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  1. Best comedy anime will always be Nichijou Altough I am also a fan of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and its dark take on (japanese) society. It also has some really good (if trippy) OP's, partly because it was animated by studio Shaft (yes that one). (I'd link it but it has some suggestive and suicidal themes that even though they are part of the plot would probably get it shot down by mods. Also the versions on YT are all of later seasons because the earlier ones got nuked by copyright) But this series is largely really dark comedy and social commentary so I get that it probably isn't for everyone. It feels like it has been forgotten since it came out a while ago but it is definitly worth watching imho since the themes and parody aspects are quite relevant even today.
  2. Yeah, its kind of weird that people are screaming about CV's but apparently think that BB overpopulation crowding MM with near only BBs on each team like this is not an (part of the) issue.
  4. I want to get off MrEasyUK's Wild Ride! I had hoped he would have figured out by now that it is not happening when WG staff have already said that it is unlikely to happen due to a variety of factors. Also this entire discussion has been going in circles about Mutsu having torps for about 10 pages by now which in the end is going to be irrelevant to how WG makes such decisions anyway. You'd think that after a month of arguing a person would realise how pointless this discussion has become and that WG isn't going to give Hood those torps right? But I guess he will go for another month of screaming into the void.
  5. How to handle people like this?

    Can't you test such stuff in trainingrooms now?
  6. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Is that the fantasy BB that some guy posted on the forums a while back?
  7. Fan made Italian tech tree

    That is why I said it would be hilarious. Not that it should actually seriously be implemented. (Although if it was Russian )
  8. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Zara not at T8? What heresy is this? If Hipper is good enough for T8 Zara should definitly be T8 as well. It would crush my dreams of seeing Bolzano at T7 as well. Also this would be hilarious if it were to be implemented: https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/cassones-large-battlecruiser-proposal-1921/
  9. Offtopical Disco

  10. Musashi P2W

    Well... But leaving aside if it is P2W or not What we should at least adress is that Musashi is crazy OP. There is absolutely no reason to ever pick Izumo over her. And because Musashi is a premium I doubt she will ever get nerfed, otherwise they would have nerfed Missouri a long time ago. And Missouri isn't exactly rare at the moment and neither is Musashi. And this is only going to get worse. It is basically premium BBs clubbing tech tree BBs. (And before people say 'but she can meet Yamato' Sure, but MM will not put a Yamato on the opposite team for every Musashi on yours. It will match her up against a T9 BB like Izumo, which is basically giving the team with Musashi an extra T10 BB) And lets be frank, while it is not directly P2W the intent of making these ships so retardedly good is the psychological element that the reputation of a OP ship will get other people more willing to open their wallets to buy it directly without grinding free xp. WG didn't put this in just to reward patient people with OP ships (which I still think is bad for the game), these ships are intended to get people to open their wallets to buy the fancy OP ship without grinding first and foremost.
  11. Was browsing pixiv for a bit, took home some Touhou moon booty: And some duck feeding because why not
  12. Roonroon has a vid with his thoughts on Gascogne. 221k damage. So if RNGesus blesses you she is quite a strong ship.
  13. HSF in tha shop!

    At least thank you for the response. I get that WG is a company that has to make money. I'd still like to at the very least offer some feedback on the point that most annoys me: First is premium time, since that is only a temporary bonus that activates immediatly. Doubloons and flags you can spend anytime, but to make use of prem time you'd have to know that you are going to play a lot during the next week or it will be completely wasted. Even more so because these captain bundles are only sold for such a short time, so people wouldn't even be able to hold off for a time where they can use the prem time to good effect. Secondly and connected to the first point is that these captains and bundles are only available for such a limited time. Less than 3 weeks and after that we will possibly never see these again. So the people that do want to make use of the prem time but are busy this month don't have the choice to buy it later to enjoy said prem time. Also on NA the Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee are available for the entire year till september, but on EU they are only available in a very short time window.
  14. Aka dissapointment it seems Honestly if they expect you to brawl I am not sure how well that armour is going to hold up.