not that is out of question...)
  5. Suggestions thread

    Help For Clan Commanders Hi, i am commander of a clan. There are several points what i am missing from the toolset, what would be usfull: -Mass PM - to commanders at least: last night i was made a survey (also option not incuded), to ask a series of questions from the members, some were offline ( then "daily message" to store links fails, because can notCTRL+C from it ) So i had to send it out as PM for everyone, and since sending the same message time limited, i had to vary 2-3 variants over 37 members... it was time consumeing. Over that when i was closing the message boxes the message-ui part freezed out, so i had to reconnect. You can say "there is discord and stuff" but some has issue with it, some just do not want to join in, etc. We are not hardcore clan so it acceptable... but hard to service... -"Clan Battle launcher role" individually, OR Clan-history for at least 7 days: With 30-40-50 member clans there is a chance to have more than 7 player wants to participate on clan batles, but i as a commander maybe do not want to give them role to pick up, or kick members while we all want to partipcate in CB. So a new role would be requested, or at least a "player movement activity stat" where i would be able to identify who kicked or picked up a member, if was allowed, or not. (only because as a commander i made a ruleset, and a spreadsheet about how active the members are ,to set minimums, and all fails if one picks up, or kicks [only if for 3 days] someone even if it was an accident by trying the options... - atomatic message, and rejection, + joining minimums option. As a commander my ruleset based on the applicants avaible stats, who can join, who can not. (just minimum battle, winrate, XP numbers) I would love if i could set it up, and if someone who not fullfill the needs could be automaticly rejected. Based on an in-game clan ruleset, like the new upgrades language preference...
  6. -

    Ok, Sorry. But if i searched for Suggest, it do not show anything as result... If for Suggestion, it do not highlight it so i skipped the plural version... Nice forum engine...
  7. -

    Link me one! (will be hard...)
  8. -

    Knowing one's details do not modifies the basic need of the possibility of rearrange...
  9. -

  10. -

  11. Steven Seagal?

    I am so glad, for having 2 of them :) I would rent out one if would be possible!
  12. Bug reports

    +1 to rudder jam +1 to result screen lock-up
  13. Shiflt-and-tilt option

    More irrelevant than the "funny" flags? More irrelevant than the new embelms? More irrelevant than the Yamamoto fireworks or the red trails? More irrelevant than the horn "HoHoHo"s?
  14. Shiflt-and-tilt option

    I heard about the new Nvidia Freestyle... and made this: This is looking so pretty, but sadly it is post-process (by the NV thingy..), but wondering... How hard would it be to implement a shift/tilt option, so the game natively, real time, in 3D would be able to to generate this effect (like in e.g. Cities Skylines...), while fallowing a shell, or looking in binocular view, or e.g. in close wiev, when dropping from cv...
  15. Dog Tags

    I like having them, but the feeling of the emblems is a bit: 1st: you are good at it, 2nd You are better with it, 3rd ok the basic element lost because you need to push it into everyone's face, 4th You are the god of it, and it is wisible from the moon. I felt a bit overpushed at level 3-4...