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  1. It says "the collection is permanent", does that mean you can collect collectibles in regular daily containers as well?
  2. MrFingers

    “Yamamoto Isoroku” collection containers - Arsenal?

    And you won't get Yamamoto for completing the collection. To get him, you must complete the entire campaign (5 stages, T8+ ships). The collection only gives flags, the ability to fly 2 flags of Japanese ships and an alternate camo scheme.
  3. MrFingers

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    I need HMS Furious in her intended 1917 form... for reasons... of 18".
  4. Isn't that just a set of daily missions (with the base-XP), that they give a fancy name?
  5. But, have you all avenged the Titanic already? Asking the real questions here!
  6. WG has utterly forked the matchmaker & population in WoT in the last years, making it so that there is hardly any influx anymore of new players there (they get clubbed to death by gold ammo and dedicated sealclubbers and leave in disgust, together with the veterans who also leave in disgust by the now obvious & blatant P2W mechanics that are now there in place). WoWS is not in that situation, so I doubt we're going to see official bots in PvP-environments soon, if ever.
  7. I've counted the hats, just in case...
  8. It's a Mackensen-class battlecruiser, but with a fictitious "what if" upgrade if it was indeed completed, survived the scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow for a miraculous reason and lived long enough to serve until WW2. Which is a shame IMHO, they could just went with the original plan. There are too little WW1-designs out here in WoWS.
  9. MrFingers

    Event quest

    Until the event ends, which is... next week?
  10. MrFingers

    December’s Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    To put it in perspective, these were the requirements to get the Varyag (T3 Russian cruiser, with a more famous career than Dreadnought (a ship that has rammed a submarine, but apart from that was notable for always being in port/docks when the major battles unfolded)). All to be done in T5+ ships, PvP or PvE. win 10 battles (14 days time) earn 2M credits (14 days time) earn 1000 ribbons (14 days time) final reward: 1 supercontainer win 5 battles (7 days time) do 65k damage in a victorious battle (7 days time) earn 20k XP (after modifiers were applied) (7 days time) sink 2 ships in a victorious battle (7 days time). The only time-gating applied was that you had to do the first mission set in 2 weeks, and the 2nd mission set in 1 week. If you completed one stage, you could directly proceed with the next mission. By comparison, this Dreadnought marathon is WAY more grindy for less rewards, due to the artificial braking with "only 2 missions per day".
  11. MrFingers

    Impossible to buy Santa Gifts frome Belgium or Luxembourg?

    Paid lootcrates are considered gambling by the Belgian government, and are thus subject to the laws & regulations of online casino's, which means: "don't promote it to minors, add an age-check to make sure that minors can't participate and have a license for organising gambling". WG chose not to follow the rules and not to request a license, but instead make purchasing of crates impossible when located in Belgium, thus exempting them from having to comply to Belgian law. It's not our government's fault, it's WG who decided they did not want to comply and go for the "we'll ban it ourselves"-route. Probably because that was cheaper & easier than to be compliant, since the Belgian market is marginal at best in terms of gains.
  12. MrFingers

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HAERT]

    Don't worry about it, neither did I. But it's fairly intuitive, and you don't need apps and such for the likes, I just have it as a clickable link in my Firefox-browser. @Fat_Maniac looks like we've got some new meat for the grinder!
  13. We are sponsored by Beteshda.