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  1. HSF Harekaze, any chance?

    From the 079 patchnotes 0.7.9 Patchnotes stated this: High School Fleet Due to the termination of the contract with the copyright holder, the High School Fleet camouflage for Musashi and Harekaze is to be removed from the game. This, however, does not affect items that are currently on the players' accounts. In addition, if the account has an incomplete HSF collection, it still can be completed, which will get you a camouflage for battleship Yamato. If you still wanna buy a camoflauge from HSF do it now. In other words: Caps won't come again into the Prem Shop and HSF Harekaze will most probably never get into the Prem shop again. Except maybe as a renamed copy like the three Kamikaze sisters. This is though kinda questionable... People that own that stuff won't loose anything btw.
  2. What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Upcoming Premium ships that are now in Supertest. HMS Vanguard, T8 British BB HMS Dreadnought, T3 British BB USS West-Virginia, T6 American BB (old A-hull Colorado) USS Charleston, T3 CA (St.Louis class) USS Wichita, T8 CA
  3. 10x Belfast 10x Guilio Cesare 10x Kutuzov 10x Fujin 10x Imperator Nikolai + halloween skin 5x Hood + Azur Lane pack Space camo's Dasha commanders worldwide, so the chance to win something was slim.
  4. Constant uphill battle, but then the Stiff Upper Lip got the job done, without a sweat!
  5. "Supply Lines" event: feedback

    IIRC, clans were matched together based on performance. So if you have a small clan, or a clan without much activity, you'd be matched against another clan which is in the same boat in terms of participation. It's not that a 5-member clan with T6 ships would be matched against a 50-member Typhoon league clan. The extention of the battle-window would remedy some of the issues you have. I couldn't participate as much as I'd wanted to to other plans in the weekend. But I could do my stars on a Friday or a Monday.
  6. Ranked Season X

    T10 was the most balanced tier there was... until the Harugumo/Wooster/Stalingrad nation attacked. Back to T8 it should go, which is the next most balanced Tier, especially when the CV's got reworked and GZ/Enterprise isn't an issue anymore.
  7. "Supply Lines" event: feedback

    First and foremost: for it being a first iteration of such an event, it was pretty well thought out and worked as it should have worked. I hope WG will further expand on this event, and make it a semi-recurring thing in the future. Some remarks I have though: Time zone advantage: The issue with the time zones is that the clan who is located more westward is at a clear advantage. They can freewheel a bit and observe what the other clan is doing, and then match their efforts with that of the opponent and do "one more", when the opponent is logging off for the day and can't defend their lead unless they wake up at 4AM in the morning to squeeze in a final few games. For EU vs RU duels it wasn't as much of an issue due to the relative proximity of the populations, but NA clans were at an advantage against EU clans. EU was at an advantage to ASIA. This could be remedied by making the progress "blind" to eachother, so one clan doesn't know how the other clan is doing in terms of stars, or only give "star brackets" to at least obscure the score a bit. External website: good for a first edition, but I'd rather see WG hosting this on their own turf. There were issues with stars disappearing, people getting more than 15 stars, rumours of hacking,... By having it hosted by WG, it is guaranteed to be as neutral as can be. A mere damage-focussed method meant that some players actively abandoned teamplay in order to farm their stars. This is bad design, and needs to be adjusted. Nothing wrong with using damage, but "and win" should give a bonus, in order to entice people to play to their best, instead of farming damage and abandoning the objective of the match. Relatively short windows of interaction. There were only 48hrs during which stars could be farmed, and not everyone can be present during those 2 days. Having that extended to 72 or 96 hours would open the event up to more people.
  8. EU server massive lag

    Indeed. Only some seem to be affected by it though, others can play without any issue (or noticeable issue).
  9. 10pt Captain Skill on a Warspite

    Yeah, but Warspite burns very easily I've noticed.
  10. 10pt Captain Skill on a Warspite

    Concealment expert to do the "tadaa: surprise" by popping up at point-blank(ish) range. Fire Prevention to prevent being burned to a crisp. The 'Spite burns... a lot!
  11. Anniversary Event

    0. Otherwise it would have said anything about that in the patchnotes.
  12. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    45k coal, I'd gladly take it!
  13. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    100x November Foxtrot flags for owning the Mongqueror since today (boy, is that ship boring). Those can go to the 951 of those that I already had.
  14. "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    T10 =/= active or long time. Because basically every mouthbreather with more money than sense can buy himself 2/3 T8 premiums on the first day, and blunder his way, with a 44% WR, HE-spam from maximum range and premium time + camo's/signals to enough XP to convert he can just unlock a T10. Meanwhile a player that grinds the game from the bottom up, tries his best to get decent WR, damage, fragrate,... but has not reached T10 because of whatever reason (working on multiple lines, no interest in T10 because of the absolute stale & boring gameplay where everybody hides and snipes (April Fools event was a nice example of that, it gave people a taste of T10 gameplay, and I can only assume that there are quite a lot of people who must have thought "eeeew, this is not for me"...) is just left out, and has to settle for some flags. Even if that second player has more battles to his name, and has spent more time in the game. What if you're a player who today has X,945 battles? Will he get the X times 5 flags, and then 5 flags more when he reaches Y.000 before September 28th, or will that be for next year.