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  1. Come join us, we have cute pictures!
  2. Don't trust those FMP guys, we have plenty of pois too in our discord~ Both clans in our community have slots open, come join us!
  3. BLUMR is full for now, but we're only 10k oil away from unlocking 10 more slots! And HAIFU is always looking for new members too, poi~ You better hurry up then >:D
  4. We're always looking for new members, come and have a chat with us!
  5. HAIFU has quite a few spaces open, BLUMR will soontm unlock the final expansion. And feel free to join the discord to come chat with us even if you don't have the requirements yet!
  6. Poi poi~ HAIFU is looking for new members!
  7. BLUMR is almost full, but HAIFU still has a lot of spots open, come have fun o7
  8. First bump from me, plenty of spots open~