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  1. worlok

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Hello, i also want to join the lottery. Thanks.
  2. Hi Aslain, if you could pass a suggestion to Hakabase.. In his side panels, we could use ship class and ship tier as a display option. Thank you.
  3. In version #02 all is good. Thank you for the feed-back. I undestand now what you mean about Pnfmods. In one of the previous packs this folder was present, probably by oversight. I always compare new vs old when i update so i assumed it's missing now.
  4. It's not the hakabase panel, only the icons and they are not upacked properly. Minimap mod has a different file structure as i said even if the mod is unchanged since february. The fonts are missing, please test it with a clean install if you want and compare it to the previous version. Custom battle loading screen - check the original mod page and you will see the file structure there. PnFmods folder is still there in Look here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/168qi2E1WgDbthKvFcthoJQbYyEzjdSwp/view Please check your facts. All feed-back i give here is correct and it is mainly for Aslain to fix it.
  5. Hello Aslain, so far, 3 mods are not working for me. by hakabase hakabase v2 -the archive seems to download but nothing is unpacked. There is no file related to this mod in res_mods folder Minimap Extended - the fonts part is missing from this version. Both fonts_config file and fonts*.swf file. I use the version and it's worhking fine. Custom Battle Loading Screen - there are files missing, including PnFmods folder and py files. still working fine. i tried several times. Is it me or is something wrong?
  6. It was the screen resolution (too small) :). Thank you for your time.
  7. I have only MS Essentials and it's disabled. The thing is the button "Show details" is missing completely from UI not that image is not showing. I tried the installer a few times, even with Run as admin. Is it working for you? Version is ofc v7.6.0.00.
  8. Hello Aslain, is there a problem with preview function? I check the box but nothing happens.
  9. worlok

    Bug Reports

    This. Can you guys give us an update about it?
  10. worlok

    Clan Battles Mission FIx - March 2, 6:00 CET

    Hello, how soon™ ? More than 24 hours later and i still did not get my gold. Any update?
  11. worlok

    Bug Reports

    The mission progress is bugged. On the end screen, the current battle is not included in the mission progress.
  12. Hi Aslain, side panels by Badobest v1, don't show enemy player names anymore. Anyone else has this problem?
  13. worlok

    Log-in problem?

    I still can't log in. Anyone else has the same problem?