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  1. Some interesting info around the world

    Warning: weebstuff below
  2. Not yet afaik, but there have been beta sessions, so I doubt it will be too far off. You should get notified of the launch if you pre-register.
  3. Discussion regarding tutorials...

    Honestly the people who really could do with learning from a tutorial are probably not the people who are going to push that optional button and watch a youtube video anyway. The current steps are definitly in the right direction, but I think for most it will be hard to change habbits of most potatos currently in the game, especially with the Dunning-Kruger effect in full force. People could watch yt vids before this to learn about mechanics or CV play, but if people ignore those I don't see why they won't ignore these yt vids. I think the only thing to get these people to do a tutorial is to force it on everybody at playerlevel 1, and possibly even retroactively.
  4. Incoming Duca degli Abruzzi - [WiP]

    And now they buffed the heal to repair 33% citadel damage.
  5. Bug Reports

    Had a bug where a ship horn kept sounding all the time. I noticed it in port, but it persisted during when I pressed battle and even on the loading screen and the next match. It never went away, it just became a bit less loud. Not sure how it happened and restarting the client fixed it.
  6. So they want to limit DD numbers, but not for BBs?
  7. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. Soviet cruiser Kronshtadt, tier IX. Hit points increased from 59800 to 71050. Sigma value increased from 1.8 to 2.05. Main battery reload time is decreased from 20 to 18.5 seconds. Surveillance Radar, similar to that of "Dmitri Donskoi" is added to the slot with Spotting Aircraf. Detectability from ships is increased to 16.2 km, detectability when firing from smokescreen increased to 12.78 km. Tweaked stats increase the avarage lifetime of the ship and her combat effectiveness. She does, however, lose some concealment, which allows for a better performance of cruisers and destroyers against Kronshtadt.
  8. Bloody really? I thought WG's plans were: USN CLs in spring, CV rework (possibly with RN CVs) in summer and RN DDs in late-summer or fall, and maybe Italian cruisers in fall if they could fit them into this year. Its getting really annoying when the Italian line gets pushed out another year to fit in more Russian paper. I want to use those captains that I've been training on something as well. Also I am getting worried that by that time all the decent well though out specialities are all used so that WG will utterly gimp that line with some bs to make it 'unique'. Really? So instead of fixing it they screw everyone else by making the problem even more annoying? Now we good players don't even get to benefit from good minimap awareness...
  9. Is this a war game?

    It is not. Not sure what you are on about tbh.
  10. USS Helena (CL-50) wreck found

    The wreck of the USS Helena (who will incidentally be joining WoWs soon (tm)) has been found at a depth of 860m near the Solomons. She sank during the Battle of Kula Gulf in 1943 where she was hit by Japanese long lances, but not before expending a huge amount of shells and sinking the destroyer Niizuki in the same battle. 168 US sailors died with her.
  11. YASEN?! Hope that they flesh it out and bring it to PvP. Give us searchlights, starshells, regular lighting etc. And make the night actually dark (unlike a lot of other games) where you need those tools to see further ahead. But seriously duck hype!
  12. Leaked Images For Two New IJN Destroyers!

    T9 Akizuki kai was designed for a speed of 36.7 knots If the T9 and 10 get that and can switch TRB for Def AA everything will be great.