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  1. Come and learn every secret from the two times back to back jingles gaming champion and have fun~
  2. Come join the better clan! Yura would never lie~
  3. DD_Libeccio

    Replying to very old posts

    Even if necroposting is pretty dumb, you could just sort the forum section by start date and avoid the issue.
  4. New week new bump! Come join us~
  5. Only two spaces left in BLUMR, but HAIFU is gonna soon get 10 more slots to fill! Come join us~
  6. poi poi~ only a couple of places left in BLUMR!
  7. BLUMR is always looking for new members~
  8. Back with a not so sneaky bump! Both BLUMR and HAIFU will partecipate in clan battles this season and we're definitely looking for some people that want to play! Especially HAIFU as it's their first serious season~
  9. New season of clan battles is gonna start soon! If you're interested, we have plenty of spots left~
  10. poi poi~ come have fun with us~
  11. Spots are still open! Come join us and rant about how you're not getting your raifu in Girls' Frontline!
  12. POI! Only a couple more spots open in BLUMR, but we have plenty of space in HAIFU! Come join us~
  13. HAIFU is looking for more members to play CB next season, but everyone is welcome! There's also still some places left in BLUMR!