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  1. Suggestions thread

    Since patches are here to stay it seems, would it be possible to have backgrounds displaying your own nation? And award them via a dirt-easy mission (do 1000 damage) where the player can pick his set of backgrounds with the appropriate colours. So stuff like this (warning, epic MS-paint skills following).
  2. Done... Stage II was such a massive chore that I'm a bit fed-up with French ships ATM. Camouflage for the Richelieu comes in handy, but it looks atrocious.
  3. Just encountered @Flambass in his Hakuryu. Team decided to lemmingtrain hard on Two Brothers, with me at the other side. Flambass luckily had his carrypants-deluxe on (kraken), so it was a win.
  4. I have to say, that these patches are truly works of art. Not all of them are my taste, but some are right up my alley! I considered making one myself, but there was no way I could list mine among entries like these! I really need to learn to work with Photoshop/Paint.net!
  5. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    Can you make a small tutorial in this weeks WoWS Twitch Stream on how to blap smoked up ships without the mod? I consider myself an above average player, but getting the range right without any visual reference is impossible for me (especially without spotterplane). With the X-mod, I can do it with devastating accuracy. I'm willing to learn.
  6. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    It helps greatly in conjunction with the "last known position"-function on the minimap. That way you can pretty easily work out accurate enough coordinates (X via the normal reticle and minimap, Y via the minimap marker of the mod) of a ship that dissapeared from view (slowed down in smoke, or unspotted), and hit them. I tried that mod, and I found it disgusting, so I removed it after a few battles. Yes, you can use the spotterplane for the same purpose, but it requires substantial training, and it has a cooldown.
  7. There has been a discussion going on for a while about how all the achievements in WoWS are basically all tied to "kill ships". While killing ships is important, it sometimes overshadows the true focus of the attention, which is winning the game. On Reddit, our tamed Shakespearean reviewer Little White Mouse has posted a topic to see which medals/achievements are possible to augment the ones we currently have. World Of Tanks has that medal/ribbon thing nailed down pretty good, with plenty of achievements to earn and to be hunted. Maybe you lot can come up with some more? If you do, try to have it not based on kills, but on stuff that is beneficial to the gameplay/teamplay. There is a dire need for positive reinforcement when you do your task for the team. Some things that were already suggested. Achievements: David: as a bottom-tier ship, be the top of BXP earned among your team. Goliath: as a top-tier ship, be among the lowest 3 of BXP earned among your team. Will not be awarded when detonated or dev-struck. Get off my lawn: sit in a friendly cap and prevent the enemy from capping it for X duration due to your presence in the cap-circle. I spy with my little eye something starting with an S: spot X ships which get damaged by your team-mates. Kraken Denied: kill an enemy which has already killed 4 ships Riot Shield: Bounce 100 shells and survive Leviathan: kill 8 enemy ships Spongebawb: obtain 1000% of your maximum HP in potential damage, and survive the battle. (Historic) Medals: Rodney's Medal: Be responsible for the permanent destruction of all main armament on an enemy vessel. Battleships only. During her duel with Bismarck, HMS Rodney fired with devastating effect on her opponent, playing a key role in disabling the Bismarck's main gun battery. Scott's Medal: Score 5 citadel hits on enemy cruisers and destroy two enemy destroyers in a single match. Named after Rear Adm. Norman E. Scott of the United States Navy. USS San Francisco and USS Atlanta contributed to sinking Fubuki, Akatsuki, and Furutaka and heavily damaging Aoba under Scott's leadership off Guadalcanal. Evans's Medal: Deal 6x your base HP in damage to enemy cruisers. Destroyers only. Named after Cmdr. Ernest E. Evans of the United States Navy. Under Evans's command, USS Johnston torpedoed the Japanese heavy cruiser Kumano at short range during the Battle off Samar during the Johnston's legendary last stand against a major portion of the Combined Fleet. Tameichi's Medal: Deal 3x your base HP in damage to enemy destroyers and survive the battle. Japanese destroyers only. Named after Cmdr. Tameichi Hara of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Destroyers Amatsukaze and Shigure successfully participated in a number of successful night battles under Hara's command Medals don't need to yield rewards, but maybe they can for the truly heroic ones. Maybe something like a "mission modifier" which grants you X times an increased XP gain in X victorious battles for the ship in which you've earned that achievement. The same modifiers as are currently sold in some premium-ship bundles.
  8. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    I seriously like mine. It's better than the Monarch (then again, that is not difficult). I play it like an AP-Nelson. (2102 BXP, I play standard account)
  9. Suggestions thread

    Please re-introduce the loading-screens from Alpha/Beta please.
  10. What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    When I'm sailing a British BB, I tend to use HE from time to time (especially with low-calibre guns like the KGV/DoY). But that's about it. Never fired HE in my German, American or Japanese Battlewagons. And Nelson HE can citadel quite a few cruisers it encounters, and wreck modules along the way. Poor Atlanta that I encountered yesterday didn't know what hit him: HE citadel, double fire, 3 turrets knocked out, as well as one torpedo launcher and the rudder & engine. From one salvo at 11 kms.
  11. I agree, stage II was absolutely terrible. On a bright note, all 4 the ships dropped from French Containers, yesterday I received the mission of the Lyon.
  12. Captain Retraining - keep old ship?

    Ah, the infamous "Stage 5" of the old Weekly Missions, EU style.
  13. Captain Retraining - keep old ship?

    At a 19pt commander, it's 125.000 XP that's needed. which is a quite a few games.
  14. on the PTS you can buy them for doubloons in-game. Same rate as the non-discounted flags on the NA-Premium-Shop. Maybe (finally) a way for us EU players in 0.7.3?