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  1. MrFingers

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Saw the 4 crewmembers on the ship a few days ago, so I hit "TYL" instead of resourced: 50 Sci-Fi camouflages.
  2. MrFingers

    Great White Fleet Event

    Nothing to be seen on my side... Website acting up then?
  3. MrFingers

    The concerning direction that Directives are taking

    I wholeheartedly agree with the general trend, and especially the required daily attendance (because WG values a player that plays 7 hours a week way lower than one that plays 1hr a day). Idem for the meagre rewards for the missions. However for this particular set of directives, you only have to complete 4 missions out of 9, so you can choose for which one you do. And the missions are fairly easy to complete bar one or two per stage. Especially if you saved up a bit on flags and camo’s. We’ve seen worse, way worse! This set of directives is honestly a bit of a relief and a breath of fresh air. I prefer these directives over the ones for Aboyneau/Kuznetsov/Benham all day. Not to mention Gorizia/PR.
  4. MrFingers

    Great White Fleet Event

    Article ninja-edited? Previously it said: "Twenty-two skilled Commanders who are touched by luck will get 3 months of Warships Premium Account and 100x “For Meritorious Service” camouflages, in addition to other prizes!" This now has been removed from the EU and ASIA articles, and kept in place for the NA & RU articles (RU has a way bigger event with patches and free containers for the 23rd of February holiday). Wargaming back to its old shenanigans? It appears so!
  5. MrFingers

    Help a Friend – Win a Ship!

    The sick and the unemployed (or a combination of both).
  6. MrFingers

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    No short-term (< 14 days) timegated content anymore.
  7. MrFingers

    Why the insane resource ship price inflation?

    WG has borked their own in-game economy by shoving boosters down our throats because that makes them a quick buck. And now we reap the "results" from that.
  8. MrFingers

    Help a Friend – Win a Ship!

    Not really worth the effort of scavenging new recruits (as in: the chances of getting a decent reward are slim to none). That flag sure looks nice, pity it won't be awarded to recruiters who already have X recruits in their portfolio. A sign of the times at WG where your past efforts & accomplishments are ignored, and only new stuff is worth something. I'm stepping out of that ratrace.
  9. MrFingers

    Smaland cost

    That’s only 80k doubloons (or 57.143k during an 1/35 event) to convert. Bargain if you ask me! /s
  10. MrFingers


    I suggested a comparable thing ages ago, using Admiral flags: WG doesn't want to spend resources in it.
  11. Limit the number of tokens that could be ground with the London then. Or make the tokens an "premium shop-exclusive" mission for those who bought London. This timegating sucks the fun out of the game even more than the CV Reeeeeeeeework, Russian fantasy-stuff or the total lack of community-care.
  12. MrFingers

    Naval Legends: B-413 – Trailer

    Ah yes, the Foxtrot, a ship so legendary that we towed ours ( B-143) to the breakers last year because there was little interest in it anymore as a museum. Then again: it was actually built and didn't collapse on itself, which is a legendary feat for Soviet shipbuilding.
  13. MrFingers

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    Reasonable mission chain: nice Acceptable final small reward: nice Decent final real reward (ABC): acceptable Having ABC for tokens, and have your progress reset to 0 after 0.9.3 goes live if you don't have 1000 tokens: not good (at least the progress with Sansonetti is kept, so you only have to buy the remaining "points" in the armoury when they come available) Giving a huge advantage to players who got lucky in the atrocious Stage1 of this event and got Albemarle: überbad Timegating: gigabad Forcing daily attendance for tokens: incredibly überbad
  14. MrFingers

    Premium Shop: Ships as Gifts for Doubloons

    It would be better if the Armoury got updated with fresh ships to purchase for doubloons. There is little use for buying doubloons if you can hardly spend them on useful stuff. And Katori (7500D) & Dreadnought (14000D) or both for 30500D... 2 T3 portqueens that can't be used for anything in this game because missions start at T5 and the sky-police patrols T4. I honestly don't know if this is an offer or an insult.
  15. MrFingers

    Saving HMS Bristol

    I'd rather have that WG would investigate HMS Whimbrel / Tarik (Black Swan sloop, present at the Japanese surrender and the last Liverpudlian ship that fought the Battle of the Atlantic) and HMS Zenith / El Fateh (Z-class destroyer, also a veteran of WW2), both are rusting away in Egypt.