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  1. Is game broken?

    That's because the Khabarovsk is made from solid steel. There is nothing inside it: no engines, no boilerroom, no crew compartiments,... it's hewn from a solid molding, and kept afloat & propels itself by the sheer anger of the proletariat.
  2. Completed both now. Scharnhorst camo is nice, but I won't use it, because it looks so out of place on all but 3 maps. If it gave some different boni compared to the standard camo, it would've been a different story (Commander/FreeXP multiplier instead of the regular XP for instance).
  3. Not by me though, I only get flags.
  4. That means that Mikasa, Tachibana, Katori, Ishizushi, Mutsu, Kaga Albany, Smith, Texas, Marblehead, Arizona, Saipan, Indianapolis, Enterprise Diana, Aurora, Oleg, Okt. Rev., Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Okhotnik, Makarov Emden, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen Campbeltown, Warspite, Gallant Anshan Dunkerque Guilio Cesare are all going to be removed? I doubt as well that it is to keep the ships that are popular and fun to use (Spee? Molotov?).
  5. And with mission designs like "hit 11 British torpedoes", you get stuff like this
  6. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 5 medium ones, just "for the sake of it", since those seem to have the highest chance of spawning premium ships 15x Frosty Fir 15x Frosty Fir 15x Frosty Fir 15x Wyvern (credit) 1000D Meh.
  7. Collectors club

    I already made a flag tho'...
  8. Suggestions thread

    In WoT you have the "Marks of Excellence", which display your mastery of a vehicle with barrel-markings. Wouldn't it be nice to have such a thing in WoWS as well? But not with barrel markings, but maybe by using flags flown by commanders. For example, for the Germans For the British For the Americans ...
  9. It's a fun ship. It's very forgiving and it prints credits like there is no tomorrow (not Missouri-levels, but still). It has to be my most played BB, and among my most favourite ships ingame.
  10. Mission Design in DoY Campaign

    According to RadarX (an NA WG Staff), those missions were tested and tweaked for months prior to release. While that may be the case, such testing can never display the impact such missions have on the matchmaker and gameplay due to the small population that is used in that testing. This set of missions clearly showed this, that no matter how decently you test and tweak, you can't predict the impact nor outcome of such missions when it finally hits the full population. TBH, I found the Graf Spee mission (incremental amounts of (base) XP, with one task that needed repeating per stage) way more fun. These missions for the DOY made me think a time too often to the adagium WG-EU used to say when players complained about the ridiculous final stages of the old weekly missions: "But these missions are designed to make you feel like you've accomplished something". They did not generate that feeling at all, quite the contrary.
  11. For 2018, I decided only to go for TYL-containers, because I'm reasonably well stuffed on flags anyway. So far I hauled 3 supercontainers, on January 2nd, 3rd and 15th. All while running Premium. 100x India Yankee (-20% Fire duration) 50x Restless Fire camo's 7 Days of Premium
  12. Premium ship one time restoration

    Isn't 1 clemency per account per lifetime (EU) vs 4 clemencies per account per year (NA) not a bit too... extreme of a difference? Regarding portslots: I have... 16 spare ones, and I can't get them filled.
  13. Premium ship one time restoration

    NA has 4 clemencies per year. Also 2 months though, IIRC. EU is the harshest regarding such stuff