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  1. McGreg

    0.4.1 Update Today

    Youre sure? I didnt have time to check it for myself but on every other ship it just has a cooldown and duration time. There are simply no charges to this skill. Would be really odd to see it implemented like that only on one ship.
  2. McGreg

    Main Battery Modification II

    There is a similar one for torpedoes too.
  3. McGreg

    Low performance

    I have pc that can run even newest games on max setting with decent FPS yet WoWs can dip in performance when there is a lot going on the battlefield. I get constant 60+ until there are several ships firing, planes flying over and torpedoes running in the water. But it seems its not only my problem, videos from well known streamers also show that they get severe performance drops in same instances. I guess it will be better once game goes out of beta.
  4. McGreg

    Advanced Firing Training on Secondary Armament

    Tier 1 captain skill will also lower your main guns reload time.
  5. McGreg

    Map Poll - What are your favourite maps?

    Two brothers - the worst one and its not on the list.
  6. McGreg

    Closed Beta Test is Over...

    Hello Maybe we could have some cool aggregated infographics on closed alpha and closed beta data? Like number of players, number of battles, shots fired, BRT number sunk or amount of seagulls killed by gunfire? Would be cool to see and good infographics usually serve marketing puropuses.
  7. It has excellent concealment, with module enhancement I was only spotted at around 11km. That let me pick my fights the way I wanted and engage targets on my own terms. Its not a perfect ship but I really liked it. Now Im on Baltimore and I cant get it to work... yet
  8. McGreg

    Bonus Signal Flag Boxes, erm wut?

    The description says you earn it every 24h. My observation is that the box appears but you dont get any more flags until 24h have passed. Will have to test it today since its not 24h yet from the patch ;)
  9. McGreg

    No compensation Mogami?

    Here is your compensation!
  10. McGreg

    Purpose of secondary turrets is?

    http://worldofwarships.eu/cbt/accounts/500662567-/ Your profile says you have 21% accuracy with your secondaries and even sunk 3 ships with them! So they do shoot, you just didnt noticed.
  11. McGreg

    Have you enjoyed the Space battles?

    I tried it but it hurt my eyes to aim in this enviroment. Too bad, I wanted to try Des moines more but after just 1 battle i really liked it. Overall cool initiative, unfortunately unplayable for me.