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  1. MrFingers

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    They used to do that for the previous 3 years, so it's really a valid question though.
  2. MrFingers

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Remains the question: time-limited just for the anniversary, or the "doubloon coupon" is now a thing and here to stay?
  3. Am I the only one that's really fed up with the directives? And especially the lack of variety. It's always directives, each patch a new set of directives with a different theme but the same content/requirement types.
  4. MrFingers

    Anomalies in the "Recruiting Station" points counter?

    Result of this week: Points credited: 1040 Points earned: 5240 - 3930 = 1310. That means that 21% of the points that were earned were not credited. From the start of the program, I know I already spent 3890 points on various containers, including the 400 points that you get for getting your first referree. So of the 3930 points my referrees had earned, 440 of them were not credited. Which is 12%. Seems like the database for the recruiting points has an issue especially when amassing large quantities of points during a week and when multiple referrees are playing together.
  5. See signature. The ones in cursive are paid/partially paid for. The ones in regular did not require a monetary transaction (bonuscode, coal-grind, marathon-reward, themed container,...). None of the ships came from a supercontainer. Enterprise came from a standard CV-container earlier this year, Mutsu came from the free Santa-crate of 2017, Atlanta was a bonus-mission during the Indianapolis-marathon, Alabama dropped out of a Yuzral CCT-container. 37 in total 6 of them bought
  6. MrFingers


    Pssst, wanna buy a container with guaranteed tokens?
  7. MrFingers

    The "Core" number of "World of Warships" players...

    10 battles last month. 8 of them Ranked, 1 Random, and 1 Ranked Sprint. If one comes up with stupid incentives to "keep the playerbase entertained", and all it results in is burning players out. Once you're out of the loop, it's very hard to get back into WoWS. And that's entirely WG's fault.
  8. MrFingers

    The "Core" number of "World of Warships" players...

    I stuck around since CBT, and managed to get a grand total of 0 French tokens. I just didn't bother with this event (or any in the future if they keep going on this path).
  9. WG Support sometimes isn't aware of the new rules & regulations that are in place. Had the same happen when trying to restore my sold Balancedfast when WG lifted the "6-month deadline of clemency". It was njet at first, but after escalating it, it went without any problem.
  10. MrFingers

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    It's not *that* bad anymore TBH. It closes itself when the game launches (no longer running idle/"idle" in the background).
  11. MrFingers

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    WG says it's in the polishing state. You can polish a trainwreck all you want, you still end up with a pile of mangled steel (that's all shiny), it won't magically repair itself with just polish & some time. Look, I'm not against submarines, au contraire... But first fix what needs fixing, before adding more bells & whistles.
  12. MrFingers

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    We've learned from the CV-"rework", and how great that turned out to be. If the CV-rework was successful, and balanced, you would have seen different reactions from a large part of the playerbase. Most stems from "wait, wut? You're working on submarines, and you haven't even found a working balance with the previous class?"
  13. MrFingers

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    Remember when they said that they would roll them out gradually and only when the base is consolidated, in order not to get a CF like the CV-reeeeeework? Yeah, looks like that gets thrown out of the window as well, we'll see subs probably before 2020.
  14. MrFingers

    World of Warships is sailing to Greece!

    Only if I can host a really obscene wedding on the decks!
  15. MrFingers

    Another rental guys

    They did give away thousands of Cesare's to dormant/inactive accounts in order to lure them back in the game (among other ships, also Ishizushi's, Prinz Eugens,...). A mail was sent with "log in, and get this ship for free". That's how MrsFingers got her Cesare. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/145753-email-says-free-cesare-tier-v-and-other-stuffbut-nope/