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  1. Honestly this review probably does a better job at it than I can: You play as a female bartender named Jill in a dystopian cyberpunk setting over the course of 3 weeks, you have to pay your rent etc from the money/tips that you make from serving the customers drinks. Aside from smoking breaks and some scenes at your appartment the entire game takes place within the bar. While this describes the mechanics, the real heart of the game is the people that visit the bar and Jill's interactions with them and her boss and her co-worker. It becomes a bit hard to describe all that (especially spoiler free), but the characters all have very unique stories and you also start to learn quite a lot about Jill herself and her past. The story in the end is not really about love, but about how these characters live their lifes and deal with the problems that they encounter. It feels really down to earth despite it being a game that features a talking dog with a hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. To quote the abovementioned review: 'It feels like a very human story, in the midst of a chaotic world that's always moving, not much different than the times we live in now.' It has multiple endings (depending on your bartending for different characters and if you can pay your bills) that nicely wrap up the story.
  2. On the topic of VNs, has anyone here played VA-11 HALL-A? It has been one of the most chill exeperiences with a VN I have had. And you can never have enough cyberpunk, and the retro artstyle and synth heavy music really gives completes the retrofuturistic 80's cyberpunk atmosphere. I went with no real expectations back then but it turned into one of my favourite games of 2016. It isn't action packed (I mean it is about bartending, what did you expect?) but has a lot of endearing characters and moments. I am mostly bringing this up because I just found out that they released a new volume of OST and a few vocal remixes and have been putting those in the background when doing other stuff.
  3. No, but Khab used to have longer gun range which this effectively gives back.
  4. Is there any reason given as to why Khab gets buffed? Or is this just some mistake that slipped through onto the PTS? I mean there was a reason they took its long range away, and if they are thinking about buffing a T10 DD you'd hope that they'd at least pick one that actually needs help *cough* Shima *cough*
  5. If Hong Kong and the infringement on their rights is any example of what Taiwan would face then I don't think anyone would be for reintegration with the mainland. I mean it has come to the point where Transformers movies are called out for being Chinese propaganda because they include scenes that portray the Chinese Communist Party in a hyperpositive light, compared to other countries like the US, so that the movie can be released in China so that Hollywood can get at that juicy Chinese moviemoney. The hand of Beijing is long and has many fingers that get to decide what other people should think about (PRC) China or else they will do their best to discredit and censor them. The party retoric of nationalism and revisionism that is engrained in the national education system makes a lot of people take the Taiwan issue as some sort of personal attack. The reality of Taiwan functioning as a seperate entity for over 70 years is not relevant to them because there is a one China policy which both the Chinese Communist Party and the Guomindang/Kuomintang agreed upon which calls China a single country that cannot be divided. Of course the fact that this policy doesn't mention which of the two governments is the legitimate ruler of China only makes the situation worse and these days we have Taiwanese parties campaigning more and more for independence with a Taiwanese identity separate from the mainland Chinese one. Tsai Ing-Wen stands for this new route that Taiwan seems to be headed as the previous KMT presidents policy of closer ties was extremely unpopular. The CCP still officially has plans to invade Taiwan by 2020, holds militairy drills for this, and regularly threatens to annex the territory by militairy force. It is kind of typical of political topics that the decision to not take a position by WG says a lot about a political situation. It is just a shame that it comes at the expense of Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia, the first of which I know quite a few people from who are now outraged that their flag gets censored because of China. Not to mention people from Taiwan who are silenced by people from across the seas saying that it 'offends their national dignity'
  6. So for now Korea gets shafted because it 'looks kind of weird'? Why involve nations that have nothing to do with the China spat? Seems like a really weak excuse for throwing out flags of other countries, especially considering this whole line is made solely to cater to people for these countries. It certainly wasn't because this line if reskins and copypaste is full of such significant and unique ships in the first place... Now we get copy paste ships that can't even fly a national flag... Who is this line even for now? Not for history enthousiasts because these are just gimmicky reskins with absolutely no interesting careers. Not for people from Asian countries because their flags get censored because the PRC is throwing a fit. Gameplay? I doubt it. Most people already think the DW torp concept is dumb.
  7. I mean Lo Yang has been in the game for a year now with RoCN flag.... It seems like the anger was mostly directed at WG EU for mentioning Taiwan as a seperate nation. Most annoying about this is that because of this countries like Korea which have no part in the drama also get shafted. Anyway if this is how WG is going to handle this mess then when we can choose the flags ourselves I am going to give them all Japanese flags
  8. This was posted on the Asia server. Also the Chinese server has fictional flags by default for all nations so they wouldn't make a statement about that, and that server isn't even managed by WG. So at least for the Asia server the flags will be changed, but I think it is most likely that it will be for all regions, as even in that thread on the Asian server you can see a Chinese person outraged that WG EU mentioned Taiwan as a seperate entity in the PA DD announcement and that WG EU did not immediatly retract that statement and offered apologies.
  9. All national flags from PA DDs replaced with WGs 'pan-asia' flag. So no Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Taiwanese, or Chinese flags because the recognition of Taiwan as a seperate entity upset mainland Chinese.
  10. She an event reward or can you get her from contruction? Guess who's back? Also Sado is smug af
  11. Some KC shipgirls: Some AL And some... wait is that Neptunia? I think I have to agree with Nep-Nep here:
  12. Between this and Kidd it is clear WG has no idea what they are doing to CVs. AP bombs were a mistake, especially when autodropped where 2 hits out of 10 bombs delete 70% of a cruisers HP. And the angle of approach doesn't matter because lol circle reticule. And I don't care even if this were a rare RNG roll (which it isn't), this just should not be happening in this game ever. This offers no counterplay. This is not rewarding skilled gameplay. This is rewarding braindead leftclicking with (near)oneshots. AP bombs are one of the worst mechanics in the game and GZ takes this to a new level of aweful. And the fact that it is RNG dependant only makes it worse. Honestly when I see stuff like this I am now quite sceptical of the USN CV revamp as well when it comes to giving those ships AP bombs, especially since S_O said they wanted to get that out of the gate as soon as possible, in 2-3 patches iirc.