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  1. Wow.... Combined with the rather meh talents I can't see anyone particularly excited for this for gameplay purposes. Cruisers only have 1 launcher per side and BBs obviously only get the expert loader benefit. The 100 hits talent is already borderline unusable for BBs and the -5% reload boost for a heroic achievement is kinda lame when Halsey gives -20% main battery and -10% torp reload for confederate or the French getting the same boost for just devstriking a ship. 8% range and 10% consumable time (which is like 3 seconds of smoke) make his impact almost 0. I am all for lowering the impact of special commanders but considering what is in the game currently that this has to compete with this commander is really a letdown At least the tracers are pretty I guess?
  2. Just dropping some smug here
  3. I'm just popping in here to say that Littorios victory and dorm food/coin collecting animation is her putting on the meme sunglasses and dabbing and it is amazing.
  4. Of course they had to do that. If a player plays a line with torpedoes and a ship does not have torps the player combusts immediatly, setting his house on fire and imploding the universe because they cannot handle a change like no torpedoes or different gun calibers according to WG's wallet.
  5. Verdius

    ST - Gorizia and Mainz

    On only 8 guns thats a big oof