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    Ship controls

    2/ Hmm i don't think it would that difficult i mean they could just add an option to either control them as now. And then have other options where you control different sections of the ships turrets. That you can switch between on the fly it would make the game a lot more interesting and varied in combat. I just hope there is another QA soon so it can be brought up to the devs or do they read these posts to perhaps?? :/
  2. Silvir

    Ship controls

    So having started playing today i have noticed something that is bugging me quite a bit. Turret controls. 1: the aim is a bit iffy forcing me to change zoom a lot and at times fire each turret at a time to make sure i actually hit where the cross-hair is aiming. Parts of it getting used to but the whole zoom in and out just so that the turrets will aim correctly is a bit weird or is that intended??? 2:This is my main concern!! - Rear, Front and side turrets. Does anyone know why there isn't an option to divide controls between these.?? I have many times ended up with ships firing at me from different directions but i can't properly divide my firepower or properly plan my movement, because all turrets are trying to aim where i am looking this is very VERY frustrating!!! Loving the game so far though. and has there been topics about this before...Is there any information on the turret controls??