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  1. Verdius

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    World 10 for EN was already confirmed a while ago. They teased Jintsuu and even her kai already a few days ago.
  2. Even the Qing used more western uniforms in their last decade.
  3. CV rework confirmed for 8.0 In the current state. With no control for your carrier itself. Even working to automate DC, because apparently all micromanagement is now evil. Shitty fighters with no input now even further handicapped by the circle. Barely time for much needed balancing. Instead WG will do that on the live server. WhAt CoUlD pOsSiBlY gO wRoNg? Graf Zeppelin Constant spamming of DoTs. Still buggy as crap. T4 CV complete garbage, while half the ships in the line get removed. No teamplay for the CV, just farming damage.
  4. Verdius

    Some interesting info around the world

    Commanders! In version 0.8.0 of the game World of Warships, the new aircraft carriers will be introduced. The update will significantly change the gameplay of the whole class as players know it, moving away from the specific controls and gameplay, that is currently more in the realm of real-time strategy games. The main goals of the changes are to: increase the popularity of aircraft carriers, increase the entertainment factor when playing them improve the balance in comparison to other classes. More than 5,000 players participated in the testing of aircraft carriers. Thank you for your feedback and the time spent on tests. You have allowed us to find, and fix, a lot of bugs as well as improve some mechanics. Anyone will soon be able to try the new CVs. Their gameplay is gradually taking its final form. In this post, we'll tell you about a few recent changes implemented following test results. The small opportunities of autopilot system is one of the reasons why players want to control the aircraft carrier independently and in parallel with the aircraft. It didn't allow the ships to move in reverse, so if the aircraft carrier crashed into an island, then you had to spend a lot of time to get it back on the right course. We have improved autopilot for all classes of ships. Now, if the player puts a navigation point in the stern sector relative to the current course of the ship, the autopilot will reverse. Thus, by plotting points in the tactical map view, you will be able to remove the aircraft carrier from the collision with the island, without the need to return/recall your active aircraft. We know that there are other situations in which some players would like to use a squadron and an aircraft carrier in parallel. However, at the heart of the new gameplay is the management of only one game unit at a time - predominantly an aircraft squadron. This condition is necessary for not spreading the player's attention too thin in battle and reduce the current overload of micro management, making the class of aircraft carriers more accessible to everyone. Another controversial point was the protection of the aircraft carrier from an enemy air attack. Players had to return the squadron, and only then, from the СV, use the necessary counter measures, including the fighters call. Not all players used this opportunity. Often they were unable to react in time or they were not ready to lose control of their planes. To solve this problem, we are working on an automatic activation system of the relevant CV consumables when it is in danger. Speaking about fighters. The time during which they chased plane, has been reduced. Now it will be easier to run away from them. During tests, the circle on the minimap showed the trajectory on which the fighters were patrolling. Players couldn't figure out how far away from the fighters it was safe to fly. Now the circle will show the extreme boundary of the zone, the area within which your planes will be attacked. Thus, the working of the consumable "fighters" will become more obvious and understandable. Balance is one of the hottest topics of discussion. It is important to understand that it is impossible to bring optimum balance to the final state of the class in the test environment, as players behave differently there than on the main server. That's why, the work on the balance settings of aircraft carriers will continue after their release. Within a few months, you can expect numerous changes to the parameters of aircraft, including the number of units and their types. As is the case with the initial test of new aircraft carriers, here we will count on your feedback and support to assist us in the 'fine-tuning' process. Thanks to our joint efforts, the class of aircraft carriers will soon get a new life in World Of Warships. Thank you! Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  5. Verdius

    Ukrainerussia? Austriagermany? .... Czechoslovakia?

    Pretty sure that Hungary and especially Slovakia are usually not considered part of the Balkans, at least by most definitions.
  6. Chieftain is confirmed going to be a reward vehicle, iirc either for clanwars or bonds or something along those lines
  7. Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, not a historian, so you should take everything that he says on the topic with a boatload of salt, especially since his political/historical lectures are considered quite badly informed. It is a general problem in a lot of his ('academic') works that he often talks about things outside his field and just makes stuff up and gets facts and theory fundamentally wrong. Even in his own field of psychology he is considered controversial for this. But especially his work on political philosophy and relating it to history is quite honestly garbage. I feel like this thread shows some of the reasons why he is generally not considered a good source of information: Not entirely sure how you came to the conclusion that the Armenian genocide is a nonissue. Just watch a world leader mention it and it will immediatly cause uproar, like when France made the denial of it illegal a few years ago. Not to mention that it is still a huge strain on Armenian-Turkish relations. And Stalin was considered so bad that almost immediatly after his death Nikita Khrushchev began to destroy his legacy and reverting his policies like gulags etc. There is a reason Stalingrad is nolonger called Stalingrad. His only redeeming factor for why Russians would somewhat like him is because the alternative in WW2 would have been getting exterminated to make some Lebensraum. In 2010 the Russian parliament even officially blamed him for the Katyn massacre. It also of course matters that there is noone left alive today who was there for the Herero genocide or the Belgian Kongo, etc.
  8. Verdius

