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  1. ironhammer500

    WG should help with toxic command spam

    Also id like a consumable cooldown to say I have X time on radar or i have X time on cool down would help tell team mates my stuff is on cool down, the others are useless imo.
  2. ironhammer500

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    Nope coal all the way i bet subs is 7th for me and tbh im not really interested if they appear to not want feedback on subs i guess they will put them in and we will have to like it.
  3. ironhammer500

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I dont see the point, I didnt get a sub so im not interested in taking part and wont leave vital feedback. Unless WG dont care about feedback anymore.
  4. ironhammer500

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Bad idea to limit the use of subs behind RNG, you have to wait up to a max of a week to play them in event lasts 21 days.
  5. ironhammer500

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Yea even for me in a prem ship with prem doing about avg i earn 200-300k a game. So to earn a 20mil ship would take around 100+ battles but yea i think flambass over hyped the grind.
  6. ironhammer500

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    I had this argument at first but then a realised he was on about fully buying everything with money, from credits, flags and camos to even premium ships. He did his video for how long does it take if you just real money buy your way to tier 10. For me took maybe a week to a month casually to get tier 10 lines. Maybe cause i keep starting new lines and playing all the types of ships.
  7. ironhammer500

    Legendary modules: when in the premium store?

    Maybe instead of LU they should of added unique skins for all ships of tiers based on lines people used to unlock them.
  8. ironhammer500

    Legendary modules: when in the premium store?

    Honestly why not have the missions and the RB method, i never saw point in removing the missions since it means you play and learn the ship your getting the module for.
  9. ironhammer500

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    Best way to test this would be go into a training room and do some kinda of stats for number of shots to overpens ratio. Maybe record the testing? I find aim is a key factor when getting citadels as to low and shells drop into the water, to high and shells hit the sides.
  10. According to the wiki Midway torps are max around 5k and 6 drop so 30k in a single strike. Now i know FDR stats are subject to change but Wiki stats around 4.3k max and 8 drop at once therefore max drop damage would be 35k. Even 7/8 deal around 30k. Im confused why do you think this would be bad at tier 8? Are you comparing to the Haku? Which imo is far to strong compared to the other CVs.
  11. CVs are just not balanced in CB meta and fact Haku has the highest pick rate it says it all, its not fun to be dropped for 17.5k hp with no way to dodge in a slow battle cruiser, even DM suffers being hit hard despite legendary. DDs are shafted most of the DDs are unplayable. Anyone who picks BB over CV puts their team at a disadvantage due to the early game spotting. Its just unbalanced. 30 secs into game can gather information on enemy positions Can strike anywhere and any ship without fearing of losing lots of planes due to having 100+ planes to deplane tier 10. Deals huge damage to DDs and static cruisers. Does more spotting then a DD. What is the DDs role in CB now? Caps?
  12. Maybe use the cover that is near the cap to kill those bbs who are out in the open? Cruiser requires a bit more brains to play well then just shoot from max range and let me team do all the work. And yes battleships will shoot a cruiser first as they tend to have radar and deal the more damage also easier to remove then a battleship.
  13. Cruiser gets deleted cause they go broadside, even a smol can get away with being nose in to a BB. Heavy cruisers if played right can face tank BBs if they angle and turn at the right times. Sure its not as easy but its possible. Plus with the DPM the cruiser will out damage and kill the battleship. Plus a wolf pack of cruisers will kill the battleship. I dont get why people are scared to fight battleships i do i all the time in cruisers just need to learn limits.
  14. It depends sometimes you cant turn due to exposing your broadside to those shooting at you, cause you pushed up to the cap to support that lone dd, while your cruisers who's job it is to deal with the other teams dd sit around 18km from the cap trying to deal as much damage to that lone bb. See why BBs dont push? Cruisers are the worst offenders for being idiots and i mainly play cruiser role now and so many idiots just sit back and farm damage instead of doing their "support" role.
  15. Rockets tend to do 10K+ on a good hit, Midway bombers tend to do 20k+ on a good drop and start 2-3 fires. Sure torps dont do much but the flooding can be a real killer. But if your constantly being set on fire all the time even with full fire prevention builds you melt. Fire does a lot of damage to battleships and people dont seem to realize just how much add in 2-3k per volley of HE damage and well you soon lose 100k hp.