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  1. ironhammer500

    Kremlins AA

    Well its going to be french and called the colbert.
  2. ironhammer500

    Kremlins AA

    Funny everyone complains about Kremlin but the Montana has better AA that kills planes, It has better short range AA which is where bombers mainly spend their time. Kremlin has better long range and more mid range puffs so if your getting hit but flak i think its more a L2P.
  3. ironhammer500

    134 planes , T6 cv

    Low alpha? Um the tier 8 and 10s deal nearly 7500-10k citadels with AP bombs the Midway can deal 10k+ with HE bombs and the Haku can deal around 10k with torps per torp. Those id class as high alpha strikes so its eat high damage torps or eat a citadel.
  4. ironhammer500

    134 planes , T6 cv

    Well could just make cap zones refill ammo then gives people a reason to actually cap
  5. ironhammer500

    134 planes , T6 cv

    Considering they carried 1000s of rounds i would thought they would never run out in a game.
  6. ironhammer500

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    So then that would mean even less damage done to planes and even longer to kill a plane so yea AA is super under powered this is why CVs are a problem. I even combined the numbers to take into account the nelson being in long range flak cover for the Atlanta which makes hardly any difference.
  7. ironhammer500

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Now read my post where I work out the actual time taken to kill 1 squadron with long range continuous dps and show the actual dps numbers of the ships. Again for the planes I used a what if type of set up.
  8. ironhammer500

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Any attempt to direct a squadron through the common AA defense ranges of several ships is a sure way to lose aircraft in vain. To solve this problem, we’ve implemented a method of non-linear addition of the continuous damage caused by AA guns. In Update 0.8.2, damage dealt to a squadron in the AA defense range of a single ship remains unchanged. In cases when the number of ships sharing a field of AA fire increases, the continuous damage caused to the squadron will be lower than the total sum, but still much higher than the damage from any one of them. This new feature makes it possible to attack a group of several ships, without devaluing the benefits of ships cooperating in defense against air strikes. ok cant change text colour yay! If you see in the replay he had a nelson withing 4.5km for most of the first strike. The nelson has 59 long range dps with a hit of 69% so that is 59 * 0.69 = a whooping 41 dps a full AA 19 point build the atlanta gets this. 242 long range dps with 79% hit rate = 242 * 0.79 = 192 dps 53 short range dps with 79% hit rate = 53 * 0.79 = 42 dps Lex planes with no upgrades have around 1300 hp total squadron so yea if i divide the nelsons dps by 2 for number of ships and add it to the atlanta dps let us see how long it takes to kill the whole squadron. 192 + 21 = 213 dps 1300 / 213 = around 6 seconds that is the CV player would need to spend a whole 6 seconds in long range fire. Def AA only doubles reload and AA guns start unloaded so planes can actually get out of Long range fire in about 1-2 seconds. This is lex planes without upgrades! Now if the cv player buffs hp on their rocket planes (yea idk lets say they did) and took all the normal 19 point captain skills then planes have around 1526 hp and take about 10% less dps damage so that is 1526 / 192(10% less then before from skill) = around 8 seconds! You see AA is not really able to deal damage in the short space of time taken to kill an entire squadron given that it randomly at this time hits a plane.
  9. ironhammer500

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Which makes grouping up pretty much useless it should be a cumulative effect forcing CVs to risk vs reward if they wanna strike, making AA ships cover their team and people actually work together.
  10. ironhammer500

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Anti-Aircraft_Fire It got removed in one of the patches afaik and the wiki plus video never mentions stacking auras, the aura of the most AA is used not stacked.
  11. ironhammer500

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    I like how everyone instantly bashes the OP for being a noob or making a mistake or something that is the OP's fault. Not the fact the CV does stupidly high damage to cruisers and light cruisers in the first place. An AA cruiser to that should be killing planes with ease. Also guys blobbing doesn't work anymore they removed bubble AA! So his own AA would been really strong for tier 7 since Atlanta is an AA ship right?
  12. ironhammer500

    I want a brawl...........

    This tells me you rarely or know nothing about Battleship brawling, using HE is stupid as front on you wont pen much but the bow. Using AP is the best thing due to wanting to knock out their guns at close ranges you will pen the gun armour and kill their guns. They have less guns = less damage. Also getting into mid range still AP since it angles downwards and goes into the deck for full damage or the superstructure. Honestly only time you use HE on a BB is vs DDs even British battleships should use AP.
  13. ironhammer500

    Consumable "Evasive Maneuver" - Feedback please, thank you

    Reason people do not put skills in AA or put modules on as they have been proven to do almost nothing, flak puffs can be dodged. A turn radius consumable may not be needed if AA worked or Torp alpha was lower.
  14. ironhammer500

    Use HE against DDs they say, it's more effective they say ...

    In new patch modules i think contribute when hit to an overpen at least with AP idk about HE would need proper testing but i think they still contribute damage so in 8.5 DDs will be super wrecked even more.
  15. ironhammer500

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    Fighters don't seem to even activate until the planes are with in 1 km by that time it is to late and most CV players hit F soon as they drop.