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  1. MrFingers

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    They made steel available for purchase and obtainable by a relatively easy mission. Thus its value has been decreased, and the prices are readjusted to reflect that. Same for the FXP ships, or the coal ones.
  2. MrFingers

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    I think the main reason to do it (apart from making a quick buck in a repulsive way) is to spread the playerbase a bit. By releasing a techtree from scratch, without allowing for some headstart, it absolutely destroys the low-tier matchmaker for weeks.
  3. MrFingers

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Eh... I guess... Some issues get fixed, other (glaring) issues still are there for whatever reasons there may (not) be. I'm finding it a bit hard actually to be enthusiastic about a new set of lengthy patchnotes which basically describe "yeah, we're floating around without much of a long-term roadmap or general plan, here is yet another event that is very alike the previous one". Probably me though.
  4. MrFingers

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    I must say that the "swinging of the guitar necks" still pales in contrast to The Tornados...
  5. MrFingers

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    I’m more annoyed it is T10 again. Like that is the only tier WG is interested in.
  6. The announcement said: " We’ve received a great deal of good feedback from you about this and will be expanding on the concept this April with… SPACE DROPS!" Any reader that sees the word "expanding" will logically assume that the temporary event for space-containers were to be added to the regular drops (because it's temporary), otherwise it would say "alter" or "rework". What turned out to be a switcheroo in the end, with regular twitch containers being switched for space-containers, and only a limited number of them (5?) for the entire duration of the event, whereas in the 12 days it runs, people often would get more than 5 regular containers (and thus also getting more than 50 oil). It shouldn't come as a surprise people are having questions about this. I'm not talking about the contents though, as diversifying in that (and having the chance on some more substantial hauls) is a good thing, which I greatly applaud and I hope will see full-scale implementation in the future.
  7. I got Enterprise from the "Daily Shipment" container for Day 5. I'm sitting this iteration of FlyStrikeWin out due to burnt-out from PEF & Exeter, so only got 2 containers from the first stage (2k coal, 2 Leviathan flags). This is the second time in my entire WoWS-carreer that a ship fell out of a standard container (the other being the Atlanta-mission during the Indianapolis-marathon, convieniently it happened the day before the "score 150 main battery hits in a victorious battle").
  8. MrFingers

    Twitch drops significantly decreased?

    They are limited, and it seems WG altered the droprates of all Twitch-containers in order to get those space/super containers to fit in without being too generous. And in true WG-fashion, they altered it with a sledgehammer.
  9. Understood (and logical), but then again: please work on your communication. Why not say upfront the drops are limited in quantity. I’m not the only one with that issue: Still doesn’t explain why the regular twitch-drops are also halted. As for experimenting with alternative drops: that’s a good thing.
  10. Exactly the same that happened with me. Same numbers as well.
  11. MrMacavity, The Grumpy Beard, Flamu, Flambass, Helrig, Izolate & Notser. From 9AM to 6PM, not muted and active in chat (within reason). It worked great until March. Then on Monday I got 4 drops all at once, and then nothing at all.
  12. MrFingers

    twitch DROP content (promises & reality)

    And as soon as the drops happened, they stopped again.Not a single drop (normal, space or super) since Monday 1200hrs, despite having Twitch open (and active) for the entire day... NA players seem to get regular drops according to the twitch-chat.
  13. @Crysantos, any idea why the drops are so erratic on EU compared to NA? I know it has to do with chance, but getting days without a single drop whereas NA get regular drops is a bit peculiar. I didn't get any (regular, space, super) drop since Monday, which has never happened before.
  14. MrFingers

    Back after a couple of years - whats the best changes?

    EU players aren't being shafted anymore with ridiculous mission requirements for measly (or non-existing) rewards. And EU players get access to all the missions the other regions get as well. Apart from that... Nihilan listed them already.
  15. I like the style of the video, but then again, the WG-video team is REALLY good in their field, often delivering cinema-worthy shortfilms. But calling it "The Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy" for a branch of ships that, bar one, never left the slipway or even the pencil-stage is... yeah... ironically fitting for a surface-fleet that is "known" for not doing a lot except for blundering into minefields.