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  1. RubyCookies

    Server Error

    I'll take it as a sign that I need to get on with my college work
  2. RubyCookies

    Server Error

    "Here's your compensation, good luck trying to use it!"
  3. RubyCookies

    Server Error

    Played a couple of games and now I'm getting this, anyone else having issues getting into battles?
  4. RubyCookies

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    I'm having trouble understanding the decision making on how they sell ships on the premium shop... People are willing to give WG money for a standalone ship yet WG thinks our money isn't enough for them? Sure it's nice having the option to grind through missions to get her for "free" or through the arsenal in the future but throwing away profit from many people, including myself, that are willing and prepared to pay for a standalone ship? I want to know how many people actually buy these ridiculous bundles WG keep on making compared to how many people would by a standalone ship. (I think we need a poll on this...)
  5. RubyCookies

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    WG is losing it... I want to know who the hell decided on adding the JB to the premium shop It's like they are trying their best to lose what little respect they have left from their players and fans...
  6. RubyCookies

    Operation Last Frontier

    My problem is the AI does the most annoying thing where it will shoot the Aerodrome even though you are within 5km of them... I know they said they wanted to make the OP harder but making the AI prioritise the aerodrome 10km away over you within 5km doesn't make sense... I don't consider the op hard, just that the lazy AI makes it annoying at times
  7. RubyCookies

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I got out of bed early just to check... Just give us access to them WG, I won't say anything, you can trust me
  8. RubyCookies

    Servers Down

    Oh, able to connect again, don't want to start a battle if I'm going to get kicked
  9. RubyCookies

    Servers Down

    They down for anyone else?
  10. RubyCookies

    What is the point of the karma number?

    My Karma number took a small hit after a few good battles in the Lyon & KGV Too much fun with those ships
  11. I'm talking about the little number next to your name in your service record, I know how it works, goes up if you're complimented and goes down if you're reported... It seems to me that most of the time it goes down when you have a good game and someone you killed gets salty. I see no purpose on it being there other than either feeling good about being complimented (rare) or feeling amazing when it goes down because you made a player saltier than the sea In all honesty I feel that the WoWS community has become a bit more toxic recently, the karma system as a whole needs changed not just the team killing/ damage system. There isn't really any positive reinforcement for acting like a good player (Helping in chat, been a good team player etc) other than that little number. I've been thinking about maybe having a reward system, for example players receive a small number of signals or camos every 5 times they are complimented for good behaviour but it won't change the fact that salty players will still abuse the "report" because they can't control their emotions when they die or lose... What do you guys think should be done for reinforcing positive behaviour? Sorry for the ramblings of a mad person
  12. RubyCookies

    Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    Struggled with part 17, ended up stressed and frustrated then took a break. Came back and managed it after I calmed down and got part 17 and 18 done. The Aigle is interesting, probably won't use it after I finish the Aigle only Gold of France campaign missions.
  13. Finished it, the Richelieu skin is nice! Just finishing off the other parts for extra containers, need more camos for the grind!
  14. RubyCookies

    First time pink, Thanks Aigle Part 17

    I enjoy it, it's like a Farragut with worse gun angles but the HP to fight a bit longer, the torps are quite nasty too!
  15. RubyCookies

    First time pink, Thanks Aigle Part 17

    YEEEEEES Done it! I'm actually shaking from stress