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  1. oosel

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    gonna be a lot of fun when im useless in my cv against dd and i can go back to sinking big stuff again without spending the entire game just being everyones spotting slave ive already given up chasing dd in MVR anyway i just spend my time cruiser killing but in 6 months no doubt when everyone is just in full on aa cruisers ill move on to bb's my point is ill keep playing cv as they are just as valid a ship as any other class
  2. oosel

    OMG WG!! ... What Are You Doing?!!!

    i beg to differ if you dont do this in a hinden or zao you are lucky to last the first 2 mins of any games as soon as your spotted you get rained on from everything not just bb's
  3. done it twice for the hinden and haru ones and both are a waste of time
  4. oosel

    please fix your twitch drops

    unlink and relink your twitch account in account management log and back and they will be there..........they will tell you nothing is wrong but thats the only way to fix it ive had to do it at least 8 or 9 times now to claim the boxes and or missions its beyond a joke now
  5. i always get to gold before the frustration kicks in but last night was just outright maddening 6 games lost but top of the losers so finished where i started
  6. oosel

    Respecs should be free anyway

    i must be into the game for at least a few hundred quid now over the years but with the new commander rework i have to admit im genuinly thinking about taking up another game based on the rip off of the cost when you get your captains to 21 they knew this from the second the dreamt it up and knew that long time players would be hit hard by it
  7. once you get to r5 of gold you know its going to be win one lose one for next week or so no matter how much you try........the team will even call it from the beginning whether or not you are going to win purely and simply based on the number of radar to dd ratio
  8. oosel

    DM & Salem armor buff?

    you need to factor in dm and salem are usaully primary in the beginning due to their radar and if paired with a petro they always get dropped first as they are just outright easier to take down than the petro and radar is double the time hence why it seems they need buffing..........they dont they just need to be more careful in the early stages of the game
  9. oosel

    Here's how to reduce toxicity by 500%

    quick example of how some people give it out but cant take it back this is direct word for word in one of last nights game first chat what skins comes after threeskin instant response 2nd chat from another your mum first chat replies beware everyone we have a 12 yr old in chat i lol'd hard at the mentality
  10. oosel

    Tier 8 vs Franklin D Roosevelt

    even a halland specc'd with aa and the increased aa sector fire button has trouble against an FDR i know it must be a real pain in t8 but thats part of the game
  11. oosel

    Brawl mode ruined Ranked even more

    nope brawls just help you stop raging in ranked because of the fixed outcome from the start if i lose 3 on the run in ranked i just go and play brawls instead as it helps you focus
  12. oosel

    please fix your twitch drops

    apologies ive missed your post but just unlinked and relinked twich to my account about 10mins ago low and behold the 2 twich items I claimed about 2 hours ago were there once I relogged both the game and the twitch I will do this with the next drops so you can see
  13. oosel

    please fix your twitch drops

    its defo a known issue and the fix I was given is to unlink and relink your wows and twitch and then update which works of a fashion but its hardly how it should work it worked fine until they changed the drop system the other week but not its completely messed up
  14. please do something about the twitch drops theres no way you should have to keep daily linking and unlinking and the updating your account to twitch in order to get them and then when you do you get ones that because you didn't do it give you a couple of hours to complete when you realise that although you claimed it because what ever it is that you done is broke you have actually got it at all so have to go back to the stupid unlink and relink routine
  15. i love being called a cheat by mino or smolly when they sit in their smoke and think its a get out of jail free card only to rage at you especially if im in gk or thunderer and actually citadel them with HE its like showing a red rag to a bull......been called a cheat so many time for that and they never understand how you have hit them even though some dont move at once in their smoke