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  1. I am pretty sure I've already heard developers calling 2018 the year of CV's, because the nebulous rework supposedly would be coming soontm along with RN CV. Needless to say I'd advise taking this with a truck load of salt at this point.
  2. Actually, Brit BBs get 1/4 HE pen so Lion has 104mm of penetration on its high explosive.
  3. Apparently the bundle that has the camouflage on NA is the $70,- bundle and on ASIA it is in a €62,- bundle, while here on EU we only get it in the €100,- bundle. @Kandly @Tuccy Why does EU always get shafted?
  4. It doesn't have anywhere near the armour and the guns are significantly lower caliber, not to mention IJN torp angles.
  5. I don't think that limited releases of anticipated ships in a OP state is something good for the game. Make it balanced through stats (like long reload etc) and give everyone an opportunity instead of just the top clans. I'd want to play B-65 as well but I will never play at top clan level because I can't commit so much time and effort into training etc, nor does my clan.
  6. How long has the rebalanced version of Kii been in live testing? It feels like it has been released extremely quickly. I mean like Graf Zep levels of rushed.
  7. Nelson isn't T8 either. And Black is also a T9 prem. B-65 seemed a bit unbalanced at T9 as well so I moved her to T10 but then it would likely be a CW reward or something and be very limited which I also am not a fan of.
  8. Who said anything about T8? T10 CA in an alternate IJN branch seems fine by me.
  9. That ship model is beautiful. At least that is one department that I can't criticize WG for. Also I would not be against a more general buff to the T5 ships, especially stuff like Omaha, NY, T-22, Kirov, Emerald, and the massively awful stock Furutaka 22 sec reload guns. T5 used to be one of my favourites but the MM change shat all over it.
  10. I'd honestly call this ship broken beyond repair at this point. As much as I am for nerfing BBs, I don't think having a T8 CV RNG oneshot T10s is a good thing. The AP bombs are just too random in their range of pitiful damage to near full health T10 oneshots to be balanced and fun for both the receiving player and for the CV player. And even then the GZ still has no versatility so it isn't even good as a CV, its just a giant slot machine that costs 50 euros that only deals out middle fingers either to you or to your opponents. WG needs to drop the 15 AP DBs and go for a more balanced loadout like 2-2-1 or 2-1-2. You can't make this work in a way that actually rewards skilled gameplay over RNG and you can't make it balanced because it has such extreme RNG.
  11. No this is based around the modern JMSDF Kongou who carries the same name
  12. Make this a new Free XP cruiser We already have 2 free XP BBs and there are already more than enough (read: too many) BBs in general
  13. It is a terribly designed mechanic. It isn't fun when you are a German BB and you lose all your health because of RNG DBs (something something WoT artillery), but a Graf Zep player gets frustrated with the pitiful damage against everything else. WG needs to tone down the damage against germans and increase their performance against other BBs. I mean they don't have to do the same against every ship and deck armour should matter, but not to the extent that you either you get deleted by a single click or you laugh off the measly 10K as you shoot down the last aircraft And even then she should still be given TBs to at least have some versatility. WG has tried making a CV for the non-CV player, which will never work. You can't reward a low skill and low effort CV with as much damage as a harder to play/effort requiring CV, so what you are left with is gimmicky garbage.