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  1. madmonk

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    WG reached bottom and has started to dig now...
  2. This hot fix helped me like paracetamol for the depression, let us know when you'll get it sorted ...
  3. madmonk

    server interruptions, 19h

    They'll switch it back only when you'll buy 20k Santa's containers I heard
  4. madmonk

    Weekend Highlights – Earn Texas FREE!

    If I'll get credits instead of doubloons I will just claim monies back, simple
  5. That's fine thanks everything arrived automatically, but steel didn't come. How I can claim it? I played plenty of ranked battles in that time.
  6. madmonk

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    silly question, try to guess mate why that many ppl is here
  7. madmonk

    Premium Aircraft Carriers—They're All Here!

    Good try but you can't stop leaving players this way, quite the opposite
  8. madmonk

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    kicked out and wasn't able to get back, amazing stuff
  9. So you can feel happy and comfortable now, it doesn't look like that's going to happen anymore, good luck
  10. What kind of compensation we should expect and whats the point to remove it just week before the end of twilight mode? It's not players fault wg dev's team didn't test it before release, what a ignorance. 'It was discovered today that the Steel Rat ship (from Twilight Battle mode) has incorrect settings...' lol players discovered it for you and it WASN'T discovered today!
  11. madmonk

    Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    HAHA the best joke of the day, I'm sure you'll bring more new players this way, well done com. coord.
  12. madmonk

    Win big with signal flags event results

    So it looks like they are going to count it manually , thanks for the info anyway
  13. Is here anybody who won and received anything already ?
  14. madmonk

    Win Big with Signal Flags


    WG wrote 'any 15 flags that you use will get you one entry, the type of flags don't matter'. They didn't inform us only when they will show up results and start to give away prizes.