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    How is a won battle a sign of complete German superiority? Seems like cherrypicking random battles. Lets not forget that a significant portion of Rommels army consisted of Italian troops, as was the case at Kasserine Pass, but nobody ever mentions that it was just as much a Italian victory. Also it may just be me but didn't Germany lose the battle of the bulge? On the other hand the Battle of Arracourt seems like a pretty decent example of Germans getting stomped by a equal size force of Americans, when the overhyped Panthers lose against Shermans. And besides all of that doesn't really matter. War isn't about getting a good K/D ratio. Operational and strategic level planning are far more important. Dresden was an actual valid military target and there was no such thing as precisionbombing during WW2. I'd say it doesn't really compare to slaughtering entire villages in Poland or the stuff Dirlewanger brigade did. Lets also not forget that Germany was the one who started bombing cities in the first place when the very first thing they did was bomb Wieluń, then flattened 80% of Warsaw, or when they destroyed Rotterdam, large parts of London, etc. The only reason why Dresden is brought up so often and is remembered is because Goebbels used it as propaganda for the nazi cause, claiming over 200.000 germans died in the bombing. Germany was so keen on bombing cities even before WW2. I think some small unknown painter might have made a obscure artwork about it.
  9. Verdius

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    Oof thats a lot of Wehrabooism Germany got destroyed by the Soviets even if the US wouldn't have joined. That would be really cool..... Except he never said that and the quote comes from the movie Tora Tora Tora rather than history. I thought the general concencus was that Japanese soldiers were feared and reviled more than respected. Just look at how the war in China worked out. Can I get a source on the '3 weeks from capitulation'? Britain was even during this time outproducing Germany when it came to aircraft. U-boats didn't manage to stop the convoys and new technology was being introduced to make these convoys safer. The radar and airfield raids didn't do enough damage to win the war. Which is of course why Rommel had a hand in the attrocities against jews in North Africa and he was close personal friends with Hitler. Also Rommel was a better tactician, but a crap strategist. Logistics killed most of his plans (as they would with the german army on other fronts) and for all his hype he was still lost at El Alamein and got routed from Africa shortly afterwards. I'd want a source on this claim as well because it is somewhat doubtful. I can't find a source that gives any impression of better training than the BEF. And the mass attrocities against civilians commited by the Wehrmacht and SS seem to contradict the idea of them being a more disciplined force.
  10. Verdius

    Offtopical Disco

    Gotta react with some of my own then: And a italian themed series with a really good soundtrack:
  11. Verdius

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    The Germans are coming to AL EN in a few days. Also don't forget about the beer themed furniture. Also I finally decided to use some rings. I now have Minneapolis (who recently got her voice added on EN) and Enty as waifu.
  12. Kinda curious where you got that number from, because that is almost double the highest estimate that I can find. Also the government of China and younger generations don't really see Mao too positively, and most people I know are aware of the Holodomor and that the Soviet Union and especially Stalin was bad. And they both still pale in comparison to Pol Pot (in numbers relative to total population)
  13. Hitler killed his own people. He killed the handicapped, people with mental illness, homosexuals, german Jews, german communists, his own supporters of the SA who were too socialist for his liking, and many other dissidents. Not to mention that Hitler had targeted extermination of ethnic groups like the roma, etc etc. Also lets not forget that Hitler started the war in Europe which caused tens of millions of deaths as well due to the fighting. He made those enemies himself. In comparison most of the deaths under Mao during the Great Leap forward were of starvation due to incompetent resource allocation. And Hitlers murdering only got stopped because he lost the war. If he had won Generalplan Ost would have seen around 80% of all Poles killed or removed, and similar things done to the population of the baltic countries and the USSR in order to make his 'Lebensraum'.
  14. Verdius

    With the anouncement of Dragon Age 4...

    While I dread what might happen if they mess up for now they have more immediate concerns with them developing Anthem. Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't made by the main Bioware studio, but it also shows that EA might just put Dragon Age under a different developer. Inquisition was a bit mediocre and ME3 had a... less than stellar conclusion, and the studio has also lost quite a bit of the important staff (lead writers etc) so its not the studio it once used to be anymore. If the franchise gets handed to a different but competent studio it might actually improve the game. The success or death of Anthem in 2019 is going to be important for the survival of the studio itself though, although maybe the announcement of DA4 might give the studio slightly more security in the long term.