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  1. Tried re-updating both flashplayer and visual C++. i'll make a ticket next, thanks anyway :) /Ozz
  2. Cheers mate, ill try that out the minute im able. I'll update the thread with the new info right away. :) /Ozz
  3. Hello there! I've been having a problem since, a long time that i haven't really cared about. But now it's time. It's the problem looking into my inventory ingame. there were some other choices that didn't work either but i'm at work now so i'll update it later. think it was clans? friend invite etc. When i press the button i get the loadingwheel, that spins. forever. tried letting it work but 2 hours wasnt enough. then i pressed escape. Saw another thread on the US forum that WG wanted info from WG checker, i've done that and reinstalled the game 2-3 times + used the check integrity feature. ultra/high graphics. The program WGchecker ran and reported no errors. with the extended check activated. What to do now? cheers in advance! /Ozziriq