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  1. Firstly you will need 2500 doubloon (but by checking the ASIA server maybe less, wait a bit if you can), on an account wich will be the leader of the clan. Then log into the game to see the port. Top left, click the Name, a drop-down menu will open, there should be a Clan(s) Section. That is the place what you looking for. There are rules to fallow otherwise open. Important thing -but that is written down, anyways: Be sure to double check you Clan name, because you only able to change it, if you rebuy the clan, so renaming is 2500 doubloon again. Good luck with that, and fields of oil!!
  2. Opening files not the same, as timing Devistating Striekes, BUT if you know an option to select individual doubleclick times for programs, let me know!
  3. With that i meant Randoms only as bonus for good clan players! But this was only about the release, for the thing as a stat elemet i am feeling a need :)
  4. Could you implement a poll system into the clan part of the game? I just had a thought i would ask as a 2nd row member of the clan of mine, what should we focus getting after the 0.6.11 release, but because the serial messaging is blocked to prevent spam, and the clanchat is sadly unrelaible, i can not really do that in the game... BUT If a poll system would be in the game for the clan only, would be so much easyer to track the clan's need, or recive feedback. The poll options could be the basic Expire-date (yes-no, days, weeks), multy-choice or simple, "until first X answered", the best 10 by [tracked stat] answered, last 10 poll, to be able to trtack them etc The ui could be what the game uses, notifications could be pop-ups for important ones, like the one-time offers, or a WG-logo notification on the clan-tab's top, like now on the news... It would be so much easier knowing what the clan wants, without using an external forum!
  5. Just saw the teaser of the new clan-base mechanics, and i thought: maybe the in-battle-performance's this aspect could be combined with the clan's income: maybe: the first half of the XP list gets (nember of the battle-partipiants / 2) oil, so if someone performs well in the loosing team, recives bonus, but who performs bad in a winning team recives only the current goods... I hope i recive some feedback soon, or i will think about it a lot more :)
  6. Would be possible to do a slider, or an active box to check the speed and set it in the options menu, where we could edit our double click time, like in any OS? Sometimes i would like to shoot 2 turrets only in a broadside situation, but i do it just a bit too fast, and hitting the island, or missing a tactical opportunity, or something, but this way i could eliminate the "i am faster a bit than the developer thought"-element, and could be more effective in my way.
  7. Could you implement an ETA value to the waypoint arrows even to CV's units, and to auto-pilot? Would be a huge improvement if we could communicate, when the spot, or the backup arrives where its needed. We know when the shells lands or the torps hit. Maybe could be a "server-load-saver" option if it would count only normal max speed, and would be counted every 5 or 10 sec-but probably could be real time.
  8. Wait to the, where it will be fixed, and then fallow the news, because similar things always mentioned in the bottom part of them! Scroll down, NA site, because the EU dont mentiones it, but it will arrive...
  9. Then UP it!
  10. Would be possible to see if i select a ship, which and how many achivements collected by that ship? It would be more easy to see in port, and show ,how a ship performs in a persons hands...
  11. Lovely: In a random login, it worked, and probably works now too... But i can not trust it until .11 drops to be sure.
  12. Must to be open enough to be sared here, so not that sensitive... But can not quote the ELUA, but all data we generate by playing WG games is WG's data....
  13. I meant overall to this: I have avarage 1200 XP tells less than i am usually 2nd in the team and 5th in the battle of 12 vs 12. Also i meant the profile avarages.
  14. Can i ask this way: If we see a pissible issue in PT that should be reported: I ask it, because i saw similar (404, or 403) on the PT of the 6.10, but i thought, because that pt is focused on other things, and the PT is PT and the new clan UI is teased arriving later, that is an individual problem, so i did not reported that -feeling a bit guilty since the main server having that too... + After 3 ticket-question-round i recived an answer: the fix will come in Is that true?
  15. Could we get a fixed sounce to this?