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  1. CuddlyPanda

    USS Buffalo guide

    Guns do behave even with the longer turret traverse, but something about this ships is not clicking for me. Maybe because I played her during patch day (and post patch +1), so the teams were less than stellar. I have given the Buffalo a bit of a break. In the spoiler are my tier 9 CA/CL stats. The Buffalo is in line with my damage output, but that WR man... Made almost no progress to the Des.
  2. CuddlyPanda

    Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Just a Yamato owner here. Nelson, from what I heard, is fun and at the currently best tier in-game (7). You will be top tier most of the time. Musashi is a Yamato at T9. A bit worst sigma, no AA, but those guns. Take your pick OP. I'd personally go for the Nelson because lol HE shells and that heal. If you don't like BB's that much then maybe get something else? Besides, after the Myogi you have 2 excellent ships. The Kongo and the Fuso. The MM is *insert profanity here that starts with F* over T5 & 6, so it is a mixed bag. Amagi is also good; Izumo was a slog for me, so I XP-ed her to get the Yamato. At tier 9 you will make more credits, but jumping to T9 maybe a bit of an issue at first. Given how the Yamato/Musashi should be played. Nelson should be more friendly to play and not a bad credit/XP farmer herself.
  3. CuddlyPanda

    The Buffalo, first impressions?

    Free XP-ing this PoS. The combination of subpar trash teams and this turd does not warrant losing my sanity over it.
  4. CuddlyPanda

    USS Buffalo guide

    Just 1 game so far, but the awkward gun reload makes me go for the reload module. The range 15.6km is limiting since you can't always park to islands. Need more games under my belt.
  5. CuddlyPanda

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Not really. The list of Yamatos weaknesses is plenty. You could say it was OP with its old heal, but today not so much. A ship built around gunnery and tanking. Every Goddamn game has that "hard hitting tank" character. The Supreme Overlord Conqueror is that: hard hitting DPS DoT stealthy tanky rogue with monster healing. No true weakness. It might overexpose and get nuked down, but that IS NORMAL! (unless its BS stealth and heal give it an extra life... or 5)
  6. CuddlyPanda

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Saying that the Conqueror is not overpowered is like saying, you enjoy eating dung... That may be your opinion, but your opinion is wrong. The ship does more damage than TX CV's... (*edit: before you ban me, I did not mean that you SO enjoy eating dung. Just a general example).
  7. CuddlyPanda

    We need to talk about RN BB's

    Finished with the KGV today. I fired AP literally 3 times in all of my games. It feels retarded odd
  8. CuddlyPanda

    Queen Elizabeth

    The ship sucks. Give me the Warspite any day of the week.
  9. Why would I want 15km range in the first place on the Leander? How can someone be so thick?
  10. CuddlyPanda

    Benson/Fletcher TA?

    I played both the Fletcher and Benson without TA. I found the range to more helpful than the extra speed. If you plan only on playing the Fletcher and not the Gearing I would advise you take AR or some other skill. What I would take with 12 points: 1.) PM 2.) LS, AR 3.) SI 4.) CE
  11. Next "Ranked" will be Tier 8 for sure
  12. or medium range... or long range... As a Tirpitz owner I approve
  13. CuddlyPanda


    Only reload will be affected by AR, not your turret traverse
  14. CuddlyPanda

    Carriers [high tier vs low tier enjoyment]

    Just posting here for the maymay's and salt, but it is pretty silly that one class gets to play a totally different game from the rest and with non-symmetric balance in that same class.