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  1. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    It is not just the German duo. Actually I experience NC/bama players to be far worse at committing to the battle, but the ones I really want to put a bullet in are those piss poor DD players and Russian max range sniper cruiser. GOD!
  2. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    pink player

    Earned my first two and hopefully last pink status two months ago. IJN cruisers and 10 km torps can be a silly combo in the wrong hands, yet I would claim that one of the DDs that ate a load had it coming :) Generally I don't judge a pink, nor do I pay extra attention to them. In my my experience ( I might be lucky), only a handful pinkies have been TKing in my games and one was a total idiot a week ago but didnt do any team damage, yet he sailed his DD to the corner and was an [edited]for the entire battle. I've seen people started shooting at pink players and defending their actions in chat, assholes, if you ask me, and the usual trash talk towards pinkies. crap happens.
  3. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Yet another camping rant thread

    I've been blessed with close range BB captains (mostly) since new year, but friendly DDs have been a nightmare! Usually: - Lone wolfs that dies at the opposite cap point, that was agreed on. - Rushing ahead leaving the fleet behind ( even with BBs steaming full ahead towards the cap) and getting killed in a bottleneck - Smoke up shooters! Friendly team spotted, enemies are not. Usually these toons die to torpedos. - Third line torp snipers! Like I already said. I've been blessed with good BB caps, but friendly DDs are killing me.
  4. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Quitting due to full HP detonations.

    1 Detonation = 10 flags! What is the problem again? I manged to get an additional 10 flags today ( Haven't been detonated in months) so I got a total of 17 now!
  5. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Cruisers after Pan Asian DDs

    Greetings. I was just wondering how you fellow cruiser captains feels about the new Pan Asian DDs and how it affects cruisers role in the game? My point of view. So, I've been focused on cruisers and recently DDs for the last 4 months and love'em. Use to be a dedicated brawling BB cap, but times changed and I wasn't able to adopt the new sniping meta ( God it is boring). I love cruisers for their ability to redeploy, stealth, support roles, and so on. Never had issues fighting BBs, but then again I was pretty experienced with BBs, so their strengths and weaknesses were well familiar to me. My concern is those new Pan Asian DDs. Hard hitting stealthy deep water torps just seems like a nail in the coffin for cruisers. It was never an easy task to hunt a DD in a cruiser, yet you felt that you had the upper hand if you were constant aware of your prey's torpedoes. I must admit, that I've seen only a few Pan Asian DDs while grinding my beloved Myoko, but the few times I have, I was nuked out of the water while hunting them. I always place my ship so I can quickly turn towards the possible incoming torps and never sail in straight line , but VS a Pan Asian I've lost each time. Every time I try force them into a corner I lose. To make things worse... Why the hell did they add radars to those things! All in all I feel that new content in this game is pushing towards what killed my love for WOT. New gimmicks that leaves older lines obsolete. I am aware off the fact that I might be struggling to change and adapt, but my mind screams that Pan Asian was just another bad idea, just like HE, stealthy, zombie healing BBs. What is next? Have I lost it?
  6. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Need help with a few questions

    You are right. I was asking about dds. Sorry about that. I was ofc asking what us dds should shoot at other dds :) Sorry guys.
  7. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Need help with a few questions

    Cheers guys.
  8. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Need help with a few questions

    Hey Folks. The last few months I've turned into a DD captain (and IJN cruiser cap) and I've read a few guides here. I still got a few questions ( might have missed them in the guides) Currently at the tier 7 US Destroyer 1. What do you fire at enemy DDs? HE with IFHE cap skill or AP rounds? 2. I might have been unlucky, but I couldn't pen a Russian cruiser at 6km with AP, so, what is the optimal range for using AP against light cruisers, and should I avoid doing so at certain cruisers? Thanks for the help folks, Nix
  9. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Will BBs still be viable after 6.14 is out?

    How can DW torps affect BBs when 90% of the BB caps snipe from max range? It is another nail in the coffin for cruisers, not bbs
  10. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Heavy cruisers, useless in this meta

    I actually find cruisers to be the most valid option, since the game turned into a camp festival. My only issues are those HE spamming, high concealment, zombie repair UK battleships and the incoming deep water torpedos. In cruisers you can use your concealment, speed, and agility to disengage combat and leave a falling flank or a lost cause. To put in other words, you can abandon those snipers who abandoned you from the very first minut.
  11. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    I expect that the Pan-Asian DDs will change the gameplay to the worse

    BBs are fine, Cruisers are fine, destroyers are fine, carrier..... Odd class balanced ... What you actually do here is to accuse one class of crying, yet you turn a bit to "crying your self at the end . But you are right. We'll see some confused posting by some BB captains when their straight ahead sailing BBS get blown out of the water.
  12. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    I expect that the Pan-Asian DDs will change the gameplay to the worse

    This. Stealth HE spamming BBS, camping BBS and cruiser.... Why not add more sillyness to the game!?
  13. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Cyclons over & over again??..why?

    As a brawler across all classes, I love cyclones! Sucks for snipers, but who cares about them
  14. Started out as a BB captain; Hated DDs, loved BB targets Evolved into a Cruiser captain: Hated DDs, loved BB targets. Attempting to become a DD captain; Hate DDs, CVs, Love BB targets. Seeing how the game mentality evolved, I care little of the amount of BBs in game since 9/10 people (Cruisers and BBs) just spam at max range. I might suggest something not as popular Nerf accuracy greatly on cruisers and BBs beyond 15 km. Yes cruisers as well!, sniping cruisers are often left out of the camp discussion
  15. Lieutenant_Hubert_Gruber

    Why should i give you more money wargaming?

    Well, do you complain when you have a 4x win steamroll ?