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  1. I had enough impulse control to not whale for AL Littorio in WoWs, and enough to wait for Ayaka or Keqing/Beidou banner in Genshin so I'm not that worried for my wallet. Although between AL and Genshin and Arknights I'm probably at the max gacha games that I can handle. I'm finally dropping GFL, as even though I am a big fan of Gunslinger Girl I've come to realise that I the only reason I still log on is to do some meaningless dailies, and actual progression isn't something I've cared about in a long time. I like the characters a lot, but the gameplay just doesn't really do it for me anymore. I really hope X-Frontline GFL 2 has a good release with compelling gameplay. As for Touhou I'd hope that it can actually offer some unique gameplay, because if its just a meh game with nice characters I can't think of any reason to play it long term.
  2. Is there any information on what kind of game it will be? The only thing I can find is the word RPG, but that can be interpreted in many different ways. Also I didn't know that GSC is in the business of publishing games
  3. Am as good as done with the event. Only 25 cubes left and my oil reserves are down to 1500 tho
  4. Wow.... Combined with the rather meh talents I can't see anyone particularly excited for this for gameplay purposes. Cruisers only have 1 launcher per side and BBs obviously only get the expert loader benefit. The 100 hits talent is already borderline unusable for BBs and the -5% reload boost for a heroic achievement is kinda lame when Halsey gives -20% main battery and -10% torp reload for confederate or the French getting the same boost for just devstriking a ship. 8% range and 10% consumable time (which is like 3 seconds of smoke) make his impact almost 0. I am all for lowering the impact of special commanders but considering what is in the game currently that this has to compete with this commander is really a letdown At least the tracers are pretty I guess?
  5. I'm just popping in here to say that Littorios victory and dorm food/coin collecting animation is her putting on the meme sunglasses and dabbing and it is amazing.
  6. Of course they had to do that. If a player plays a line with torpedoes and a ship does not have torps the player combusts immediatly, setting his house on fire and imploding the universe because they cannot handle a change like no torpedoes or different gun calibers according to WG's wallet.
  7. Verdius

    ST - Gorizia and Mainz

    On only 8 guns thats a big oof
  8. From what I've heard 1 is likely a Cleveland skin and 3 likely a Enterprise skin
  9. I did not know the U-556 - Bismarck substory was mostly based on real events. Even the part of the band is based on a real event.
  10. And that's the event done Now just to level them and pray to RNGesus for Z-36
  11. At least for now I got Bismarck, Echo, and U-556 in AL. KGV is coming home soon as I am at 6500 tokens. Skins will be coming soon as well. New dorm set is looking nice as well
  12. Is it just me or is Hayate a more clumsy Grozovoi without heal or Def AA?
  13. Verdius

    Some interesting info around the world

    Japanese destroyer Hayate, tier X This destroyer is an unusual representative of her nation: the initial concept involves a universal ship with a good main battery and nice torpedoes. Due to the HE shells increased damage and a high turn time of the main battery, even within the range of Japanese torpedo destroyers, the ship has now all it takes to fight classmates with intensified strength. Traditionally strong torpedo weapons can be strengthened by consumable “Torpedo Reload Booster”. But in this case, it will require to sacrifice Smoke Generator. Hit points — 20800. Plating — 19 mm. Main battery — 3x2 127 mm. Firing range — 11.6 km. Maximum HE shell damage — 2150. Chance to cause fire — 9%. Maximum AP shell damage — 2200. Reload time — 4.0 s. 180 degree turn time — 10.0 s. Maximum dispersion — 102 м. HE initial velocity — 915 m/s. AP initial velocity — 915 m/s. Sigma — 2.00. Torpedo tubes — 2x5 610 mm. Maximum damage — 23767. Range — 12.0 km. Speed — 67 kt. Reload time — 153 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time — 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability — 1.7 km. AA defense: 8x1 25 mm. 3x2 127 mm. 5x2 40 mm. Maximum speed — 37 kt. Turning circle radius — 750 m. Rudder shift time — 4.6 s. Surface detectability — 7.7 km. Air detectability — 3.8 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke — 2.9 km. Available consumables: 1 slot — Damage Control Party; 2 slot — Smoke Generator / Torpedo Reload Booster (torpedo tube reload time: 8 s); 3 slot — Engine Boost. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during testing. British battleship Thunderer, tier X Thunderer continues to develop the concept of the Vanguard battleship: a fragile ship with good maneuverability and fine accuracy of the main battery. The battleship’s relatively weak armor is compensated by a short turn time of the main battery, unique Repair Party and Defensive AA fire, which also allows her to repel air attacks. Hit points — 82900. Plating — 32 mm. Main battery — 4x2 457 mm. Firing range — 24.2 km. Maximum HE shell damage — 8200. Chance to cause fire — 63%. Maximum AP shell damage — 14900. Reload time — 30.0 s. 180 degree turn time — 36.0 s. Maximum dispersion — 301 м. HE initial velocity — 757 m/s. AP initial velocity — 762 m/s. Sigma — 2.00. Secondary Armament: 8x2 133.0 mm, range — 6.0 km. Maximum HE shell damage — 1900. Chance to cause fire — 8%. HE initial velocity — 792 m/s. AA defense: 7x6 40.0 mm. 8x1 40.0 mm. 4x2 20.0 mm. 8x2 133.0 mm. 12x2 40.0 mm. AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second — 138, hit probability — 70 %, action zone 0.1–1.5 km; AA defense mid-range: number of explosions in a salvo — 14, damage within an explosion — 980, continuous damage per second — 815, hit probability — 75 %, action zone 1.5–3.5 km; AA defense long-range: number of explosions in a salvo — 4, damage within an explosion — 1610, continuous damage per second — 121, hit probability — 75 %, action zone 3.5–6.0 km; AA sector reinforcement — 25 %, sector reinforcement time — 12 s, sector reinforcement shift time — 12 s. Maximum speed — 29.5 kt. Turning circle radius — 820 m. Rudder shift time — 10.4 s. Surface detectability — 15.7 km. Air detectability — 12.5 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke — 16.7 km. Available consumables: 1 slot — Damage Control Party; 2 slot — Repair Party (Healing: 0.6% of maximum hit points per second, citadel repair: 33%, reload time: 90 (60) s); 3 slot — Defensive AA fire. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during testing. https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-new-ships-d91159e2af9