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  1. MrFingers

    Forum Changes

    Can we have this "reaction-smiley" from the NA-forums. It can be useful in a lot of situations.
  2. MrFingers

    Remove ship health status bars,

    I’m going to say no, with the addendum “for normal random mode”. Would love it for WG to experiment with it though. Maybe in ranked sprint or something like that.
  3. MrFingers

    King of the Sea X Results

    The codes for the missions drop on April 4 & 5 IIRC.
  4. MrFingers

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

    RTS carriers came with their whole set of own problems, but the ships themselves weren't so omnipresent. Thing is that the CV rework failed to meet its goals, and CV's are now more than ever an absolute burden, especially since they are now present in 9/10 battles.
  5. MrFingers

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    King Of The Sea collection: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/kots-collection/
  6. They had 20 for 1.98€. It proves that the statements of WG that : "there are no differences between the players, regardless of what platform they play on". comparable offers will be offered to WGC players as well are just hollow shells in the end. Especially given WG's refusal to allow transfer from WGC to steam.
  7. It does get added to the list of Steam-benefits WGC-users never got to enjoy.
  8. MrFingers

    King of the Sea X Results

    New Collection: nice Again T10-exclusive: meh
  9. I've gotten 3.45k battles in PvP, 1.31k in PvE. But I hardly use those flags, only when I have the occasional day of premium running, and I feel like powergrinding.Or when there is a mission active that requires absurd numbers of XP.
  10. MrFingers

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    That's a very nice gesture! Much appreciated! Stay safe everyone out there, and don't take this whole COVID19-thing lightly, even though the imposed rules by your local government may appear totally excessive. While I myself I'm not directly active in the public health sector, I have a lot of colleagues that are. And each and everyone says that this is a VERY serious situation.
  11. They are not. I've also gotten around that much regular flags, and around half of that amount of special flags. And given my (vocal) stance on WG, you can be 100% sure I didn't spend a penny on them.
  12. It's my suspicion that those bugs were deliberately introduced in the AI (just mess up some lines of code), so WG had a visible excuse to pull the operation. When pulled: install the original AI again, and neuter the XP-gains. And hope people won't find out.
  13. Incremental nerfs and andjustments are only reserved for Soviet (or Soviet-inspired) items in this game. All the rest gets readjusted with a blunt chainsaw.