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  1. As is already said HMS Royal Sovereign was loaned to the Soviets during the war in 1944 where she went into service as Arkhangelsk. After the soviets gave her back (4 years after the war ended) to the UK they had to scrap the ship because the Russian crews never bothered turning the turrets which wrecked the entire ship. The russians last completed domestic battleship class dates from 1915. (Although 1 had construction delays which meant she was put in service in 1917) HMS Repulse got sunk by Japanese aircraft together with HMS Prince of Wales off the coast of modern day Malaysia as they went out without sufficient air cover, convinced that planes were not a major threat to modern battleships.
  2. Soviet paper BBs before 4th largest navy Italians......
  3. Alaska got announced. Now we just wait for the Japanese B-65.
  4. Why in the name of RNGesus did they give 100mm HE the same penetration as 152mm guns? Just why? Why not the regular 21mm pen if they want to buff it so that it doesn't need 14 points? This is the most unneeded unwaranted change that nobody asked for. Kitakaze speed buff is good though.
  5. This is the exact same HE shell that the previous Stalingrad Version 2 had in the game for the last few patches.
  6. Some interesting info around the world

    ST Balance changes. The Stalingrad cruiser. Added HE shells with the following characteristics: Initial Shell Velocity: 950 m/s Maximum HE Shell Damage: 4500 Chance of Fire on Target Cause by HE Shell: 33%. Firing Range is reduced from 22,890 to 20,350. Reload Time of Main Battery is increased from 18.5 to 20 seconds. Rotation Speed of Main Battery is increased from 4.5 to 5.0 deg. / sec.s The parametrs of the dispersion ellipse are set to similar values of the Graf Spee ceruiser (better than battleships, but worse than common cruisers). The parameters of ricochet angles of the AP shells are changed to standard values. In this form the cruiser will become more versatile, while retaining the possibility of an effective game while using the armor-piercing shells. However, shooting armor-piercing now becomes more demanding to the players ability to choose the right moment for the volley. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  7. PEF has better concealment than Yorck
  8. You mean by having a underwater citadel and 50mm deck armour? Its not squishy at all by T6 BB standards. Stealth helps survivability as well.
  9. 25mm bow and stern is normal for all T6 BBs, so why even mention it?
  10. Prinz Eitel has 700m better concealment than Graf Spee while being far larger and only is half a knot slower. This is just silly. Also Dunkerque cries in a corner somewhere in terms of accuracy and concealment. And for people complaining about her not having enough DPM: her DPM isn't far short of Arizona. WG pls stop it with the stealth BBs. This ship doesn't even make sense compared to the other German BBs which all have mediocre to bad concealment and sigma.
  11. Giulio Cesare can't overmatch higher tier BBs either but low sigma allows it to blap anything it sees really easily. Just because its not a shotgun doesn't mean those guns aren't good. But right now the ship just has too much going for it: speed, range, AA, accuracy, rate of fire.
  12. She also has hydro, plus she has 8% base firechance, and she has better torps than Harugumo because no 3 minute reload and 1.3km detection. Also she has more HP than a Z-52
  13. So she will outspot Shimakaze, get a ahistoric 5 knot speed increase, but T9 Kitakaze still can't get her historic top speed upgrade over Akizuki, which was the entire point for why she was designed Also 10% firechance with flags with this reload I feel nerfs incoming