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  1. Episode 3 is what turned most peoples heads and propelled it to the fame it has now. You'll truly know what kind of story this is heading towards after that episode. I also started reading the school life manga when I noticed this: Gotta love those trademark dodging titles
  2. I said school live not school days. School live is just an innocent show about a club for living in school. Suffice to say that the living part is slightly harder due to some complicating factors.
  3. Why did you have reopen those old wounds.... Although the author is now working on Wolf and Parchment (sequal/Spin-off). So there is some hope that our patience gets rewarded and our hunger for economics gets fulfilled. Madoka is good. If you like shows with a darker twist you might like Gakkou Gurashi/School Live! as well.
  4. Shiratsuyu lost the ability to both have Torp reload booster and smoke at the same time
  5. Not to mention that it would devalue the ship detection part of hydro.
  6. Context for Seppuku and the special attack units are way different.
  7. What? (Also plural of gladius is gladii)
  8. Not really. Gladius was the backbone of the Roman legionary. Kamikaze was a tactic born from desperation in a war that was already lost. The special attack units were implemented after most of the big battles of the war were already over.
  9. You know what happens when you remove all cover from the enter of the map? It gets nicknames like Tears of the Cruisers. Or you get Okinawa where either the entire team camps and people stay away from the objectives or they lemmingtrain to the one place that does have cover and remove themselves from the battle.
  10. Ramming your ship generally is not very viable either. Do you really want a game in which your CV deplanes himself in 5 minutes? Or the implication of having suicide weapons in general when it comes to counterplay?
  11. Who do you shoot at: the heavily armoured high HP Yamato who blew the smoke away or the stationary super squishy floating citadel Minotaur? It is a nerf to teamplay first and foremost. For BBs having smoke is nice. For RN CLs and DDs having smoke is essential and every second matters.
  12. You know that once WG sets its sight on something it will push it through no matter what everyone tells them. See: RPF, Stealthfire, Belfast, Black, Flint, Def AA BB, Radar BB. Soon we can add radar RN BB to that list and I doubt WG will listen when we tell them that this smoke nerf unfairly targets ships that are dependant on it for survival and only favours BBs. Also so glad that after numerous promises of regional equality RU gets an exclusive mission to get a free Oktober Revolution, which is probably the only ship in the entire RU tech tree that I actually care about for reasons other than it is strong/OP.
  13. I've seen the document. It also had a altenative suggestion by Strangers123 that I really liked. Basically smoke would work like it does now but your detection bloom when you fire would be half of its regular bloom/get a modifier dependant on calibre while in smoke screen. It would make rushing smoke screens more viable as the enemy will be spotted if they shoot back and nerf BBs and long range ships camping smoke while still allowing DDs and RN CL to operate effectively.