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  1. artistar

    Anyone recognise this message at all, please?

    Thank you. I will give that address a try.
  2. Hi, sorry,does anyone recognise this message at all, please? 'Multi player features are locked on your account' and the Store is also locked withe similar wording. I've my checked my Xbox mail box and the notices, on here, WG haven't said anything, so I'm wondering, it couldn't be anything to do with the newest update, could it? Thank you.
  3. artistar

    I have Brit glowing appendages

    Thank you for your detailed explanation, I will give it a go. Edit: It worked, but still having problems with starting battles(where only occasionaly does it start)and accessing the GUI(where you have recruiting station, inventory and news)in the top left of the screen.
  4. artistar

    I have Brit glowing appendages

    My Graphics card although an old one, is virtualy brand new. May look at the drivers, though.
  5. artistar

    I have Brit glowing appendages

    Not using any mods. Been having problems with the display for a over a year. After consulting the player support and their specialists, following their guidelines, I still have a game which has problems............
  6. artistar

    I have Brit glowing appendages

    After the most recent update, all my British ships, now appear to have a case of scarlett fever! With red achors, wire reels, floodlights and lifeboats etc. Anyone else have this fever?
  7. artistar

    Logout after windows 10 update in begining af june

    I too experience after each game, it doesn't go to the score, it just drops out into the signing in screen. Also, I've had to almost every game, stop the game, because after the first screen it shows the battle, with the players listed and just hangs. Then start it again.........which has resulted in me getting undue penalties, if the servers not able to go to the battle. Seems like the latest update is riddled with problems; at least it is for me!
  8. The Stuka sirens were known as Jericho Trumpets!
  9. artistar

    Exeter - Last stage

    But they weren't, at least they bent the truth, regarding being able to do Part 4.1 in Co-Op, Ranked and Random. They should check their posts before posting them to ensure they're correct. I think WG should just omit 4.1...…...
  10. artistar

    Is Exeters Last Stand, Part 4 -1 Available to Co-Op?

    The only idiot is you, believing a bolshie response will frighten/put us in our place. The ONUS is upon Wargaming, to provide correct and relevant information, via their website at least, which they've had 3 weeks to do and have failed in this instance. Toivia, I appreciate information which is given without insults; if you're officialy a member of the Wargaming team, then you NEED to learn some manners, however, since I don't beleve any of their team would be so crass, I say CAN IT!.
  11. You realise unless you play Random or Ranked battles, and win the 7 achievements, you won't be able to continue with final 3 parts? I'd log a complaint, it was stated on the Net, wrongly, for three weeks.
  12. artistar

    Is Exeters Last Stand, Part 4 -1 Available to Co-Op?

    This being so, their info on the Web is wrong. The least they could do is to take out part 4.1, or face a torrent of angry players......and rightly so.
  13. artistar

    Is Exeters Last Stand, Part 4 -1 Available to Co-Op?

    Sorry, didn't search. In a hurry. So what does Wargaming say about this apparent faux pas? More importantly, what do they plan to do, to fix it?
  14. Is Exeters Last Stand, Part 4 -1 Available to Co-Op? The reason I ask, is because, on the Net it states it is available to :Random, Co-Op and Ranked battles, yet on the game, all that's suggested are the Co-Op and Ranked? Thank you.