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  1. The old minimap mod is dead? This is a big loss.
  2. Minimap is still missing?
  3. Hello. Return commander is stil missing?
  4. This is sad. Was the best looking version.
  5. Hello, chat v2 is still missing?
  6. If i may ask Aslain, where do you store the captains? I want to make a backup of that file. Thanks.
  7. Do you know if "Return captain to ship" is in the pack or not?
  8. @Aslain This is what i am talking about mate. From the config file. <target showDirectionLine="true"> <marker active="true" img="target_mark.png" /> </target> The line is not visible anymore in this build. And also the marker is not loaded onto the minimap. Last patch was working perfectly. Maybe you can get in touch with the creator to take a look at the problem. alt_minimap.swf is 6 months old now.
  9. Hello guys, can you check if in minimap mod the target direction line is still working for you? Funny the vanilla works normal.
  10. worlok

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Hello, i also want to join the lottery. Thanks.
  11. Hi Aslain, if you could pass a suggestion to Hakabase.. In his side panels, we could use ship class and ship tier as a display option. Thank you.
  12. In version #02 all is good. Thank you for the feed-back. I undestand now what you mean about Pnfmods. In one of the previous packs this folder was present, probably by oversight. I always compare new vs old when i update so i assumed it's missing now.
  13. It's not the hakabase panel, only the icons and they are not upacked properly. Minimap mod has a different file structure as i said even if the mod is unchanged since february. The fonts are missing, please test it with a clean install if you want and compare it to the previous version. Custom battle loading screen - check the original mod page and you will see the file structure there. PnFmods folder is still there in Look here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/168qi2E1WgDbthKvFcthoJQbYyEzjdSwp/view Please check your facts. All feed-back i give here is correct and it is mainly for Aslain to fix it.