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  1. Sneaky WG, trying to earn a few bucks by abusing 'the fear of missing out'. Don't fall for that trick, there will be plenty of fun ship left if you do not buy these. If you really don't want to miss out anything, be aware that the Smaland and Thunderer will be removed as well with update 0.10.1.
  2. Well, I guess it goes both ways. As a player, it's frustrating to get something different than expected, definitely if it's less in value. On the other hand, Wargaming should make decisions to cancel old stuff over time to be able to continue developing the game. If I were you, I would put some effort in contacting player support a bit, it was promised to you after all and there was no time limit noted. You also could invest that time though in playing some battles and finish the 4-year anniversary missions and receive a free tier 6 ship (permanent). Warning: it's time limited
  3. Please tell me, how to put SBM2 on tirpitz? That would be wonderful! SBM1 is of course fun for a secondary build, and a much less of a sacrifice to make compared to dropping MBM3 in order to mount SBM2. Alsace is something I want to test, it looks quite promising.
  4. Do you guys agree though that SBM2 is a bit redundant in slot 6? I get the feeling that investing that slot to dpm will always give you a too big of a disadvantage in any ship. Whether it's a buff or being switched to slot 5, should anything be done?
  5. Anymn

    PMM (Preferential Matchmaking)

    It's not a thing in wows, nor should it, really. The only thing it causes is balancing headaches for developers, which causes them to make even worse decisions
  6. GK is an issue, yes. But for concealment: I think it would work sometimes, and sometimes not. But I think the decision concealment v.s. IFHE (you can drop that one for CE) v.s. secondary dpm would be a nicer one compared to main gun dpm vs. secondary gun dpm as it is now. It would give the player more options. Also, some players use Target Acquisition now, and they also are able to survive (with a more tankier build, sure).
  7. That's why I Initially suggest to move it to slot 5, so tier 8 can also use them, yet they have to compromise concealment to do so. AFT can't really be removed as a lot of other classes are using it for AA/main battery range. For them it's quite a mandatory skill.
  8. That would be wonderful, but maybe a bit OP. It would start firing at 13-14km ranges. On the other hand, you're compromising Main Battery DPM, so it could be a valid argument that it would be balanced. And it would be a severe nerf to Tirpitz, Bismarck and Massachusetts as they don't have acces to slot 6.
  9. Worse? It would give more options to the players, how can that be worse? I think dropping the Concealment Mod would be a fair trade-off for extra secondary dpm, much more compared to dropping 12% main battery reload. Also, only when you take IFHE you have to drop CE for your captain. Furthermore, I think it's great to have it at tier 8 for ships like Bismarck/Massachusetts, but it indeed comes at a cost of increased visability.
  10. In this post I want to discuss the use of Secondary Battery Mod 2, the upgrade that gives -20% reload speed in slot 6. Currently, there are a lot of useful upgrades in slot 6: +15% AA gun performance (AAGM2) -12% reload for main guns, -13% turning speed (MBM3) -20% secondary reload speed (SBM2) +16% firing range (GFCSM2) -11% dispersion for main battery (APRM2 - USA only) Now, of those four, SBM2 is considered too weak by many, many players. It's fun to use, but there are nearly no ships that can effectively benefit from this -20% reload speed, and for ships that can benefit from it (Alsace, Großer Kurfürst), MBM3, or even GFCSM2, is usually a better choice. Therefore I would like to start a discussion about the following: Shouldn't SBM2 move to slot 5? In my opinion, this would have some very interesting consequences: Tier 8 ships will get acces to this upgrade, meaning it's usable on a lot of popular secondary build ships: Tirpitz, Bismarck, Massachusetts, Graf Zeppelin, Richelieu. Battleships have to compromise their concealment/torpedo detection in order to use it, allowing for more variation in upgrades. What do you think about moving SBM2 to slot 5?
  11. Anymn

    Armada: Yūdachi

    How is it compared to the HSF Harekaze (tier for tier)? Any point to pick it up if you own the latter?
  12. Anymn

    Friesland vs Tashkent/Khabarovsk?

    By the way, I decided to buy the Friesland, and I'm very glad I did. I'm not a pro with it, but I think it's a very fun ship. Best thing is that ROF combined with fast turning turrets, something I absolutely miss on the Khabarovsk.
  13. Anymn

    Friesland vs Tashkent/Khabarovsk?

    Thanks, I'll try to improve using this! Do you think having no smoke is still viable after CV rework?
  14. As a Dutch player, I really have to hold my horses for clicking that Buy-button immediately when seeing the Friesland on sale. However, I'm in doubt: currently I've bad experiences with the Khabarovsk, I'm not really enjoying that ship. Will the Friesland be any better for me/allow for different plays? I'm doubtful, considering: Both have no (useful) torps; Both are fully gunboats; Both have crappy concealment; Any advices?
  15. Anymn

    Submarines are Coming

    Sounds great! But shouldn't we give light cruisers / destroyer leaders also give depth charges? Ships such as the Atlanta specifically, which carried them historically.