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  1. Cuarzo

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Great. No AA fix; nothing about captains skills adjustment (AFT, i'm looking at you); not a word about the CE uselessness (is that well said?) when CVs are present... But you lose your time in a post-apocalyptic waterworld-themed game mode nobody asked for. Another failure.
  2. 2 containers (1 mission, 1 daily) 5000 free XP Asashio B Won`t complain about it at all. Though i think asashio will stay a looooong time parked (if i ever use it).
  3. And where is the CAP every CV were always flying? No CV was stupid to go sail without a minimum CAP and some fighters ready to launch. Just now, attacking CVs seem to be very rewarding, as they won't actively evade (just standing still or moving from one waypoint to another) and their long range AA is always almost nonexistent. And instead of giving the squadrons the silly ability of calling fighters to patrol an AREA, something mostly useless ('cause most ships are constantly moving), why don't give them the ability of calling a CAP over a friendly ship, even the Carrier herself? For me this is another way of forcing carriers into a game where they don't belong and could be easily substituted by airstrikes or something like that.
  4. So far i haven't played a single CV game. With the new format... i won't do either. Because i think carriers don't belong to a game where ships exchange shots between them. There are so many things wrong with the concept....
  5. Cuarzo

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    For me, so far so good: 25 Wyvern flags (+50% credits): not bad, not good. With 15 premium ships i prefer play with some of them. Okhotnik and Kami-R are soooo fun 100 Victor Lima flags (+0.5/1% fire chance, +4% flooding): bad, really bad. +50.000 free XP: good. now i'm half way to Nelson, or perhaps wait a bit longer and pick up Kronshtadt (or Alaska) instead. I have 2 more tier X in sight for this week: Montana and Shimakaze. Hope these ones will be better.
  6. Why are BBs even consider changing ammo type when they consistently get things like these? 8 hits against a Yugumo and at least 4 full penetrations???? It's the same if you're manouvering or not, if you get hit angled or full broadside, at any distance you'll get wrecked by the same class you're suppossed to counter. Great.
  7. It's not only the players abillity. Have anyone noticed the 2 poor tier 8 chaps there? am i the only one who really gets mad about it time and again?. That's even worse!! I am so tired of the +-2 MM and being constantly uptiered... I 've played 5 games this morning, and MM gets really depressing Only one tier 8 against a mass of tier 10. And to top it all, both games were lemming trains 3 tier VII in a heavy tier IX game. 2 of them were victories, but were is the fun here? someone can tell me? All in all, this morning 20% as top tier, 20% middle tier and 60% bottom tier. And nobody see a problem here??? And don't lets talk about BB behavior in top tiers. Most of them don't get into 10 km range of a cap even when all the DDs and cruisers in the other team have died. Yes, MM has a lot of problems, and WG will do nothing about it for as long as money keeps pouring into the bag
  8. Cuarzo

    DD game play is utterly broken

    I don't think DD game is broken, you just have to be more cautious and be aware of those radars, where are they and your distance to them. And not all the games have a lot of radars. I'd say the number is slowly shrinking and going back to normal. The last two games i've played with DDs had 6 radars total, so it's not that bad as long as you're aware they are there.
  9. And that's what i meant when said that rewards should be completely reworked. In fact, a big chunk of the XP is based on % of the HP you took from your targets. For example, if you make 80K damage on one ship, then you'll win much more XP and money than if you make the same dmg over several targets. You can't just add some ribbons without changing this system from the very base, 'cause casual players will see them just as a meaningless reward that doesn't affect them UNLESS they see it somehow reflected in their score window. And that's another fault of the game. You only see the final XP you won, not WHY you won it, or why other players won more or less than you. BUT if you could see you won 1K XP and why, and could see why another player won 2K, then you could act accordingly and adjust your playstyle. Unfortunately, and knowing WG, this is something will never happen.
  10. i support Flamu too... but the problem here is: reworking the entire reward system would take too much hard work. And why do it when money flows and there is no competition in the market?
  11. Cuarzo

    How many French BBs did you get?

    I've been very lucky, 'cause not only got 2 BBs (Tiers 5 & 6), but managed to complete the collection (15 items plus 10 duplicates, the bare minimum to get it finished).
  12. Cuarzo

    Misiones francesas

    Quizás de aquí: Operación Hermes. Las dos primeras estrellas te dan tres cofres (sólo la primera vez). Y en ese mismo enlace, más abajo (Campaña "El oro de Francia") indica: You will also receive five containers with collection items from the French collection and a unique patch dedicated to the introduction of French battleships. O sea, que finalizar la campaña te da otros 5 cofres, así que supongo que oportunidades de terminar la colección no faltarán.
  13. Cuarzo

    Misiones francesas

    Bueno, pues logré acabar "Vive la France". No he acabado del todo mal: completé la colección y me tocaron los acorazados V y VI. O sea, por una vez la fuerza estuvo conmigo. Peeeero (siempre hay un pero, en el caso de WG más de uno): Lo de que te toque un acorazado sólo si San RNG quiere es de pena. Si quieres premiar la constancia, dalos al final de las dos series de misiones. No lo hagas depender encima de cofres de pago. La posibilidad de obtener barcos de hasta tier 8 es muy mala idea. Parece que no aprenden de la debacle del Bismarck. Algunas misiones son verdaderamente asquerosas. No por lo difíciles, sino por lo repetitivas. ¿25 torpedos? ¿15 partidas ganadas?, vamos hombre hay otras formas de hacerlas menos accesibles -si es eso lo que realmente quieren- sin alargarlas hasta el infinito y más allá. ¿Cuántas actualizaciones son necesarias para introducir de una vez la línea francesa? Los británicos se introdujeron de una sola vez. Aquí llevamos ya dos y aún no tengo claro que en la próxima acaben saliendo todos. A este paso llega el verano y aún no habrán llegado los cruceros americanos. Por cierto, esta colección también me ha venido bien para otra cosa... sólo me faltan 15000 XP y 2 millones de monedas para el Des Moines (Espero que merezca la pena, pq si no, me acabo pegando un tiro. Que sufrimiento de cruceros....)
  14. Cuarzo

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi, and Merry Christmas from Spain. I'd like to participate, and if i win i'd like: #1: Roma (if available) or Tirpitz. #2: Anshan. the rest: (in this order) any prem ship i don't possess / doubloons / premium time
  15. Cuarzo

    Heavy cruisers, useless in this meta

    Another example: In 2 salvoes from 2 ships: Detect a Missouri at 13km. Smoke (i'm in Neptune). When stopped, start moving backwards and fire without being detected. At 2nd or 3rd salvo, incoming fire and BAM! almost 30K gone. Heal, fire some more rounds and go. Detected as i exit the smoke cloud, but no incoming Fire. When i was back into stealth mode, and after some crazy moves, one blind salvo from Missouri and i joined the davy's locker. May someone tell me HOW THE F*CK could i'd possibly have played better if all the damage i received was while being undetected? When a cruiser needs more than 20 hits to sink a DD, but a BB needs only a couple salvoes to do the same to a cruiser? Yes, perhaps T10 cruisers are ok, but why in the heck must we suffer throught the grind while the rest of classes are totally playable (save from a bad ship here or there)?