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    Stuttering during UI loading

    I've been experiencing this issue ever since I first started playing the game. Whenever I hover over any UI element with my mouse (ship icon, module icon, Battle button, anything...) the game just stutters for a bit, like it's taking a longer time than it should to load the UI animations. This only happens once though. Like, I select a ship, hover every little button and icon I can see, and the stutter is noticeable...select a ship do the same thing, stuttering is there...then go back to the previous ship and no more stuttering when hovering over anything I've hovered over before. Play a battle, come back, and the game has to go through all of that again. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried fixing this with graphics settings a lot but, nothing really seems to be the case. Any idea of how to fix this? Thanks in advance!